Midnight Snacking @ Soderno

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I was so excited to visit the South last Saturday because of 2 things– to attend my inaanak Caitlin’s 2nd birthday party and to visit Soderno, the newest happy foodie place in Alabang. I spent 16 years of my life living in the South and I still consider it home. I’m happy that there are a lot of new places to go to like Soderno, the new wing of ATC and Dampa in Daang Hari. Maybe if those were already there when I was still living in BF, I would have become obese!

Anyway, enough with my senti moment. On with the kwentong pagkain!

We were still full from Cait’s handa (teriyaki, lumpia, fish fillet, paella, lechon and a lot more!!!) that we decided to just go to Soderno for dessert.

We shared a dozen Taclings. Mini tacos served in eggtrays! The beef ones were delish! Crunchy, savory and a bit spicy… I didn’t like the tuna, the ones with green shells. I think it was only Kassy the flexitarian who enjoyed it. Haha!

Joko got Fried Chocolates and Fried Oreos from Wicked Bites. Both were sinfully delicious and made my heart (and pancreas) scream for help. LOL :p  I expect their Apple Fries with Caramel Syrup to be just as good. That’s what I’ll get next time. I don’t remember how much the fried sweets cost. Joko said less than a hundred each. Anyone?

The BEST part of the Soderno experience was experiencing The Lollicake Factory goodies! The Chocolate and Red Velvet little dessert balls had perfect sweet coatings and rich moist cake underneath! I recommend the lollicakes as party giveaways or aguinaldo for your inaanaks this Christmas. Not bad at all for 40php a piece. Or, you can also get 30 lollicakes and form ’em into a multi-tiered cake and put a HAPPY BIRTHDAY, IYA! :p

The Lollicakes in the picture above are chocolate, buttercream, dulce de leche and peanut butter methinks. Carla bought a whole box to bring to Cebu. Joko was the only one who got to eat the cheesecake lollicake and she couldn’t stop saying how good it was. As in paalis ng Soderno, paghatid kay Kassy, paghatid kina Carla, sa biyahe namin papuntang Laguna, pati sa sleepover ko sa kanila, she even sleeptalked about it!!! :)) Oo na, masarap na!

Btw, the amazing person behind The Lollicakes Factory is no other than LJ Moreno-Alapag. Carla and I know her as Lari Jean Ricafort. She was our classmate in Bene high. Had I known that she’d grow up making fantastic desserts, super binefriend ko sana siya noon! Hehe! Congrats, LJ! Cupcakes, take a backseat! Mabuhay ang mga lollicakes! :p

Congratulations too to Mr. Anton Diaz and Mr. RJ Ledesma for the success of Soderno. I hope I’ll be able to see some of the Soderno fyummies in Distrito! Bawais, please! 🙂

Soderno @ Molito schedule:

Soderno Nights – Fridays and Saturdays at 6:00pm to 3:00am

Lifestyle Market – Saturdays at 7:00am to 4:00pm

Organic Market – Sundays at 7:00am to 4:00pm


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Ultimate Taste Test and Massive Music Fest

Been sick lately and I am not in the mood to post kilometric texts.


Anyhooz, 2 exciting things happened to me this week.

I went to Our Awesome Planet’s Ultimate Taste Test 4 at the NBC Tent last May 14. I agree with everyone who said it’s the best 200phs ever spent. Imagine, that small amount of money for food and drinks from 50 participants! Huwaw! I am excited for the next UTT!



Went to the Then and Now Massive Music Festival at the MOA Concert Grounds last night. Nine international artists were there for the event and I gotta say that Diana King and All 4 One made me soooo sooooo happy.

All 4 One singing I Can Love You Like That (one of my most fave lovesongs)

Diana King (yaaaa maaaannn!!!)

and look what she wrote…

Hahaha. Universe, read that.


listening to: Diana King – L-L-L-Lies

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