Sushi, Tempura and Rakrakan Night

This was the night before I went to Bataa Sixteen hours or something before I launched into my emocholating mode. Emo and chocolates galore.


after pao tsin . before kikufuji


miki . carlo . kassy . joko. iya


sushi is love


tempura is love in another form


kjwan @ saguijo


kassy . me . ian


us with nff’s leslie, jason, and ian


one more time

Oh oh oh, this is also the night I proved that disrespect is part of my charm.


listening to: No Doubt – Underneath It All

Chakiks * 101008

Was supposed to just stay home but I couldn’t resist being with my friends on a Friday night. Plus, I wanted to see Queso perform live.

Effort finding Chakiks. Basta, sa likod ng Metrowalk. More than 2 years ago kasi huling punta ko dun. Circa Tupaz pa. Lol. Ayun, ayun! Katabi ng Razon’s! Another thing hard to resist is the 4-ingredient halohalo. Sarap!

Rockademics, was hosted by Kass and sponsored by Red Horse and the reformatted RJ station. Underground Music yada yada yada. Bands were Kastigo, Salamin, Marcus Highway, Skyepia, and then some.

Crushies for the night: Power, JM, and Eo. Oo na, cradle snatcher na. Hahaha.

Queso dude is hot (daw). Saw his buttcrack. Can’t say I got affected. But wow, that guy can do a backflip.


Iya alive Joko and Jeman isleypee * Skyepia and the strangled kitty

Little Aga Eo * sino diyan crushies ko?

Marcus and NFF Carlo * aftergig buco juice sa may Yuhoo

I saw your pwet, Ian.

I survived the night partially deaf but it was all worth it. 🙂


listening to: The Beatles – I Want You

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