Beach? Baler! Boom!!!

Done with my beachfix!

We went to Sabang, Baler 2 weekends ago to surf. Okay. Joko, Pedro, Jayson, Marie, Aimee and Enzo went there to surf. I went there to eat and and commune with nature. Fine. Only my feet touched the sea, but I still got stoked! 😀

We left Manila 1:30am and I thought I’d fall asleep during the trip. I should have drank more beer in Chic-Boy before I got my ass in the car. :p The trip to Baler was fun. Except when we got to the part of the rough road where there was a thick fog. Skeri kaya! napayosi na lang ako sa anxiety at sa lamig! Actually, gusto ko lang talaga magyosi haha! We arrived in Sabang around 7. The travel time might have been shorter if we knew which roads to take. Pero kudos to Jayson for driving fast and Joko for being an awesome (and talkative) navigator pa rin. 🙂

Haaayyy… Baler, Baler, Baler… I immediately fell in love with the simplicity of the place. Probinsya kung probinsya. Walang keme keme. It wasn’t sunnywhen we got there so I was a bit worried for my new swimsuits. LOL. Eh sabi kasi ng friend namin na si Jeeves, “If you can’t play, display!” But we were so hungry. I had to choose between stuffing my tummy and hiding behind a cover-up OR starving myself and sporting a flat tummy. Aba, ako ito, so naturally, I chose the former.

Hence, I did not have a flat tummy.

WAHINES! photo c/o Alfred Asuncion


Anyhoo, going back, We had our first Baler meal at Bay’s Inn.

Most of us had the Pinoy Big Breakfast: fried fish, tocino, scrambled eggs and garlic rice. This was served with coffee and juice.

Enzo and I, being the gluttons that we are, also ordered Hot and Sour Soup and a plate of bacon.

We enjoyed our brekky so much that we had all our meals in Bay’s Inn. 🙂 Well, except for one that we had in MM (the lodge that served as our home for 2days). We had pancit canton, red egg-tomato-kamias salad and chicharon c/o Jayson. Sarrrraaaappp!

After eating, we arranged our stuff in MM’s and rested for a few. Ako few hours. Natulog ako agad. Hehe. When I woke up, I watched my friends ride the waves. I also watched Zo’s very first surfing experience.


Basically, the activities were: eating, drinking, dropping witty lined and surfing for them. Eating, drinking, dropping witty lines and watching for me. We got to attend 2 parties. The first one sucked. Won’t detail na lang baka may makabasa at ma-offend. LOL. The second one seemed fun. Can’t really judge the 2nd coz I had an in-between drinking spree. Mmmmmm… 50php sangria… mmmm… :p  The only things I saw in the 2nd party were an awesome poi exhibition (galing ni Joko!!!) and a big bottle of Baler lambanog. Ang sarap. May raisins pa! We were all asleep by 2am.

The Hot Happy Hut Crew minus Aimee (tinulugan kami eh hehehe), photo c/o Gillian Largoon

We all got up by 7. Shempre, early to bed, early to rise. The earlier you get into the water, the more waves you can catch. Whuuutttt? :p

No brekky this morning, unless we count the Nutrigrain (healthy poptarts… fine masarap naman pala) from Joko and mineral water. Everybody was too excited to surf. Here’s a pic of Zo carrying the longboard for his 2nd surfing lesson. Yung lalake na nasa kaliwa na bato-bato ang katawan, instructor niya from Mahdox Surf. It’s not Madox. it’s MAHDOX.

And here’s moi, holding his Lumix. Ang bespren ko habang lahat silang lahat ay nasa dagat!

And here’s me with my NFF, Kyla. Ang local kid na gustong magpicture-picture! :p

After a heavy brunch in our Happy Hut (the coolest hut in Bay’s Inn… kasi doon kami nakatambay hahaha)

and a light merienda of beer and mojos sa harap ng dagat,

we packed our stuff and said goodbye to Baler.

Bye-bye, state of the art, MM Lodge! We’re gonna miss our 700php for 4 fanroom! :p

More kulitan on our way back to Manila. May stop over pa at LJ’s Kainan. Hindi eatery. Hindi karinderya. IT’S KAINAN. I hope the next time we go to Baler, it will be as chill and as fun as this first time. =)

Baler beach hits! BOOM!


listening to: Smashing Pumpkings – Bullet with Butterly Wings

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