Hello, Echo.

I have nothing to say but…

After (literally) 10 years, I finally met Jericho Rosales.

And I’m pretty happy about it. =)


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Babasagin ko na ang aking katahimikan.

Well, katahimikan pagdating sa usaping politika. Nangangati na talaga akong magreact eh.

O ano ngayon kung naka-orange baller si Ampatuan? Does that automatically mean na friends sila ni Villar? Kumain ako ng Chowking Orange Chicken to support Jericho. Does that mean na friends kami? Hindi! Waaaah… Echo! Lol, I digress.

Seriously, magbasa na lang tayo ng Time magazine.


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Vampires, Baci and Zero-Echo

Joko, Kassy, Dietrich and I watched Daybreakers last Monday. Now, why was excited to see that? What a waste of money. Most of the vampires in the movie are bad looking and they turn into Orc-like creatures if they don’t feed on blood. I mean come on! After watching Twilight, True Blood and Vampire Diaries and seeing Brad Pitt in that 90’s movie, I expect my vampires to be gorgeous even when they are close to ending their immortality! Hahaha, ok sorry. Nakikialam ako sa plot. :p Ang panget ng dialogue, espcially of Willem Dafoe and Ethan Hawke’s bro in the movie. The Matrix gray-black-blue look didn’t also do much if the aim is for an apocalyptic feel.

There are 2 things I liked about Daybreakers though. One is that the vampires burn up and die once exposed to the sun and do not sparkle like sissyboy Edward. Two, the twist’s actually pretty cool. If one gets over the ugly cast (Fine, cute si Ethan Hawke nung tao na siya. Haha, spoiler. Yes, he’ll be cured of vampirism!), one will find Daybreakers to be a good movie. Good, not great. Good defined as sana namili na lang ako ng pirated dvd. Or sana nagbasa na lang ako ng Hunger Games.

Saksakan ng cute na Joko, Kas & Dietrich (hoy, hindi pa Valentine’s) and me with my Daybreakers-disappointed-pero-smile-pa-rin look @ Sango, Rockwell after the Movie

Before I faced the 3-day job fair in Megatrade Hall, I went out for dinner and drinks to make sure I had enough happy memories as fuel. First, we had dindin at Padrino in A-Venue. Pizza and pasta. I liked the Baci (Kahlua+ Bailey’s+I don’t know the other strong alcohol… Green Cross, maybe? Hehe) I ordered. A little too strong for my usual liking, but I guess it was what I needed that night. Joko introduced me to Jeff, who she described as her fabulously gay friend. And yes, that’s how I would also describe him. :p I finally met someone who’s a sucker for Maricel Soriano movies and The Nanny like me! Yaaay!

After Padrino, Joko and I dropped by Capone’s to say hi-hello to RJ who dj’ed that night with Stan. Too bad we couldn’t stay long because we were also expected at Handlebar. Anyhooz, the grape margarita at Capone’s really something. I want one as we speak. Heh. Last stop was Handlebar for the MSA party. Jericho wasn’t there again, but it’s ok, because I stopped expecting him to be wherever I am. I now acknowledge the fact that when it comes to me meeting Echo, the universe is a bitch.

Padrino with Joko and her fave Pizza Margherita

And then… the following day, the AdExhibit  job fair at Megatrade Hall. Damn, it was tiring! But oh well, we won best booth again.

La la la.


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Today is my birthday. And this is one helluva happy birthday! 🙂

I finally got the small, intimate celebration I’ve been wanting since I got sick and tired of organizing wasakan drinking sessions slash reuniting Christmas parties in the South every time I turn a year older. Time to move on from the place I used to call home and from some of the people who used to mean the world to me. It’s not sad, really. It just means I’m in a different place now and I have changed. 🙂 But what didn’t change is my favorite combo of friends + alcohol + food + dancing.

with besty Joanna aka my teenage bunny and besty Janice aka Tita Pussy…cat

besty Eunice aka Yo… put us together and we’re IyaiyaYowwww

Last night, I got together with Jap, Eunice, Joko, Kassy and Kwe for my birthday salubong in A.Venue Suites (Thanks, Joko’s Mommy! Biological Mommy, hehe!). We watched Stardust; ate chips, ambrosia, Yellow Cab pizza and pasta (4cheese and Corona, Charlie Chan) and caramel cake from Costa Brava (which is my 2nd favorite cake na, 1st pa rin ang rhumcake! :P); talked about the best and the worst of 2009; and of course, we camwhored. And we laughed. We laughed a lot. The bunny ears, Kwe being mistaken for a whore (I have morals, 1M a night!), the butas cardi of Jap and how to hide it in really weird ways, Joko’s kwento about seeing her crushie the other day (and the difference of reactions pag friends vs crush), Yo’s baking adventures (whipped cream fail) and Kassy’s pigletness (kirengkeng!!! congrats!).

bunny family with ears from Star City (thanks Joko! Loves it!)

with Kassy ze Piglet

Ten-sec countdown before my birthday… and *wooooooooo* I blew my 28th candle. My wish? I’d tell you if it happens already. I got a feeling it’s going to happen soon enough. Like sana, mamaya. 🙂 Haha, speak of, by 12:05 it was VIBES time, made me miss Carla a lot! LLB, if you’re reading this, I hope next year, the whole Panda family will be present in my birthday :p Or kahit ‘wag na kayo ni Mike, kahit si Caily lang hehe.

chocolate mousse c/o Jap & Yo

Yum yum chocolate mousse + lemon vodka + Gilbey’s premium (my local poison of choice).
Rich dropped by (sana kasama rin si Maia), so my celeb was 95% estrogen lang. Hahaha. If Donnie and Joel were there, baka 93% lang. 😉

We went to Tabu for a couple of hours because I wanted to dance and I wanted to be in my comfort/partyzone. Plus, I really miss Oryx. Much love to the dj who played almost all the songs I asked for. More alcohol! Yaaaaaayyy!

Tabu with ze ladies (Oryx, I miss you!!!)

with DJ Mark Nicosia

Back to the condo for rest, food, alcohol and Mia (who gave me a bottle of Patron). More food, more booze and more pictures.

By 5ish, Mia went home, Kwe went to Quezon to surf, Joko went to sleep and Kas and I stayed at the balcony and flashed Makati looked at Makati and talked about the heavy stuff. Life and Love. It didn’t bring me down because I still got ze birthday buzz. :p

with Miaboo

ahhhm… do I have another bunny daughter?

Slept around 6ish, got up around 11. Joko and Kas dropped me off and I slept again until around 2 hours ago. Kinda like a regular night out, but it’s my special day and I’m happier. 🙂

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My first morning photo as a 28 year old.. Good morning, Makati!


Mama and Daddy, thanks for everything. I’ll see you this Christmas and you can give me the mini lobsters you promised me. I love and miss you both.

Friends, thanks for making my birthday extra special. 🙂 Mga sira ulo kayo. Hehe.

Universe, thanks. Friends na kami ni Echo sa Facebook. Wala na bang mas ibibilis ang kilos mo? Haha.


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Echo, WRU?

I love my friends and I support them in their endeavours. Most of the friends I am frequently with are surfers, and so I go with them to surfspots and attend surf activities (with all my poser terms and moves) every chance I get. Last night, however, I shamelessly admit, I went to Handlebar not primarily to cheer for Ejay, Lor and Jef for winning in the recently concluded Zambapalooza. I attended the MSA party in the hopes that I will see Jericho Rosales.

So sue me. Eh sa gusto ko magpapicture with him eh.

Anyhoodles, Echo-frustration and babyscare aside, I enjoyed the night! Yaaay for my superlarge bacon and egg sandwich and salad and fries! Double Yaaay for the music of Tempestous Jones. Triple Yaaay for seeing a longlost college friend, Sharon Sager! And loads of love to Joko, Kwe, Kas, Ejay, Mio, James, Lor, Paolo, Jef and Nicole!

Me, Joko, Jef, Paolo, Ejay, Kassy and Joren

Dear Tito Pare Pao, nasaan na si Echo? Nasaan na??? xoxo Tunnel Master Iya

With my girls and The Paolo Soler of PSA hehe (kelan kaya si The Jericho ang kasama sa pic? :P)

Oh well, tara na, TUNNEL na tayo!


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