Floating Island: Serving Delicious “Hospital Food”

Put my medical card to good use and had my skull and blood checked*. Skull xray kasi nauntog ako at blood chem kasi trip ko lang.

While the medtech was extracting 2 vials of blood from me, I was thinking of a hearty breakfast from Floating Island to block the pain. Wahahaha! Ang arte. Hindi naman masakit. Gusto ko lang talaga ng bonggang brekky! :p

image{Tower 2, MMC}

Floating Island is the only reason why I like going to Makati Med. I don’t recall ever eating anything from Floating Island that I didn’t like. It’s my first time to have breakfast there last Saturday though. I brought my high expectations with me. And take note, hindi porke gutom ako eh masarap na lahat.

I chose the All-American Breakfast– 2pcs American link sausages, 2 eggs (asked for a sunny side-up and scrambled) and hashbrown, 205php. Added toast with butter (25php) and an Almond Roca Lavazza Coffee (110php).

image{ang sarap nung sausages}

It was a filling and satisfying breakfast for someone like me who endured 12hours of fasting! I thought of adding bacon and getting pudding de leche but I had to prepare my tummy for a dinner at Circles in Shangri La. Watch out for my next post!

image{gutom na gutom na ako pero picture muna}

Floating Island has a bakeshop that sells Belgian Cookie Chips. Had this first at Don Merto’s in Cebu and it’s a joy to know that I can already get it here in Manila! Pure win!

image{ang sarap sarap saraaap nito}

Other must-try’s are their: beef salpicao, arroz caldo, pinasingaw na pla-pla, chicken and pork adobo, and extra thick milkshake!

Happy eating and stay healthy! 😀

* just in case you’re wondering, my xray and lab results are okay! I just have to stay away from fastfood!


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Kharma of The Med-Cert Obsessed

I’ve been feeling a strange pain in my left eye since Saturday night. Seems like a nerve is causing it. I tried to suck it up like a man but the paranoid lady in me finally screamed for help two days ago after a series of pseudo-diagnoses from people who knew about my perplexing situation.

Pinaka-killer dyan yung hirit ni Doc Lucas na, “Does it feel it’s going to pop? That might lead to temporary or permanent blindness.”

Ampotah. No redness, no dizziness, no blurry vision, tapos baka mabulag ako? Waaaaaaaaaahhhh!

I decided to risk the critical workday policy and asked for a half-day so that I could have my eye examined. While I was waiting for the clinic to process my sent-home form, I googled my condition. According to my trusty self diagnosing skills… astigmatism? Non. Cataract? Nein. Glaucoma? Good God, no! So what the hell is this?

According to Dr. Hechanova, one of the opthalmologists in Makati Med, there is nothing wrong with my left eye. Nothing wrong with both eyes in fact. My vision is still 20/20. Not even one sty.

So what’s causing the pain?

Hormonal imbalance.


He assured me that the pain will eventually go away. He advised that I rest my eyes at least for a day.

Because I believe in patient compliance, I didn’t go to work yesterday. I slept for almost 16 hours and I only used the net for 15 minutes. Haha, so I wasn’t that obedient afterall. Whaaaat? I had to check my multiply.

Anyway, my eye is feeling better now.

But wait. I missed 1 1/2 critical workdays because of hormonal imbalance? WTF?!

Have I not suffered enough from cramps?

Apparently not.

How in hell can I give equilibrium to my hormones?



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