Hot Dinner Date in Chihuahua

…with JAN! 😛

Jan who happens to be my newest favorite person! Our friendship is on fire and well, I was craving for something spicy. So there. HOT DATE. :))

{Ay, Chihuahua!}

I used to frequent the Makati Ave branch and it was my first time to eat at the Gb store. Also, I was supposed to blog about Chihuahua a long time ago, but I accidentally deleted the draft. :p Anyway… I wanted something meaty yet light so I had the Carnitas Burrito (slow-cooked pulled pork, 295php). Ang idea ko kasi ng heavy eh ‘yung Steak Burrito. Hahaha! Chicken Tacos (295php) and Quesadillas (can’t remember how much). The price is okay for the servings and the taste. I liked the burrito, but I still prefer the one with steak. 🙂 We loved the quesadillas! The taco was so-so for Jan (gusto niya may cheese pala kasi); I liked it slathered with lots of sour cream.

Pero grabe!!! 80php for a bottle of Coke! Oh well, Makati price. I wouldn’t have my meal with any other drink though. That or margarita!!! Too bad I had an early call time the following day and my alcohol tolerance has been really embarrassing lately. Here’s an old picture of me (well my hand) with Joko (her hand, lol) and Jeeves holding Margaritas and Michelada (195php each). What is a Michelada, you ask. It’s a beer-based cocktail with tabasco, worcestershire sauce, lime juice AND Maggi seasoning. Uhhhh… it’s an acquired taste. I have not acquired it yet. Mwehehehe. I’m sticking to Margarita.

{1: the hotsauce wall, 2: my fire liquids of choice, 3: compulsary vanity shot, 4: Jan talking to a cute baby she doesn’t know}

Noticed that they didn’t have the Charlie Sheen Crazy Sauce and Crazy Mother Pucker’s Hot Sauce. Settled for the Ass Kickin’ Original Hot Sauce, Caramba Chili Verde, and the Red Devil. The spiciest was sauce #1 but I loved the red Devil the best. Ang sarap with the burrito! Truly made my dinner with Jan a hot date! :))

{Kudos to the owners of Chihuahua Mexican Grill & Margarita Bar!}

We were lucky for ariving there before 7. By 8pm, the place was already packed with families and yuppies. I hope that Chihuahua will add more items like potatoes with cheese and sour cream. Or rice with shredded barbecue. I have a feeling that they will soon. 🙂


Chihuahua Mexican Grill & Margarita Bar
G/F Greenbelt 2
(02) 625-0106


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