The Window, The Vendo, The Steak

The office is an interesting place. And here are some snapshots of three of the most interesting things I saw at the BPI Buendia Center.

This isKuyang taga-linis ng windows. Nakatapat siya niyan sa desk ko. Our office is in the 7th floor, btw. Chill na chill lang si Kuya sa posisyon niya. ‘Yan ang talagang matatawag mo na hanging out.

Here’s an open Nescafe vendo. The labels are in Spanish and I still can’t help but laugh a little when I see the word ‘leche’. have you tried the Nescafe Caramel Macchiato? For only 20php, it’s sure to perk up your day. Kebs na sa overpriced shit from Starbs.

Sosyal talaga ang food na binebenta sa pantry namin. example na diyan ang pork SWESS steak. My colleague said that it’s yummy. Parang luto lang daw sa SWESSzerland but it could have been yummier if they put SWESS chez cut by a SWESS knife.



listening to: Alpha Rev – Alone With You

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