I watched PRIEST to serve as a warning.


I had a pressing need to watch Da Vinci Code again after seeing PRIEST. I would rather see Paul Bettany as an albino doing corporal mortification and killing enemies of the Catholic church than see him as a protagonist slaying vampires in an unknown post-apocalyptic setting.

Bettany as Silas in Da Vinci Code

To think I brought low expectations with me when I watched it and they still weren’t met. The premise of the movie had potential. Priests and vampires would have made up a kickass story BUT NO. The treatment was beyond bad. Fugly dialogue, fugly acting, fugly setting , fugly humor attempts, and fugly vampires! The vampires in Priest did not only lack nefariousness. They also looked like blobs. I wanted to watch Twilight and bask in Edward Cullen’s sparkley gorgeousness after seeing Priest’s boring vamps.

Seeing The Blind Side’s Lily Collins (just found out yesterday that Phil Collins is her dad!) and True Blood’s Stephen Moyer did not help. Plus, so what if Maggie Q and Cam Gigandet are there. Sorry, not a fan. ­čśÉ

Damn anemic movie. What a waste of money (mine) and talent (Paul Bettany’s).

Good thing I did not see it in 3D.


listening to: The Cure – A Letter to Elise

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