WRU? I : Churrito Cafe

After more than a month of wanting to go, we finally went to Churrito’s last night.

So, here’s my very first WRU? post and quasi-review.


Food: We wanted to try the churros, but who really wants to have churros for dinner? So we ordered their Salpicado and Paella Valenciana instead. Both are good for 2-3 persons, or so they claim. When they served the Salpicado, I thought, “Oh, how sweet. Nagbigay pa sila ng appetizer.” Nyahaha, ‘yun na pala ‘yun. But then again, I tasted the saffron in the paella. The salpicado’s flavorful and tender. Yeah. Both dishes were yummy, but not suitable for someone who has a pet anaconda in his tummy. :p (Pardon the rhyme.)

salpicado and paella

I’m going back ferr shur. Next time, the churros. And the truffles. And the spanish omelette. 🙂

Service: The service people were generally polite. I just didn’t like the lack of proper explanation when I asked what the difference between a soda in can and a soda pop is. And oh yeah, we were greeted with “Hola!” by the staff. I wonder if they know other Spanish words. If I break one of their plates, would I overhear one of them hiss, “Te cago en tu puta madre?” Mwehe.

Location: Churrito’s is quite easy to spot. It’s just right beside Central BBQ Grill. A looooongjump away from La Iya Grill and twenty cartwheels from Porch. Ah basta. It’s along Aguirre Avenue, BF Homes Paranaque.


Ambiance: One word. Steady. Steady in a really steady kind of way. (Huwaaaat? I mean, not steady in a napipilitan at wala nang maisagot kind.) Relaaaax. If you’re in Central on a weekend and about to gag yourself with a spoon due to the nauseating prevalence of highschool kids, just drag your lovely bum to Churrito’s for a slightly mature kind of crowd. Keyword: slightly.


Price: The word is not cheap. It’s affordable! Pwede pa rin kahit hindi kaka-sweldo. Haha!

Oops. Beer is cheap pala. San Mig Light is only 28php.

Extra: They have an acoustic treat every weekend. I guess Bossa, since most of the songs Sandro and I heard when we were there were from that genre.

Rating: 8/10

I am going back to Churrito’s. Sama ka?


listening to: Sitti – Didn’t Know I Was Looking For Love

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