365 After The Darkest Moment of My 2K9

A year has passed since I opened the door of the apartment I shared with 2 of my cousins and felt in my gut that something was terribly wrong. A year has passed since I discovered my room ransacked and that my cameras, laptop, jewelry and other valuables missing. Stolen. A year has passed since I had to deal with the Mandaluyong Police (including SOCO) and the ugly truth from them that according to all obvious evidences, one of cousins stole my important belongings.

I still have not acquired new things to replace what I lost, but what I did acquire– something more important than all of the things stolen from me– is the thought that in the darkest moment of my life, I had my family and friends to support me. They are infinitely more precious than all the gadgets and blings.

Still, I want a new camera,  a new laptop and an iPad.


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2 Weeks 2 Go

Woe is me.  I have not blogged anything decent for the past few and I have my paucity of raw talent and meagerness of quality time to credit.

Been engaged in important things that are reviving my gastritis attacks. While the Chinese are distraught because of the earthquake aftermath, and the Burmese because of the cyclone, I am frenzied by the Big Move-Out.

At the onset, I was thrilled to be leaving the South. I thought I spent too many years, 16 to be exact, being southside-steady. I was ready to break out of the BF-Bubble and enjoy the North (of the metro) way of life.

The idea of living in Mandaluyong 2 weeks from now with my cousins,  visiting Ate Bec in Katipunan, spending Saturday mornings jogging in UPDil, foodtripping in Tomas Morato, beer guzzling in Metrowalk all appealed to me– until I spent one night in Bicutan with two of my best girlfriends, Jap and Yo. We spent the evening bonding over boys, career, and kalokohan- something that we didn’t get to do much in our Bataan trip. I thought, when I leave Paranaque, Yo will be going to Jap’s house without me. They’ll be talking about the things I also want to talk about while I juggle building my career and budgeting my finances in Mandaluyong. If I get to be lucky, they might just include me through a phone patch interview. Jealous much? Boo hoo. 😦

And when I was on my way to BF last night, I looked at the old and new establishments along Aguirre. All are too familiar, yet strangely comforting. How I will miss the spur of the moment drinking sessions in Tides and N-los! I wouldn’t be even there to see The Pergola Mall flourish.  😦

It’s not like I’m never going back to the South, I’m just feeling a scrap of misery ‘coz of the budding separation anxiety. And worse, I’m having trouble which place I am to consider home.

I’ll be damned if I can’t be forced to good by the Big Move-Out. Mum’s already fretful that I might spend too much time out of the pad partying and destroying my life. I told her with utmost confidence that I’m already 26 and I’d be an idiota and a half if I decide to fuck up my life at this stage. But admittedly, I still need her to remind me to take my vitamins religiously and to coach me on how to properly hasang a fish. :p

I’m sleeping over at Manda tonight so that I can check out the room I am going to stay in. In the coming days, I will finish packing the things I will bring there and sending to our house in Bataan. (Post about my parents moving back to Bataan soon.) I’d also be preoccupied shopping for stuff like a new bed, dvd player, junkfood healthy tummy staples, and booze. Yeah, I’m not going to cross the last thing out. Haha. Don’t tell my mommy. :p


I digress, David vs David in the A.I. Finale! Cookie, beat the crap out of Archie!


listening to: David Cook – Dare You To Move 

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