A Job Fair Story

Been busy for the past few days. There are a lot of recruitment activities in my calendar. Work has replaced food trips and movie dates yet again.

Last Friday and Saturday, our company joined the Jobstreet Career Fair in SMX. There were almost 12,000 attendees on the 1st day. I guess around 8,000 on the second. It was exceptionally humid on the first day and my heart went out to the applicants who had to wait in line for a really loooooong time under the sun.

Inside SMX, I overheard this conversation:

Applicant 1: Gutom na gutom na ako. *eyeing the sausages at the foodstall nearby*
Applicant 2: May kanin ka ba diyan sa bag?
Applicant 1: Meron.

Waaaaaaaaaaaaahhhh!!! :,(

I really hope those 2 got hired that day. If only they had good comm skills, I would have ushered them to our booth.

PNoy passed by the job fair. I wish it made him realize that he should be doing something about the issues of unemployment and skills enhancement.

Here’s to hoping and wishing that there is indeed a better future for all of us.


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Free Food, The Clown & TJ Manotoc

The past few has just been crazy with a capital F (hell yeah, F!!!!!!) because of numerous job fairs we have to attend.

Three consecutive days of 2 separate job fairs is no joke, especially if there’s another jf to attend to before the week ends plus a dozen other things I need to accomplish by the weekend. Please remind me to buy myself a giant tub of frozen yogurt ice cream this weekend as a reward for not succumbing into the temptation of lying and calling in sick. Mmmm… well, it won’t really be lying. I’m really getting sick… in the head. :p

I’d like to thank * whomever’s responsible for the happy things I got to today that help me keep my mental lucidity. Well, kind of.

1. Free food! The number 1 thing I love about mall job fairs is the free food from the organizers and some of the exhibitors. Yaaaay for Kenny Roger’s lunch and McDonald’s snack. Last night, Gerry’s Grill for dinner. Just a suggestion, exhibitors… Cyma? Hehe. :p

Dessert last night at Gerry’s Grill, Trinoma… thanks Ice for your giving me yours. I’m glad you’re weird and don’t eat leche flan. More for me! Woohoo!

2. The Clown of CVG. I don’t really like clowns/magicians/mimes, but this one I likey. AND YES, SA MUNDO KO, GUSTO KO SIYANG TAWAGING CLOWN. WALANG PAKIALAMAN. He goes around the activity center performing tricks using strings, coins and cards. I’m not really sure what his relevance in the event is, but he’s the only reason why I don’t mind having one of our biggest competitors around. Tomorrow, I hope he visits our booth again. I’m going to pester him for his name. I shall hit him with a rabbit from a tallhat if I have to.

I like his colors. He can also pass as an ePerformax mascot. =)

3. Mr. TJ Manotoc. My mommy’s favorite host-anchor-sportscaster went to the job fair late afternoon to get material for a feature about call centers and bpo’s. Got to talk to him briefly regarding job fair stats and applicant quality. I now know why my mom likes him. He’s articulate, eloquent, has the down to earth vibe, can extract answers from you by means of simple chikahan AND he’s cuter than Borgy. Yes, sabi talaga ni Mama ‘yan. Lalo na ‘yung last part. :p

Mr. TJ Manotoc, my latest photo-ambush victim after Vice Pres Noli de Castro


By whomever, I mean Philippine Star, Manila Bulletin and Ad Exhibit.

Thank you guys!!!!!!!!!! =)


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Phil Star Edge

First job fair of 2010, the Philippine Star EDGE at the Glorietta Activity Center last January 18 and 19.

Guess where I am. Hehe.


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I saw our team’s picture in the Sunday ish of the Philippine Star. The photo was taken last November 10 in the PS job fair at Skydome, SM North. We bagged the Best Booth award again.

Go team! Xoxo Philippine Star!

(I have yet to get a copy of October’s picture from Inquirer. Wait for it!)


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