Happy birthday, stoked bunny!

Today is my besty‘s special day.

Today is the day na magka-age na kami. Twenty-three! Mwahahahaha!

Our quiznight team gave her a pre-birthday surprise last Tuesday. Shani bought cake from Claudette’s. Bloo got balloons, a banner and a card (that we found hard to write on kasi musical hehehe). Jeeves, Vlad, Rudi, Maj, Marie and Aji coordinated with the Murphy’s staff and decorated the PG corner. It was my task to get her away from the preparations by bringing her outside Murphy’s and ranting about how my health’s affected by my douchebag ex. Effective, naniwala naman! If I’m scared daw to go see the neurologist, sasamahan daw niya ako! When Rudi and Marie called to say we can go in already, I told her, “Ah ewan. Basta bahala na if I talk to him, basta….. happy birthday nga pala!”

Chedeng! Turon!

The whole bar broke into song. We even got the quizmaster to bring her the cake. I looked at Joko anbd she absolutely stoked! :p

I made a special quiz for her called THE Joko Magalong quiz– 10 items of Joko trivia related to general knowledge questions. Sample trivia: Joko’s queen is Britney Spears. Question, her name is an anagram of what religious group? Answer: Presbyterians. :p There were also questions about Cueshe and about bunnies being crepuscular.

Haha! Fun times!

We’re happy that she loved the suprise.

(superyummy cake!!!!)

We love our resident artistic and cultural latina! :p


For her birthday salubong, we went to Som’s and Chihuahua.

Bagay na bagay lang sa Asian-Latina birthday girl! Hihihi!

Pictures to be posted soon. 🙂


listening to: Thievery Corporation – The Numbers Game

The Ultimate Wahine Surf Champ!

Congratulations to my original baby bunny, Joko for winning 1st place in the Wahine Surf Comp last Sunday at Club Manila East. Sabi ko na nga ba, hindi talaga ako dapat pumunta sa Paranaque or sa Legaspi Sunday Market so that I can watch her compete.

Coach Lorraine, Marcella, Jayzel, Joko, Zoe, Coach Ejay, Jam and Coach Paolo

I’m so proud of her because I know she worked damn hard to achieve this. Pakkshet sa lahat ng mga hindi naniwala na kaya niya ito. Sabi nga ni Joko, bunnyness is sexyness with oomph. The oomph being being uupakan kita if you piss me off. 🙂 Awww… I taught her well. Surfing and being badass. LOL

The Bunny Family! Joko, Kwe and Me! :p

Woohoo! Interview with Sports Unlimited! She DED it! Hahaha!

With one of the judges, THE Luke Landrigan. Surf God with the mantra, EAT SURF RED HORSE BOOM 2x And I with the duck lipshhh.

Bunny/Piglet/Lizard power!!!

Congrats again Joko! We love you!
(Pero super proud na ako sa iyo kapag nakakapag-TUNNEL ka na!)

But wait! There’s more!

Para sa mga nagre-request, here’s Luke na walang shirt.



listening to: an unknown Madonna song

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