Monsoon Del Rosario

Sorry for the late post. I guess it’s pretty evident by now that I have been neglecting this blog. Work still pretty much eats most of my time and it was exceptionally draining on the week that an unnamed weather disturbance hit Metro Manila and the nearby provinces.

Let’s just call it Monsoon Del Rosario. Only people born in the 80’s/earlier will be able to relate. It wasn’t as scary as Milenyo or as devastating as Ondoy but it was definitely something!!! It’s the first time I experienced making a decision not to go to work because I might not make it back home alive and the first time I experienced work being suspended by Malacanang even for private sectors.

Ate B and I stayed home and had a romantic lunch by default. Brownout kasi. We cooked whatever was left in the fridge. We couldn’t even go to the nearest supermarket because of the ankle-high floods we were most likely to encounter in St. Paul and Pasong Tamo.

image{chef’s salad, caramelized onions with baguio beans, lucban longanisa… toshi bear as lunch guest}

Nung nagka-ilaw na, we watched the news and felt pretty grateful that we were dry, safe and warm. What happened in some cities was heartbreaking, especially in Quezon City and Marikina. We hoped that the next day would have less rain contrary to the weather forecast.

It wasn’t raining so hard on Wednesday morning so I went to work. It was still flooded in some parts of Buendia but I was hopeful that it would subside by afternoon because the sun had started to come out. Paasa lang pala. By lunchtime, there was a crazy downpour again. We were sent home by our boss. It was a struggle going home because it was already flooded in Taft-Buendia. I just told myself to brave the waters because the level was nothing compared to that of Fairview or Malibay.

{view from our LRT Buendia recruitment hub}

By Thursday, the weather was significantly better. Haring Araw was welcomed with tears of joy by a lot of people. I was happy because kailangan ko nang maglaba at makapagpatuyo ng mga labada. AND I wanted to go home to Bataan.

Daddy discouraged me from going home because there was no electricity in our town. But I didn’t care. I was desperate to see my parents and to eat suman. :p

So I went home and spent the weekend indoors. Didn’t need an electric fan because the air there is cool and fresh. (Plus, it still rained in Morong. Fat, scary raindrops but it didn’t bother me because I was home.) Didn’t need television because I brought lots of reading materials (Nat Geo, food magazine and Garfield). All I needed was internet. Thank you Smart for the fast connection! And thank you self for buying a portable charger and extra batteries.

{what the side of our house looks like when it’s raining… probinsyang-probinsya noh?}

I was supposed to stay home until Tuesday morning but a typhoon was approaching the PAR. Mama told me it’s wise I go back to Manila instead of staying home, eating everything in our kitchen and end up being stranded in Morong, missing more work.

Daddy cooked breakfast and made oil lamps to illuminate our dining room. Niiiice.

{breakfast habang brownout sa bahay c/o daddy…pati mga lampara siya ang gumawa}

Aside from the blessing of being safe with my family, this monsoon made 2 people reach out to me. They asked if my parents were okay. I think they saw in the news about Bataan being flooded. Our town is far from that area. But I’m glad that even if I am not (?) friends with them anymore, they still managed to remember me or at least the people I love.

What was YOUR monsoon experience?


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Bella Cullen

Joko and I were one of the lucky ones who got to see Breaking Dawn Part 1 on its 1st screening day last Friday at Powerplant Mall. Luckier because there were lots of freebies! Ice cream, cereal, potato chips, lotion, gum, sausages, and even detergent! Hehehe! Thanks to Star Movies VIP Access for the free tickets. ūüôā

Anyway, here are my thoughts on “the most anticipated film of the year”. Bwahahaha. I can almost hear all the Twilight-haters scream fuck you in my ear!!! :p

1. It’s definitely better than the book. I read all 4 books and hated books 2-4. The movies are so-so because of…

2. Jacob Black. I’ve loved Taylor’s Lautner since Cheaper by The Dozen 2. I really think he’s one good looking kid. I just try to avert looking at his neck because it reminds me of a giraffe’s/llama’s. Wala pang 20secs, pinakita na siyang shirtless dito sa movie! Yown!!!

3. Good job, Twilight peeps for using Iron & Wine’s song, Flightless Bird, American Mouth again. This is one of my most fave songs in the world and I was totally kilig when this was playing in the wedding scene. This was also used in the 1st movie. Prom scene.

4. Liked¬†Mr.&Mrs.Cullen’s honeymoon in Brazil. Nope. I did not find the violent bed-destroying sex exciting. I just found Bella’s hunger for vampire sex entertaining. Don’t worry. There’s¬†gonna be a¬†lot of vampire sex in Part 2.

5. Alice Cullen.¬†She’s exceptionally pretty here.¬†Akala ko ba dapat si Rosalie ang mas maganda? Mukha siyang lalake kaya.¬†Oh, Alice! Haaaay. I have a big crush on Ashley Greene. ūüôā

6. Edward… Edward… What do I have to say about Robert Pattinson… he really looks like a sissy vampire in this film. But the soft tender character was effective when he’s listening to the demon-fetus’ thoughts and tells Bella, “He (akala nila lalake eh) likes listening to your voice.”

7. Freaky pregnant Bella (think Gollum) and the icky birth of Renesmee. Kristen Stewart looked more constipated than ever when she was preggers. Even when Renesmee was clawing out of her, Bella still had the emotional range of a rock. :p

8. Kickass imprinting scene! Well, kickass when they showed Renesmee from CGI-heavy baby to not-so-pretty teenager. The idea of an 18-year old werewolf imprinting on his quasi-gf/bestfriend’s daughter is still gross.

¬†<— Renesmee! :p

9. Bella wakes up from her coma (or death… and kilometric flashback) as a vampire. That’s the last scene. And she really makes a beautiful vampire. I¬†really hope that for Part 2, the filmmakers makes her the strong Bella she is portrayed in the book. Please lang, no more poker face.

10. Stay for the after-credits. See the Volturi being grammar nazis.

It’s a neat 2nd to the last movie. I can’t wait to see the last one.

And for a lot of you, I’m sure you just can’t wait for all the Twilight everything to end.

Konting tiis na lang! :p


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My First Binondo Food Trip

I would like to thank my 5 tourguides (Ralph, Vlad, Joko, Maricris and Mike) ¬†for making my first Binondo food trip last Saturday fun and memorable. It was a very exciting day for me because the last I was there was years ago with my family and the only thing I remember about it was going to Binondo Church for Visita Iglesia and eating pancit and siopao¬†in a resto with a name¬†I couldn’t even recall.

We met at Binondo Church at lunch time. The proper name for this beautiful building is Minor Basilica of St. Lorenzo Ruiz.

Mass was ongoing when we got there and several hours after, there was a wedding. There was a Chinese guy singing an unfamiliar OPM lovesong as the bride waled down the aisle. No picture of it to share. Hehe.

Joko decided we eat at Wai Ying. It’s in Benavidez Street, a short walk away from Ongpin corner Salazar.

We ordered soychicken mami (100php), beef mami (100php), dumpling mami (100php),

mixed meat congee (100php),

chicken feet (70php) I did not eat this because it reminds me of earthworms

zhachiang or spicy noodles (100php)

hakaw (80php), radish cake (80php),

Peking duck (550php for half kilo),

sugarcane juice (60php),

and almond jelly (70php), milk tea jelly (70php) and black gulaman (70php).

I loved everything and surely, I will be back for more of their delicious and afforable food! Hopefully, the next time I go to Wai Ying, I can already eat rice ‘coz their fried rice looked promising. Yeah yeah yeah, I couldn’t help but look at the dishes the people from the nearby table were having!

The service was quick and polite. The ambience is what you would expect from a Chinese eatery, steady and noisy at the same time, hehehe. Another Chinese resto stereotype, the floor was dirty, but hurray! the washroom was clean. The floor, I’d blame¬†it¬†on¬†the rain that day. When Vlad and I went out to smoke, our shoes got wet and muddy so maybe we were also to blame for making Wai Ying’s floor grubby, hehe!

We waited for the rain to stop. When it did, we went to 999 Shopping Mall (beside 168) to burn the calories we gained from our inexpensive delicious feast.

And after bargain shopping, we went to Dong Bei. They said the best (cheapest) kuchay dumplings can be found here so I had no choice but say yes. All for the love of kuchay!

And they are right! I loved Dong Bei’s kuchay dumplings (100php)! I look pretty happy in this picture, right?

Their kuchay pancake (100php) was also great!

Also their bestseller, xiao long bao (70php).¬†Yipeee for me, the soup inside the dumpling didn’t burn my tongue! :p

It’s only their beef and tomato soup (90php) that didn’t quite satisfy my tastebuds. The broth was too bland. I liked that the beef’s tender though.

We just finished our food and Dong Bei and didn’t hang there for long because of the brownout. The whole street didn’t have electricity that time. So, yep, it was a quick romantic candle light dinner with friends.

Before we set off to Gilmore for videoke, we paid a visit to another must in Chinatown– Eng Bee Tin. Sure, there are Eng Bee Tin’s all over the metro, but I guess it’s more exciting to visit the one in the land of its makers. Mas feeling authentic. Hahaha!

Because I wasn’t in the mood to eat hopia or tikoy or mooncake, I grabbed 3 packs of mocha mochi that I will blog about some other time. I also bought a pack of tofu chips that I already ate but too blah to be blogworthy. the last thing I noticed as i was paying for my purchase was this.

The Golden Buddah! If you’re wondering where the Lucky Cat is, it’s not here. And it’s not Chinese as many think it is. What Lucky Cat? You know, the Welcoming Cat, the one that waves? It’s actually Japanese. It’s called the Maneki Neko. I did not learn this from the guys in Eng Bee Tin. I learned this from Wikipedia. Just thought I’d share it here. Hehehe!


Special thanks to Mike Bahrami aka The Persian Guide for the pictures! ūüėÄ


listening to: Parokya ni Edgar – Order Taker (one of the songs from our videoke session after the Binondo food trip)

Rock Band > Pop Princess

A friend asked me why I spend so much (well not really) for concert tickets when I can just use the money for more important things (food, clothes, travel, drugs) and yeah, he has a point. Hindi naman ako mahilig manood ng concerts dati, nagsimula lang yata ang pag-aadik ko ng pagpunta sa concerts nung napanood namin sila David Cook and David Archuleta.

I gotta start saving for my out-of-town and out-of-the-country trips,¬†so I gotta get the money for concert tickets out of my list of expenses… but right after I go to a concert this 1st quarter. :p I had to decide whether to watch… Taylor Swift on February 19

or Stone Temple Pilots on March 9.

I decided last week that I’ll go to the STP concert in Araneta. Bakit kamo? Ako na kanta ng kanta ng hits ni Taylor na You Belong With Me, Love Story¬†at Half of My Heart (duet niya with John Mayer)? Ako na namirata agad ng songs from her latest album,¬†¬†Back to¬†December? Ako na ang alam lang na mga kanta ng STP ay Plush, Vasoline at Interstate Love Song? Hindi ko pa kabisado ang lyrics!

Ang sagot diyan ay, hindi rin ako sure. But I guess I want to try to experience a classic rockband concert. Classic naman sila, di’ba? Hahaha. Salamat sa internet at makakapag-download ako ng ibang songs nila para hindi naman ako mukhang tanga na nakatunganga lang sa concert.

Aba, sana kasi kung si Taylor Lautner ang darating sa Pinas.

Kahit tumahimik, tumayo lang siya sa Araneta at maghubad. Go ako, sa Super VIP section pa. With backstage pass. Eh hindi eh. :p


listening to: STP – Wicked Garden

Krispy Kreme: More Than Just Donuts

The benefits of having your company have a tie-up with Krispy Kreme is you make friends with the marketing team. And that means free donuts.

Thanks Vanessa for the glazed donuts brought to our booth last Philippine Star job fair!

And more thanks for feeding me the classic yummies and brandnew goodies in the KK menu!


Have some Cookies and Cream and Very Berry Chillers!

Want something savory?

Sink your teeth in this Bacon and Cheese Pull-Apart.

How about something sweet?

Feast on this Apple Streusel Kruffin.

Still thirsty?

Here’s a Mango Chiller.

You’re not on a diet?

Get an Apple Caramel Pie to go.


Thanks again to Vanessa, Ajay and the whole Ayala (Jaka and Glorietta) Team of Krispy Kreme! =) You made me and the whole ePerformax Recruitment Team happy…….

and fat.

LOL :p


listening to: Glee – Like a Prayer

Of Mouthwatering Liempo, Yummy Frozen Brazo and a Coffee-Drinking Cat

There’s a relatively new place in Jupiter called Chic-Boy (that’s for Chicken and baboy, you carnivores!) that has quickly become my favorite because of its Cebu-style liempo and almost-as-delish-as-my-mom’s variety of sinigang.

Manila Boy invited me to a foodies’ assembly (my first ever!) last May 27 at Chic-Boy. At first, I didn’t want to go because I didn’t know any of the foodbloggers attending the event, but when the Undercover Chef said she’ll accompany me, I was all set.

Cat, Marketing Manager of Chic-Boy treated us to an evening of free food. Damn right, 2 of my favorite words! We had Cebu-style liempo, Cebu-style lechon manok, sinigang na salmon belly, guinisang kangkong, lechon sisig, inihaw na talong with bagoong, turones de leche and leche flan. I liked everything, particularly the Cebu-style liempo because aside from being perfectly cooked, it didn’t give me a headache like when I eat other commercial liempo. The sinigang na salmon was delicious, considering it was only 45php (or 28?) a bowl. The lowly swamp cabbage (oo, pinaarte ko lang ang tawag sa kangkong) was flavourful and went well with the lechon sisig.

the marvelous unchopped Cebu-style liempo

guinisang kangkong with garlic and sinigang na salmon

Joko rockin it, foodie style!

turones con leche (sana lagyan nila ng extra something like langka, nuts ot chocolate! √ú)

leche flan for 30php!

I didn’t take a lot of pictures because my camphone felt like a wimp in the company of the cool point and shoot and dslr cameras of my fellow attendees. Hehe, they’re really serious, food/photobloggers. :p I think one of their rules is to take a gazillion photos of the food first before taking a bite. The amazing number of photos payed off, as their blogs are filled with incredible pictures of glorious, glorious food. ‘Yung tipong ‘pag nakita mo, matutuluan mo ng laway ang keyboard mo. Check their blogs out! B’ley, Fritz, Spanky, Fran & Paul, Jane & Bubba, Jon, Kristine & Robin, AJ & Matthew and Candice

picture taking before eating!

happy + full

Blogalag B’ley and me

Cat and Spanky… thank you! ūüôā

The assembly ended with Cat giving us Pier One mugs and gift certificates. Chic-Boy is a subsidiary of Pier One, that’s why. Great food runs in the business (and family).

* I had dinner in Chic-Boy twice after the foodies’ assembly, and I must say,¬† their chicken inasal and sinigang na baboy are also good.


After my very first foodie-get-together, I had my very first trip to the red-light district of Makati for 2 of the most sinful things made by man ………………………………………………………………………………………………

frozen brazo de mercedes


extra thick chocolate milkshake

Both found in Filling Station in Burgos St. :p

I’ll blog abut Divino next time. Hahaha!

happy Joko and her off-the-menu, 275-peso milk shake


Last stop was Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf in A-Venue to see the birthday girl Janice aka PussyCAT Jap. She turned 32 and it was her first birthday without a party. Pero ok lang yon, as long as there’s coffee, she’s happy. Adik! And of course, as long as she has great friends with her, she’s happier. Just stating a fact. Haha!

the 2 important Js of my life, Jap and Joko

with the only “cat” I don’t wish to kill… belated happy birthday dear!

I hope you didn’t expect that there really is a coffee-drinking cat! Cats don’t drink coffee, silly! They drink milk. And martinis! LOL.


I reckon that was a fun night! Friends and food! Can’t wait to do it again!

Oh wait, I just did. Entry about Top Meal coming up!


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Usher Live in Manila!

It’s confirmed.

The guy we call U-S-H-E-R R-A-Y-M-O-N-D is coming to Manila! Catch him on July 9, 2010 at the Mall of Asia Concert Grounds. This wonderfulfantasticamazing gift is brought to us by Fearless Productions.


…oh-oh-oh-oh-oh my gosh!


listening to: Usher feat Will.I.Am – OMG

Move over, Justin!

It’s John Mayer time!


What now, then? I can only really say for myself: Enjoy who I am, the talents and the liabilities. Stop acting careless. In fact, care more. Be vulnerable but stay away from where it hurts. Read. See more shows. Of any kind. Rock shows, art shows, boat shows. Create more art. Wear hoodies to dinner. Carry a notebook and hand it to people when they passionately recommend something and ask them to write it down for me. Root for others. Give more and expect the same in return, but over time. Act nervous when I’m nervous, puzzled when I don’t know what the hell to do, and smile when it all goes my way. And never in any other order than that. And when it’s all over, whether at the end of this fabulous career or of this life, which I hope takes place at the same time, I should look back and say that I had it good and I made the most of it while I was able. And so should you.

– John Mayer

*sigh* See you soon, love.


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Pahabol to the last entry

I got to attend the Pussycat Dolls concert for free last Thursday. Thank you, universe. Thank you, Red.

No thanks to you, robberbitch. F you for stealing Bruce. It’s your fault I don’t have souvenir pics of the PCD dominating Manila.


Anyway, go Nicole! √ú I love you, Ashley!


listening to: Pussycat Dolls – I Hate This Part

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