As most of my close friends know, I am a frustrated artist (in Tagalog, maarte). I first heard of Draw Something from a friend (I was actually stalking him on Facebook hahaha) and I was intrigued with the colorful kiddie drawings he and his girlfriend (that bitch!) have been posting on his timeline. I downloaded the app and at first, I didn’t want to play with my Fb contacts just because. I chose random people to be my playmates. This happened 3 weeks ago. It was fun but I didn’t play it a lot then because I was still hooked on Bakery Story and Restaurant Story and it was boring to play with strangers.


The addiction started when I attended quiznight in Capricciosa and noticed my teammates playing DS instead of answering the category on massages. nag-aagawan pa ng iPad kung sino ang magdo-drawing! I decided to give Draw Something another try and played with my Fb friends. I slept very late that night trying to earn more coins to buy more colors. I set my alarm earlier than the usual and when I woke up, I looked for my phone, clicked on Draw Something and guessed my friends’ drawings. I was too excited to play because I knew I already had enough coins to buy more colors! Ang hirap magdrawing na black, blue, yellow and red lang ang gamit ha!

Here’s the very first drawing I made with the 1st color package I bought. Say hi to Mr.Lion!


I made that even before I could brush my teeth. Hehe.

Now, I play DS with my college friends, FB and Twitter contacts, colleagues, and a couple of strangers. I love putting effort into anything I draw even if it’s just worth 1 coin! I hate drawing people because I suck at drawing hands, but with the practice I’ve been getting because of this app, I’ve noticed that they’re starting to look like hands and not lumpy sausages! I already bought 4 color packages and I still check my phone often for new drawings. I don’t know until when this addiction to DS will last.

Here’s to hoping Charles Foreman, creator of Draw Something will come up with more ideas to make this app enjoyed by more people for a really long time.

Here’s a link of the successful story of Mr. Foreman. http://kamukamo.com/2012/03/29/creator-of-draw-something-inspiring-story/ Did you know that he was about to give up his company Omgpop that was set to run out of money this May until he created Draw Something and became an instant success? Drawsome, right? 😉

So what are you waiting for? Add me up: iyassantos@gmail.com Let’s draw!!!


listening to: Hanson – Mmmbop

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