Dampa with Miranda, Samantha and Thor

Jap and Dave fetched me from our company’s anniversary party in SMX last Sunday to bring me to Dampa. Colleen followed despite her very early shift the next day.

We had a hard time going to a resto because a bevy of waitstaff followed us and insisted we go to their respective paluto place. Jap and I left them with Dave and we hurriedly walked to Aling Tonya’s.


We had shrimps in garlic butter sauce, grilled mussels with cheese (my all time fave), sinigang na salmon belly sa miso, ensaladang mangga, grilled liempo, grilled tuna belly and a gigantic bowl of garlic rice.

I thought we’re only going to get pulutan because I thought we were just going to drink. I did not at all expect that we’d eat that much. Note to self: expect lamon time when with college buddies. Turned out, it was only me and Dave who washed the yummies with alcohol. SML for me and of course, Pale Pilsen for him. He was pretty bummed because Aling Tonya’s didn’t have the old bottle of Pale– FPJ bottle as he calls it. Jap, as usual, had coffee. Colleen had mango shake- which was a good idea because it was a windy yet warm night then.


The supermoon was out that night but I didn’t get to take a decent picture of it. Got to have a group picture taken though! :))

Our bill was 2500php. Not bad for all the dishes we ordered. Maybe we should have listened to the cutie gay waitress who suggested we get the specialty of the house– steamed baklang alimango. :p

ANYWAY… About the title… the reason is in this conversation–

Me: (talking to the girls) Let’s dress up a la Sex and The City!
Jap: Sounds fun!
Colleen: Game!
Dave: Ako si Carrie!!!!!!!!
Me: (muntikan lumabas ang beer sa ilong) Ang kapal-kapal ng mukha mo!!!
Dave: Ayaw mo na nga ako tawaging Thor kahit obvious naman sa katawan ko, ayaw mo pa akong tawaging Carrie?!?? Ang sama mo talaga!
Me: O sha, sige. Ikaw na si Thor! Short for NesThor!!!

I have crazy (and matatakaw) friends but I love them anyway! Basta ako si Charlotte at walang pwedeng kumontra. :p


listening to: Backstreet Boys – Get Down

3 French Hens, 2 Turtledoves and an SMDC Condo Unit

We only have a small (depriving) Christmass tree in our house, so when Jeman of Orange Magazine TV invited me to attend the Grand Christmas Tree Lighting in MOA, I readily said YES! It was a fun, colorful event that kids of all ages, shapes and sizes enjoyed! The world-renowed UST Singers and premier opera singer Rachelle Gerodias put us audience in awe with their superb renditions of various Christmas songs.

Speaking of songs, my 2nd favorite Christmas song is 12 days of Christmas (1st is Winter Wonderland) and I guess, it is a favorite of the generous SM people. After switching on the specially created 50-feet tall Christmass tree, an announcement put us in awe. This holiday season, they will be giving away 12 special gifts to their lucky shoppers! That’s a total of 78 prizes to be given away! And no, there will be no ladies dancing, pipers piping and golden rings up for grabs! Instead, there will be…

12 winners of beauty services from Univers Kaizen Salon
11 microwaves ovens from Elba
10 gift passes from Toy Kingdom
9 Extreme Magic Sing
8 iPods from POwerMac
7 tablet cellphones from Berlein
5 laptops
4 Honda motorcycles
3 trip for two packages to Malaysia
2 Suzuki cars


1 Sea Residences condo unit from SMDC

Shoppers are entitled to one raffle coupon per P1000 purchase at any participating MOA stores from October 25, 2010 to January 9, 2011. Purchases made with BDO credit cards are equivalent to two raffle coupons. All coupons can be redeemed at the booths located at the main mall and entertainment mall.

I had the opportunity to talk to Mr. Steven T. Tan, MOA’s tall and goodlooking AVP, and I asked him if there’s still a 13th day of Christmas, what would the Santa of MOA give to its shoppers? He answered LOVE in a split-second. :p As MOA is the premier spot for quality items and services, they are committed to give people the best shopping experience. As their catchphrase says, NO OTHER MALL COMES CLOSE! I belive this, albeit in my head it’s still We’ve got it all for you! :p

Because they really got it all! Including Santa! Jem and I refused to let the night end without us getting to sit on Santa’s lap. Boohoo for Santa, I hope we didn’t break his bones because we’re soooo heavy. Had too much of the pinoy spaghetti, ham pan de sal, bibingka, puto bungbong and sago’t gulaman served at the event.

One more time without breaking Santa’s legs!

I told Santa I’ve been a good girl this year and asked for the condo unit prize. I hope his “Ho ho ho!” means yes!


listening to: Wham – Last Christmas

The John Mayer Experience

After a concert countdown that irked a lot of my friends, the calendar hit October 2 and just like that, John Mayer Day is finally over. 

I made sure I annoyed my followers and contacts before, during and a wee bit after the concert with updates and whatnots.

It’s this blog’s turn to annoy all you haters and make my fellow fans happy.

So, I was with Trick, Kassy, Joko,

Joline and Tamille. And umbrellas ann raincoats.

The concert started around 9 with Aiza Seguerra as the front act.

Aiza was amazing. She sang Runaway, Kiss From a Rose, Akala Mo (?), Bilanggo, Bette Davis Eyes and Ang Huling El Bimbo. My favorite from all those? Bilanggo. I didn’t like the original, but her version rocked the house! Kudos, Little Miss Philippines! 🙂

Aiza’s not only amazing, she’s also lucky because it didn’t rain (or at least, not much) when she and her band was onstage.

As for the main act, well, let’s just say that John Mayer got me wet. And all the other girls. Even the boys. Punyetang ulan. JM said, “You waited 5 months and then it rains.”  The rain was mostly a bitch, but it sorta made the experience fun. Haha, that’s how I imagined Woodstock would be like. Thank God it stopped raining sometime middle of the show.

Look at him.

He looked as if he just woke up and realized he has a concert to go to and just picked the nearest shirt and put it on. And the hair!!! Unruly. I know some girls who’ll give anything to run their fingers through those locks. Mwehehe, I’m not one of those girls. I’d rather get him a nicer shirt to put on. Or just have him shirtless!

LOL, okay, moving on…

JM and his boys performed No Such Thing, Perfectly Lonely, Aint No Sunshine, Slow Dancing in a Burning Room, Waiting on The World to Change, Your Body is a Wonderland, Who Says, Heartbreak Warfare, Gravity, Do You Know Me, Why Georgia, and for his last song– Half of My Heart with a sample of Don’t Stop Believing. And GASP! for encore, Edge of Desire. There was 1 or 2 songs that I don’t remember, simply because I don’t like them. Sad that he didn’t play My Stupid Mouth, Lovesong for Noone, Back to You and Friends Lovers or Nothing, but then again like what Gary V tweeted, it’s hard to choose when you have so many hits. But damnit. Huhuhu. I really wanted Neon in the setlist! Oh well! I hope he comes back next year and play all the other great songs!

Truth is, even if I don’t think he was THAT engaging concert-wise and even if I am not fond of people with a cleft chin, I still love him. Because John Mayer IS  John Mayer. And he’s a sexy sexy sexy man that can make me brave the rain on any given day. But hopefully, the next concert’s in Araneta.


Thanks @29bullets for letting us use your camera! 🙂


listening to:  John Mayer – Bigger than My Body


I wanted to eat Jap, but there was a sale in MOA last Friday and I didn’t want to walk too far to get to Yakimix AND I did want another Thai food alternative, so Enzo and I went to Jatujak. Sabi niya masarap daw dun eh. Sabi din ni Eumir. Dahil din gullible ako, sige na nga. 😛

Good decision. I actually liked their food better than Soms.

We had the Yam Pla Duk Foo (Crispy Catfish with Mango Salad). This went well with the chili fishsauce. I love that the catfish was really crispy and there were a lot of peanuts.

This ruined my diet. The Kao Pad Poo (Fried Rice with Crabmeat). Pardon the non-macro shot. Trust me, there were lots of crabmeat in the rice. =)

The rice was superdelish with this Kaeng Kiew Waan Gai or Green Chicken Curry. I found Jatujak’s green curry as hot as Soms’ red curry. Surprisingly, it did not make me choke. A little trivia about me, I am not so brave when it comes ze hotstuff. (pwera lang kung boys. lol)

This will not find it’s way to my tummy again—

The Thai Iced Tea wasn’t as good as the one in Soms. I want my iced tea sweeter. Plus, hello?!??? Ang taas taas ng baso, ang ikli-ikli ng straw. Ano ba ‘yan.

Well, Enzo didn’t have any complaints. Hmpffttt.

Price, check.
Food, highfive!
Ambience, so-so.

Will I eat there again? Yes. Next time, I will get their pork spareribs, pomelo-prawn salad and desserts. =) 

Jatujak, SM Mall of Asia

2F Entertainment Mall, SM Mall of Asia
Pasay City
(02) 556-0850


Pahabol: Jatujak is pronounced Cha-too-chak. Learn it. Love it.


listening to: Sunshine Corazon and Rachel Berry – Telephone

My Next Himatay Moment

OMG and ODK! Feeling ko talaga sa concert, ‘pag kinanta na nila ang Mr Brightside, magiging catatonic ako tapos hihimatayin. (Wag naman sana sumuka rin after like one of my friends after seeing her then-crush Sherwin Ordonez. Weh, wtf? Hehe)

I’m so excited!

Universe, after giving me concrete birthday celeb plans, work on my free concert tickets. S.V.I.P.!


listening to: The Killers – Bling (Confessions of a King)

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