John & Yoko and CBTL with Jokoness!

The original plan was to finish posting the BeachTrip2K8 pictures and stories, but I decided to just let my Multiply do the talking. Bottomline is, the trip exceeded my expectations and I can’t wait to go back to Bataan with my friends!

Speaking of friends, after so many weeks of planning to meet up, Joko and I finally got together last night. It was an impromptu dinner and coffee that I hope would happen more often.

YM Convo
jokoness: iya, when you’re free, let’s go out for coffee.
iyaiyayow: sure! when?
jokoness: ikaw lola ang may toxic na schedule!
iyaiyayow: aba, kung gusto mo mamaya na eh! 7:30, greenbelt?
jokoness: keri!
iyaiyayow: keri!

See? I can be spontaneous. :p

Dinner. We tried John and Yoko in Greenbelt 5. Cusine: Cosmopolitan Japanese. I ordered the Rise of the Foie Gras and the Green Iced Tea. Joanna Katrina who’s a major help in our rice shortage (3weeks of no rice, woooow!) opted to get the Strawberry-flavored Yakult and the Tempura Banana Split.

Joko said the Yakult bev tasted like Yakult. I wonder why… Hehe. I think her tummy didn’t like it as much as her taste buds. As for the banana split, she said it was delish, but she just can’t figure why it’s the bestseller. Hmmm… probably because it’s a classic? Or maybe because people generally like bananas? Uyyyy… nun-like Joko likes bananas! B-a-n-a-n-a-s! :p

It was my first time to eat foie gras and I must say I liked the experience. I’d like to experience it again! When I’m in the mood to burn precious paper, I’d order that 1,800 foie gras dish they have. (The rice bowl only cost me P289.00.) My only qualm about it is that it’s too oily. But well, what else can I expect from fattened goose liver?

The Green Iced Tea tasted like lime like it was supposed to. I don’t know if Red tastes like real calamansi or if Blue tastes like true Dalandan. I prolly won’t get them next time, though. I want to try their sake mixes. 🙂

Kudos to Mr. Marvin Agustin! From Mister Donut sa Tabi-Tabi to Posh Greenbelt! I have newfound respect for him. (if you can read this, penge discount. Hahaha!)

After John and Yoko, we went to Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf for more chikahan. I always have great conversations with Joko, but last night was exceptional. We only chatted for a short time, but we covered almost everything– strong friendships and broken ones, family love and being a responsible child, retaliation and compassion, business and career growth, no-sex rule in Maldives *gasp*, diets and flirting….

Double kudos to Joko, for being one of my dearest friends and for introducing me to the Moroccan Mint Latte!


John and Yoko, Greenbelt 5
Greenbelt 5, 2nd Floor
Ayala Center, Makati City
Tel No: 729-8698

The Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf
Greenbelt 3, Ground Level
Ayala Center, Makati City
Tel No: 757-6003


listening to: Connie Talbot – Somewhere Over The Rainbow

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