Mr. Prieto

Ms. Vallesteros & Mr. Prieto @ Barcino Greenbelt

This picture was taken from Oryx’s Chinese New Year vacay here in Pinas. I just find it kind of odd that I waited for a really looooooooooooooong time to see him, but when I saw him that night with Eunice, I felt that the two-hour dinner&drinks was enough for togetherness and catching up. Not that I didn’t want to see him, of course. I don’t call him platonic love of my life for nothing. I don’t know. Maybe, it’s my heart telling me that he’s going to be back here soon for good. Weh, not really. I feel the next time he comes back, it will be for another couple of days then he’ll leave me again to go to Spain to pursue his dreams of taking a non-challenging graduate course  in some unknown university in Barcelona with a fancy name. Like Diploma in Vulcanizing from Unibersidad de Santa Filomena de Corazon la del Barrio y Tu Mama Tambien. LOL.

Still, I’m glad that I saw Oryx last month even for just a short time. I’m more glad that I was with Eunice,  I was spared from suffering alone when he told us about his horror-adventures about his cadaver-ish looking  flatmate in Singapore.

But wait! There’s more!

For more oddness, before dinner&drinks, Oryx introduced us to Father Luciano, his spiritual advisor.

Father Luciano & The Sinner

Oh come on, don’t tell me you don’t find that odd. I mean, it’s not everyday you get to meet someone with a spiritual advisor and whose spiritual advisor goes to Greenbelt for d&d, right? Riggggghhhhht?!?!????

Hmmm k. Maybe I’m the oddball here. By the way, Father Luciano rocks! I think i’ll ask Oryx if Father Luc can be my spiritual advisor, too.


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Ode to the Warrior Fairy

(Tribute to me DAW)

Warrior Fairy, lithe and fair,
Sailing softly through the air.
Hear the beating of the drum –
Rhythms of the war to come.

Be attentive, be prepared;
Warrior Fairy, don’t be scared.
Take your wand, grab your bow.
Don’t forget your magic arrow.

Trolls and ogres are marching in;
Bringing terror with a grin.
Warrior Fairy, do not run
Cast a spell or raise your…gun (?)

Listen, listen! Hear that sound?
Trees are falling to the ground.
Fairy Woods are burning down.
Warrior Fairy – do not frown!

Warrior Fairy, it’s time to fight.
Put your enemies to flight.
Strike your wand and fire your arrows.
Put an end to all your sorrows.

Drag the trolls back to their cave –
Oh Warrior Fairy, bold and brave!
Hurry now, do not delay!
Send the ogres far away.

Dawn has come, the sun will rise
I see the twinkle in your eyes
Warrior Fairy, job well done
All your enemies are gone

Tired and weary from the night
All you want is to sleep tight
No more war cries, no more bloodshed
Warrior Fairy… go to bed (nighty night!)



Oryx is on a roll! The ode reminds me so much of the testi he gave me when Friendster was still considered (errr….) cool.

The Oryx 10/12/2003 1:36 pm
Think of Ciarra Sotto, KC Concepcion with a hint of Angel Aquino, all wrapped in one. But with a twist! That’s probably the closest thing you’ll ever get to Iya. Teacher Iya was my teacher nung grade six pa ako (hahaha loko lang!). No, seriously, this chunk of starlight in human form is the best thing I got from my neighbor Raymond. Siya lang ang nakaka”bear” sa short term memory loss ko. For example: You know, last Saturday, at Pravda, I saw Lucky Concepcion. Baka Lucky Manzano? *Mejo sarcastic pa!* Ay, oo nga no! [Hahahaha that’s the reason why I feel like I’m intellectually challenged when I’m with her] O tama na ang drama. If I could compare Iya with three things [aside from Ciarra, KC and Angel] eto yun: Roller Coaster ride, Legal High, A Main Sequence Star. Parang Roller Coaster ride si Iya kasi kahit mabilis ang pangyayari mag-eenjoy ka pa din (Whoa! Ano yun???) What I mean is, regardless of how fleeting or how lasting your encounter with Iya is, the intensity remains. She’s a woman of impact (impact, not Impakta), full of charm and kahit na minsan, nakakahilo, okay pa din. She’s one ride you’ll always find worth the expense. Next! Legal High. Kung merong Phsycoactive Substance na dapat i-ban, si Iya yun! Kasi pag kasama ko siya, sumasakit ang chan ko at namamanhid ang face ko sa kakatawa. Kahit na sabihin niya seryoso na yung topic, she always finds a way to keep things light kapag nakakadepress na. Ganyan si Iya. Better than XTC or Wari. Lafftrip, energy trip, road trip (basta kahit anong trip na okay), ma-eexperience mo lahat kapag kasama mo siya. Para kang nagtake ng exotice mushroom at natransport sa ibang planeta na puro euphoria lang. Hehehe pag niRename natin siya, sige euphorIYA na lang. Last na! Main
Sequence Star. O bakit? Alam ko feeling ni Iya ay Super Nova slash Nebula siya. Well hindi siya actually ganun. Like our sun, she gives warmth and light without the danger of radiating too much. Dahil perpetual yung kindess niya at may consistency siya, maasahan mo itong si Iya. Parang yung araw, palaging sumisikat. (Oist Iya! Pag sikat ka na don’t you ever forget me alright?)

Grabe. Oryx. Ang tagal mo na palang hardcore nambobola. Kaya pala sobrang tagal na rin nating magkaibigan.:p

Come home na! Let’s do more crazy stuff! And you can make me bola some more!

I promise to bola you back! And probably make an ode for you as well! :p


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Malandi? Excuse me. Mapang-akit lang

That was the FB status of Oryx that spawned this string of comments:

I have imaginative, insane, amusing friends. And in my world, THEY.ARE.STELLAR.

I love you, Oryx! I love you, Joko!

BUT WAIT! Hindi bagay sa akin ang combat boots! Red stilettos na lang! Bet ko yang wings and gun na ‘yan! Huwag lang sana ako mapagkamalang manananggal na terorista!


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Hasta luego, Oryx!

It’s a rainy summer night and I just had clam chowder with cheese and leeks and biscuits for dinner. I’m going to watch dvds (The Duchess and The Reader) right after I blog what I should have blogged a few nights ago.

Here goes.

Oryx is leaving me! Waaaahhhh! well, he is leaving the P.I. for Singapore next week. Work stuff. Haaayyy. I’m going to miss him a hell lot. Prolly miss him too much. We went out with Eunice last Tuesday night for despedida dinner and drinks. Cafe Bola, M Cafe and Tabu.


Took some pics for my photo project. Still don’t know when I’d start the blog. Still gathering some contributions…


Loved The Rockstar drink, except I didn’t eat the lychees. Blech.


How can Tabu nights be the same without Oryx? Haaayyy. No more going home 5am and life planning until 6ish albeit there’s work after a few hours. Haha, I managed to go to work even earlier than my call time regardless of my meager 2-hour sleep. Didn’t get drunk, even tipsy kasi. Pero ‘yung isang tao dyan… ahahaha nanghahalik ng semi-stranger sabay nagwawalkout papuntang washroom. Hahahah.

I am saddened by Oryx’s departure but I am happy for him; I’m sure he’ll have loads of adventure in Sg. I just wish we could have spent more time together, getting wasted and being interventionists (in Tagalog, mga pakialamero-pakialamera).

See you later to the angel on my shoulder, the devil in my head.

Buti na lang nandyan lang ang Singapore. Five seconds lang pag in- astral travel. Haha.


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Against all things sane and practical…

I was sleep deprived and had to go to work very early the following day. Plans were murky and two of the people I was counting on being with couldn’t make it. But because I am still considerably enjoying breaking all things sensible and ideal, I went on and saw my friends anyway.

cimg4133 cimg4143

me with Felipe * friend of Oryx, moi, and Claudio

Went to 32nd Street first for a couple of drinks with Paco, Creon, Oryx, and his-cousin-who-could-pass-for-his-twin Steph. When we got tired of dancing, we went to Tabu to see Mea and Toni. Thursday’s Brazilian Night indeed. Half of the crowd were Brazilians and the other half were feeling Brazilians. Hahaha. Yaaay. Oryx introduced me to a couple of boys. Haha mga malalaking katawan at matatangkad na 20 years old and below! Hahaha, except for Claudio who I think is my age. He invited me to go surfing and it sucked that we’re going to La Union on different dates. Well, I already went to LU last weekend. He’s going this Saturday, me thinks.

dsc-0401 dsc-0414

Toni, Steph, Oryx, me * Mea and Oryx

Went to sleep 6ish (I still uploaded pics when I got home) and I was already in the office at 8:55am. Wrong if you think I slept throughout my shift. Nah-uh-uh! I was too excited thinking of what to pack for the Baguio-LU trip with the go-go friends.

If I collapse out of sleep deprivation and body strain one of these days, the universe is just going to laugh its cosmic ass off.

dsc-0382 dsc-0413 dsc-0390

Stef & Oryx * Adriano and Me * Mea and Me =)


After guessing a random Brazilian’s age…

Paco: Guess how old I am.

Me: Hmm… if you tell me you’re 20, I’d believe you. If you tell me you’re 25, I’d still believe you. (Because I’m gullible.)

Paco: Uhmmm… I’m actually 19.

Oooooops! 😛


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Eat (tapas), drink (vino), and be merry (in Barcino)!

Thank you universe for giving me a reward last Friday night for the endurance I exhibited from Monday morning to Friday afternoon. But please let me never conduct background investigation, undergo dysmenorrhea, and miss precious time of sleep ever again. If that’s not possible, then just let me be with Oryx in Barcino again!


cimg3792 cimg38091

my tempranillo and Sergi * delicious tapas

cimg3814 cimg3815

hot savory chicken livers * instant canape!

After dindin in Figaro and drinks in 32nd Street, Oryx brought me to the small wonder that is Barcino. Love the space! Love the ambiance! Love the wine! Love the music! Love the food! For someone like me whose knowledge of wine is close to zilch, Barcino is a good place to learn and enjoy vino. I had a delightful ruby-red tempranillo with a platter of tapas. There were potato salad with olives, jamon serrano, chorizo, bread with salsa, cheese, and some tasty sausages called fuet. :p Oryx had some chicken liver something with his white wine.

cimg3833 cimg3835

with Virginia * with Sergi

cimg3846 cimg38051

with Oryx * awesome foursome

I was lucky enough to meet the marketing manager, Virginia Lopez Cojo and co-owner, Sergi Rostoll. They were kind enough to tell me basic stuff about wine, tapas, and Spain. I will go back because I want to try other kinds of red wine, their bacalao and paella. And because I enjoyed that night so much and I can’t wait to enjoy that much (and more) again. Hopefully, in the Ortigas branch next time.

Salut to more casual, chill nights in Barcino!

More pics here


Barcino, The Fort
Unit 101 Forbeswood Heights, Rizal Drive, Fort Bonifacio
Taguig, Metro Manila
(02) 468-5942


Barcino, City Golf Complex
2/F City Golf Complex, Julia Vargas Avenue (beside Ortigas Home Depot where they have a Wine Depot branch)
(02) 636-2963


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Here are some pics from the recent past.

From first row to last:
* Recruitment pictorial for our Facebook and Multiply accounts :p
* Reunion dindin with Mackie and Chie plus Oryx in Greenbelt
* Robert’s despedida dindin and drinks at Tiananmen
* Get-together with Coy and friends in Manila Pen
* Greenbelt and Metrowalk with Japjapjaps

More pics to come!


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Crank it up. Give it to me. Come on.

The disappointing thing was, nobody got destroyed, drunk, hammered last Saturday. It would have been more disappointing if I didn’t have fun with my growing support group or if I didn’t make fun of a certain entity.

We drank until 5am. Saaaarap. Drinking while learning! :p I learned a bunch of things like…

* A Veneto pizza is good. I bought Double Pepperoni and Bacon Cheeseburger pizzas for us. Yummy na, affordable pa! My kind of food!

* Sachets of condiments are helpful during traffic.Tried and tested na ito ni Mickey. Lantakan ba naman ang packets of ketchup sa sobrang gutom. I would have done the same if I had a compartment full of asado sauce sachets. Hanap na lang ng papel, parang may siopao na. Hahaha!

The 2 Mickies of Malacca 

* I’m not heartbroken. I’m just an alcoholic. My current motto is: Atay muna bago puso. Cheers!

* The Tagalog of quarenta y cinco is not apatnapu’t lima. It’s porti-payb. Ayon ‘yan sa makabagong balarilang Filipino. Bwahaha!

* Be scared of She-man and the “monsters” of the universe. If you’re ugly and stupid, at least make sure that you’re nice. I have two words for you: redeeming factor.

Harlene, Janine and Ciara (Bwahaha!)

* You can’t force it, but you can fake it. No. I am not talking about orgasm. It has something to do though with… “Iniwan kita para mag-isip, hindi para ipagpalit ako!” to “Iniwan kita para mag-freshen up, hindi para tulugan ako!”

* Bugnay wine from Baguio is delish! I won’t ask for cacti pasalubong anymore. (Lalo naman lengua de gato!) From now on, Bugnay is what I’ll ask from Baguio-vacationing friends. Patience! Oh, and thanks to Jay for the wine.

Parang bote ng patis o! 

* Example of necrophilia, pedophilia and bestiality: mangrape ng patay na tuta. Uhhh… don’t ask me. Hanggang 5-minute dead na Justin Timberlake lang ang kaya ko.

* I have sick friends. Oh, but I love them! Hugs to Donnie, Jap, Matt, Oryx and Mickey. Kisses for Mickey for letting me use his space for the drinking sesh and for being nice to my barkada.

Ketchup Mickey, GranMa Iya and  Bugnay Donnie

* Butterscotch is made up of lahar and margarine. Ewan ko ba. Sinisiraan ni Oryx and Donnie ‘yung butterscotch na binebenta ni Eunice. But since I love butterscotch, kahit pa sabihin nila na may dinikdik na moth balls ‘yun, kakainin ko pa rin! Yesss… tibay!

* I’m exorcist-material. DAW. Ows? Para namang hindi eh… :p


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