For someone who doesn’t like pepper much…

I surely love Pepper Lunch!

Just read in chuvaness that the Greenbelt 5 branch is already open. Yaaaaay! Closer to the office! I can’t wait to get my hands on the salmon-chicken  combo. Not literally, mainit eh! Hot hot goodness! I want to try the Molten Milk Chocolate Cake and the Matcha Cheesecake. Hot food para sa may mga malamig ang Pasko. Hehe. 🙂

Let’s go to Pepper GB5!


Some pictures from my 1st time at Pepper Lunch Rockwell…

caesar salad, spicy tuna shake shake salad, goma ice cream

smiling for my tummy

ang pepper steak na pinipilahan ng bonggang-bongga


Gawd, I’m hungry.


listening to: Glee – Having My Baby

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