Oishi: Nothing Short of O,Wow!

When my friend invited me to attend Oishi‘s new campaign launch, I said YES without asking for further details. My 3 reasons:

1. I’ve loved Oishi since I was a cute (walang papalag) little girl. I remember Oishi Prawn Crackers being my snack of choice whenever my parents and I would watch movies– in Betamax. So now you know how old I am and how long Oishi has been around. ūüôā

2. Oishi is one of the loyal partners in our company events. I have seen thousands of our employees and applicants happy because of Smart C, Fiber & Fruit, and Gourmet Picks potato chips. My favorites among these are the Grapefruit Smart C and Natural Sea Salt chips– my current moviesnack of choice. :p tsaka Pillows rin pala.

3. I wanted to know who’s the mystery endorser of their O,Wow! campaign. I read in Twitter that it’s gonna be the Elmo Magalona¬†but I wanted to be there to be sure. Mwehehe!


So last Saturday afternoon, with my friend Homer, I went to Trinoma for the launch of Oishi’s O,Wow! Campaign.

The event was hosted by VJ Andrei Felix and sportscaster Rizza Diaz. The audience was treated to fun and games including the saksakan ng bago na Bring Me! :))

There were 3 humongous boxes at the center of the Activity Area that held the special guests of Oishi. They were cloaked in red when they entered. I knew Elmo was there somewhere. My guess was¬†his onscreen sweetheart Julie Anne San Jose couldn’t be far behind. But who’re the boys that entered the 3rd box? Anong banda sila? Kasing yummy ba sila ng Oishi? Hmmmm…


After loads of potato chips and screaming of O,Wow!’s… the surprise guests were unveiled. Elmo Magalona, check! Julie San Jose, check! Aaaaaannnnddddd… Callalily! So I was right about the yummy part! Kean Cipriano, double check! :))

Oishi gave us a high-energy concert experience. Julie performed several hits including the gasgas na but still fun to listen to, Super Bass. Callalily performed their songs and I was happy to hear Stars again. It transported me back to the time Kean looked so boyish at ‘di makabasag pinggan. Hahaha! Of course, Elmo sang a mix of covers and originals. The crowd (well, mostly teen girls) went gaga when he danced to Teach Me How to Dougie. I was impressed when he sang 3 Stars and The Son. You will be too. You can download the single for free here.

I looked around and saw Miss Pia Magalona with a big smile, looking oh-so proud of her son. Well who wouldn’t be? Elmo is a talented kid that¬†is a¬†fantastic endorser of an equally fantastic brand. His fun and adventurous vibe and Oishi’s variety of delicious and affordable snacks are nothing short of O,WOW!


You can also give yourself an O,Wow! experience by treating yourself to Oishi snacks like– Wafu (gosh, I love these leche flan/cheese wafer sticks), Gourmet Picks (potato chips cooked in sunflower oil), Marty’s (veggie chicharon), or Porky Pops (baked not fried lean pork rind).

Beat the summer heat by drinking the refreshing Smart C. It comes in 3 flavors: lemon, orange, and pomelo-grapefruit. You can also choose the healthier alternative Fiber & Fruit. Here’s yours truly holding a bottle of apple-flavored F&F. There’s also peach and grape but this one’s my fave. This was taken in Market! Market!, in one of our job fairs. I grabbed one before thirsty applicants finish all of ’em. :p


Share your O,Wow! moments on Twitter using the Oishi O, Wow! hashtag #OWow #Oishi and like them on Facebook. www.facebook.com/oishi.ph


listening to: The Beatles – Love Me Do

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