Every tragedy needs a Greek chorus.

That’s my favorite line from Elle Woods of theĀ globalĀ hit, Legally Blonde.

I was fortunate enough to attend the special preview of the musical last June 24. Much love to our friends from Philippine Star! A couple of hours before the play, I seriously considered giving away my ticket because I’m not a fan of plays and I was afraid that it would disappoint by not measuring up to the movie (my favorite Reese Witherspoon movie, after Walk the Line). I’m glad I changed my mind because I absolutely loved it! Kudos to Nikki Gil for being able to nail Elle’s transition from ditzy sorority girl to sassy smart Harvard student. Kudos to Director Chari Arespacochaga for giving life and light to one of the best modern comedies. AND Kudos to Ate Myrene (my bestfriend Jap’s sister) who played Pilar, one of Elle’s Greek chorus.

I loved the play so much that I bought a souvernir shirt.

If the OST is out, I’ll buy one, too!


listening to: Legally Blonde – Omigod You Guys

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