Metrowalk * 081608

Last night was Metrowalk night with Besty Eunice. I had an awesome, awesome time! It sucks that we hardly get girltime lately. Oh well. The addition of Marc and Patchu last night didn’t really spoil the supposedly estrogen filled night out. Boys are amusing, especially when they talk about poker terms that I don’t understand and why Richard Gutierrez is better than Dingdong Dantes. Weh? Wtf.

Hell yeah. Last night was awesome awesome weird odd! :p

The noisiest people in Aruba * Maitai and Wengweng * Why the hell are we talking about Richard and Dingdong?

Yo with the other Donnie (hahaha) * Sick Genius Marc and Human Counter Me * Happy little punks in Good Earth

I need another night like this.

(Panawagan: Jap, Donnie, Colleen, Levi, Joel, Oryx… mga leche. Sumama kayo sa susunod. Yo and I miss you loads.)


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The Weekend That Was

Because I’ve been feeling used, misused, abused, taken for granted, repressed and borderline depressed for the past few, I had to do things and see people to keep me sane. Or at least make me seem sane. Didn’t really work, actually. Madness is difficult to mask. :p Oh well, here’s a hodge-podge of the weekend that was.

After Friday’s shift, I went to a Tunog Kalye thingie in Blue Wave. It took forever for my cousin to follow because of the Makati traffic and her Pong Pagong ways, but all went well. I was psyched to see her. The people we were with still found it hard to believe we’re related. Mukha kasi s’yang mabait. And ako… well… mukha akong… naughty. ‘Wag naman salbahe. :p


James and Ate Bec


fresh from work Moi and fresh from L.A. Marc (L.A.? Lower Antipolo?)

Twas fun to see long lost acquaintances in Blue Wave. It’s been so long since I last kicked it with a band. (Haha. Kicked what? I kicked asssss!!!) Basta. Wala na ako alam. Sorry na. Balik R&B ako eh.

Then 12ish, G dropped by. I didn’t expect that he would since I was so used to plans getting canceled and shit. Don’t get me wrong. I understand perfectly. GF muna bago lahat. Ako rin naman eh. BF muna bago lahat. (Di’ba Donne, ikaw una sa lahat? Hahaha!) Anyhoodles, goodie that he followed. It’s been almost a year since we last saw each other. It’s still hard for me to believe that he’s ( a bit) serious about life now.

No biggie. I’m just happy I saw him again. Masaya mang-asar. (Lomo! Lomi!) He had to meet up with his guy friends and see the gf pa after. Isn’t that sweet? Nagbagong buhay na talaga! *roll eyes* Hehehe!


I and G . Friendship is possible.

Sabi ko nga. Things change, people change, situations change. Guess what remains the same. If you guess it right, may premyo ka sa akin. Si Ate Bec lang malamang makakasagot. Afterall, siya lang naman ang nakakaalala. Hahaha!

(Ok, ok. Inside joke. :p)

Blah blah blah, got to drink Stong Ice after Strong Ice again. Pucha. Balik sa ginagawang tubig ang beer. This is bad. Somebody, stop me! If no one can stop me, join me in drinking na lang. Hehe.

Saturday was tiring I went to work with barely 2 hours of sleep. Tipong, hangover na maka-untog sa pader ang ulo na sakit. I spent a couple of minutes in the clinic for a health break. (Translation: nap) After the nap and a bowl of Chowking Wanton Soup, I was ok. Ready pa sana for action, but I knew I just had to go home and rest.

So I went home early Saturday night and spent my time, conceptualizing my personalized gifts for people dear to me. 🙂 Yeah. The wall or table question has something to do with my gift. It’s wholesome, mind you, just so you don’t get weirded out.

Sunday. I went shopping with my parents in ATC. It was a bit depressing since I didn’t get to buy anything for myself. Puro pang-Christmas gifts. 😦 Not that i don’t want to buy stuff for people. Just that I’m desperate to buy new shoes. Bwiset lang that my feet are too big. Laging walang size for me. Bwiset. Bwiset!!! Dapat talaga, nung bata ako nagfumeeling na lang ako na Chinese at pinagsuot ako ng sapatos na bakal. Mala-Lotus Feet…

Razon’s halo-halo lang ang nakapagpasaya sa akin sa ATC. first time ko lang kasi makain. Yum! Perfect halo-halo for me who’s not really a fan of uber sweet concontions. Four ingredients lang pero super sarap. Now I have a reason to go back to ATC’s foodcourt.



When I was waiting for my Mom to finish shopping, I went to Delifrance for my favorite Classic Capuccino. I already invited people for my 19th birthday salubong. Sana lang, mag-confirm na at least 3/4’s of my barkada/tropa so that I can reserve the function room of Tides.

Tides. So I went there with Jayvee tonight. Siguro naman from Online Buddy/Pseudo-neighbors pwede na kaming maging Friends. Especially after meeting the Captain Water and his crew. Haha.

I’m officially in love with Tides’ Sunrise. It’s pineapple-orange juice plus a splash of Jagermeister. 🙂


Sunday Night Dweenkeeng

And yeah, about love. since I’ve been asked around 10x this weekend how my lovelife is, let me repeat…


What a fun, funny, tiring weekend.

I better sleep now. May pasok pa ako bukas. Errr… mamaya pala. And God knows how much I hate Mondays again.


The rest of the pictures are in my Multiply, naka-privy. They’re only for people who can relate and people who have a long patience for my kababawan and my kabaliwan.


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Bday Mo Pala

At may 80’s benefit show ka daw tonight sa Metrobar with Ogie Alcasid and Rufa Mae?


Ganon ba talaga ‘pag tumatanda? Kumoconcert at bumebenefit na lang? When I hit that age, magpapaconcert din ako. Kasama si Madonna. As in si maDONNA Cruz. Kakanta kami ng Like a Virgin na remixed with Kapag Tumibok Ang Puso. We will disgust people. Yessss. That’s growing old with a vengeance.


Anyhoodles, happy 33rd birthday. Stay healthy and gout-free. At penge ng otap.

Have a good one, Mr. Tupaz.


listening to: Dishwalla – Every Little Thing

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