My bestfriend Joko said I should stop calling myself a poseur and just tell people na luma-lifestyle ako. Haha, so ‘yun nga. I went to Casa Nami to attend the MSA surf comp kickoff party last week. Ang saya!!! Good old classic rock!

There are 9 surfers, 2 future surfers and 1 lifestyling surfer in this picture. Guess. Haha.

With Erin, Gillian, Yo, Joko… it was fun singing and dancing with these girls. =) Up to now, NATF’s cover of Aerosmith’s Cryin’ is blaring in my ears. :p

And here’s me with my 2 favorite Lorenzos: Zo and Mio. 🙂

Can’t wait for the next surfers’ party. For sure sasabihin ko na naman na pro ako at magaling mag-TUNNEL.



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Siege of Baler Kick-off Party

I, being the self-proclaimed surf-poseur in my barkada, partied with long-boarders, short-boarders and fellow poseurs (hehe, sorry, inside joke) in Casa Nami last night. The Siege of Baler Surf Competition’s kick-off party featured Blackstone and NATF. Loved the moments when the crowd went wild singing along to hits like Highway to Hell (AC/DC), With or Without You (U2) and Don’t Stop Believing (Journey). Pero the best pa rin nung sa 2 Steps Behind ng Def Leppard! :p

I bet the surf comp in Baler this weekend will be crazy! Goodluck to Joko and Linc who both registered. Zoe, compete na rin! 🙂 Believe in the Wahine power! :p I hope Joko wins the surfboard. I don’t know why she needs 3 boards, but I support her positive vibrations that she will win in the raffle!

*sigh* If I weren’t so afraid (the apt term maybe, is traumatized) of being in the water (baths not included pffft), I would have chosen surfing as my sport. Three reasons:

1. I have impeccable balance. Or so, I’d like to believe.

2. I need an arrant reminder to stay fit and (ahem) sexy. Kung ‘di pa naman makapayat ang pagbubuhat ng board at pagpapaddle, ewan ko na lang!

3. I envy the laid back lifestyle my surfer buddies have. Yes, I’m talking about you Joko, Kwe, Mio, Tingpats, Lorraine, Joey, Paolo, Luke, Kassy, Allan James, Zoe, Richard, Jef, Lorre, Marge and Ejay!!! taga-picture n’yo na lang ako habangbuhay! *tear*

Anyhoodles, here are the pics from last night! Sorry for the red-eye shots! :p If you want better photos, check out the FB page of LokalSoul. 🙂

Allan James (na mag-aartista na. LOL), the Wahines Joko and Zoe, Coach Ejay and Linc Ong.

Brian, Coach Lorraine, Levi, Manong Joey and Joko (Brian is Joko’s soon to be offering to babybunny Kwe, ang Prinsesa ng Camarines Norte)

Zoe, why are you with these delightful crazy ladies? WHY?

Casa Nami’s buffalo wings, you’re so hothotHOT! And soooo goooood with ice cold beer!

Mio, Me and Allan James (si Paolo Soler aligaga kagabi hindi maka-stay put for picture taking)

Spot the non-surfer. Yes, my espasol look is a give away. :p

Poseur-fail. Haha.


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Vampires, Baci and Zero-Echo

Joko, Kassy, Dietrich and I watched Daybreakers last Monday. Now, why was excited to see that? What a waste of money. Most of the vampires in the movie are bad looking and they turn into Orc-like creatures if they don’t feed on blood. I mean come on! After watching Twilight, True Blood and Vampire Diaries and seeing Brad Pitt in that 90’s movie, I expect my vampires to be gorgeous even when they are close to ending their immortality! Hahaha, ok sorry. Nakikialam ako sa plot. :p Ang panget ng dialogue, espcially of Willem Dafoe and Ethan Hawke’s bro in the movie. The Matrix gray-black-blue look didn’t also do much if the aim is for an apocalyptic feel.

There are 2 things I liked about Daybreakers though. One is that the vampires burn up and die once exposed to the sun and do not sparkle like sissyboy Edward. Two, the twist’s actually pretty cool. If one gets over the ugly cast (Fine, cute si Ethan Hawke nung tao na siya. Haha, spoiler. Yes, he’ll be cured of vampirism!), one will find Daybreakers to be a good movie. Good, not great. Good defined as sana namili na lang ako ng pirated dvd. Or sana nagbasa na lang ako ng Hunger Games.

Saksakan ng cute na Joko, Kas & Dietrich (hoy, hindi pa Valentine’s) and me with my Daybreakers-disappointed-pero-smile-pa-rin look @ Sango, Rockwell after the Movie

Before I faced the 3-day job fair in Megatrade Hall, I went out for dinner and drinks to make sure I had enough happy memories as fuel. First, we had dindin at Padrino in A-Venue. Pizza and pasta. I liked the Baci (Kahlua+ Bailey’s+I don’t know the other strong alcohol… Green Cross, maybe? Hehe) I ordered. A little too strong for my usual liking, but I guess it was what I needed that night. Joko introduced me to Jeff, who she described as her fabulously gay friend. And yes, that’s how I would also describe him. :p I finally met someone who’s a sucker for Maricel Soriano movies and The Nanny like me! Yaaay!

After Padrino, Joko and I dropped by Capone’s to say hi-hello to RJ who dj’ed that night with Stan. Too bad we couldn’t stay long because we were also expected at Handlebar. Anyhooz, the grape margarita at Capone’s really something. I want one as we speak. Heh. Last stop was Handlebar for the MSA party. Jericho wasn’t there again, but it’s ok, because I stopped expecting him to be wherever I am. I now acknowledge the fact that when it comes to me meeting Echo, the universe is a bitch.

Padrino with Joko and her fave Pizza Margherita

And then… the following day, the AdExhibit  job fair at Megatrade Hall. Damn, it was tiring! But oh well, we won best booth again.

La la la.


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Echo, WRU?

I love my friends and I support them in their endeavours. Most of the friends I am frequently with are surfers, and so I go with them to surfspots and attend surf activities (with all my poser terms and moves) every chance I get. Last night, however, I shamelessly admit, I went to Handlebar not primarily to cheer for Ejay, Lor and Jef for winning in the recently concluded Zambapalooza. I attended the MSA party in the hopes that I will see Jericho Rosales.

So sue me. Eh sa gusto ko magpapicture with him eh.

Anyhoodles, Echo-frustration and babyscare aside, I enjoyed the night! Yaaay for my superlarge bacon and egg sandwich and salad and fries! Double Yaaay for the music of Tempestous Jones. Triple Yaaay for seeing a longlost college friend, Sharon Sager! And loads of love to Joko, Kwe, Kas, Ejay, Mio, James, Lor, Paolo, Jef and Nicole!

Me, Joko, Jef, Paolo, Ejay, Kassy and Joren

Dear Tito Pare Pao, nasaan na si Echo? Nasaan na??? xoxo Tunnel Master Iya

With my girls and The Paolo Soler of PSA hehe (kelan kaya si The Jericho ang kasama sa pic? :P)

Oh well, tara na, TUNNEL na tayo!


listening to: Blondie – One Way or Another

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