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Mommy Joyce and I attended the PESO job fair yesterday at the Quezon City Hall and as part of our ritual, we ate first to get and keep us energized (and to put us in a good mood) in interviewing applicants. We checked out the long strip of food stalls and found this regular-looking stall with special goto. I actually didn’t have goto. I asked for lugaw (porridge) only, or what they call “walang laman”. Also bought tokwa’t baboy because I cannot live on lugaw alone. Mwehehe. For only 50php I already had a flavorful and satisfying brekky. Added 10php for gulaman. Ang saya ko sana kung meron din puto pao, pero wala.

Anyway, if you happen to be around the area, do check out Alwyn and Aljana’s Goto, Tokwat’s Baboy at Okoy. They have the best lugaw! At least the best lugaw I’ve had… so far… in Quezon City. And yeah well, I did live in QC for 2 years so I do know what I’m talking about. :p 

Also, their ates and kuya are very friendly. HI mga ate and mga kuya! I know that you  guys will google this blogpost, so HI! I told you I’ll write about your store! 😀 Next PESO QC jobfair, I’ll definitely be back for more lugaw and tokwa! 🙂


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Om Nom Chewy Junior Nom Nom

My megafantasticwonderfulawesome boss Ace (yep, I superlove my boss :P) went to Trinoma to meet with the management for the re-activation of our recruitment hub, Career Cafe 2 Go. When he got back to the office, he brought us these extraordinary creampuffs—

Hello, Chewy Junior Chocolate Almond Crunch, Chocolate Madness, and Almond Sweetheart creampuffs! My tummy’s happy to see you!

only 109php for a box of 3!

image from

I had the Almond Sweetheart I ate and I absolutely loved it! Crispy on the outside and soft and chewy on the inside! I got that statement from their website, but so what? It’s really like that in real life! Hehe! It’s the perfect sweet pastry for someone like me who’s not fond of uber sweet stuff. ‘Yung bang tipong isang kagat pa lang, feeling mo magkaka-diabetes ka na! I give a perfect 10 for the sweetness of Chewy Junior’s creampuff. If I wouldn’t look PG (patay-gutom), I would have snagged the Chocolate Madness too!

Careful, though. There’s really lots of cream inside. There’s a technique in eating the goodie, so I suggest you read the instructions on the box before sinking your teeth into this delightful treat. I learned it the hard way. Sobrang messy ng pagkain ko nung cream puff. As in ang dungis ko lang talaga. Hehe. :p Like a little kid enjoying her afternoon snack!

Chewy Junior is at the 2nd level of Trinoma. Also, come August 1, you can visit the Eperformax Career Cafe 2 Go booth at the 3rd floor near Restoration. 🙂


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Alms! Alms! Spare me some Red Swan bread!

What I love about Quezon City is that there are many not so popular places that one can go to to get really good nomnom without reducing my wallet into a miserable pulp. After our trip to Hausbesetzer Laboratory, we went to Red Swan for dinner and dessert. I had no idea what kind of food Red Swan serves so I brought no expectations to the unfamiliar restaurant in Scout Santiago. Well, no expectations except for the ensaimada. Masarap DAW eh.

Nothing special about Red Swan’s interiors. Steady, but not so cozy. It’s just a space with tables and chairs. But this is only the 1st floor. The 2nd floor has function rooms that are really pretty. 🙂 There’s the White Room, the Green Room (see picture below), and the Blue Room. Good for intimate celebrations or business meets.

Service was ok. They even gave us free Crispy Ukoy with spicy vinegar. Yummy!

I was disappointed that the mushroom soup wasn’t available. Their Cream of Tomato Soup (P95.00) was good. I just wish next time, they’d serve it hot, not warm.

Their specialty is the Grilled Spareribs but I opted to eat fish. The picture below is their Tuna Belly Teriyaki with Mashed Potato (P185). It was ok. I had a forkful of Kwe’s spareribs and I kicked myself for choosing fish. Anyhoo, I had fun mixing their sauces: steak sauce/mango sauce/hot sauce. Beware of their hot sauce aptly named Dinamita. The name should be warning enough.

This is their Baked Salmon. I would have liked it if there was no cheese on top.

The star of my Red Swan dinner was definitely the White Toblerone Grilled Ensaimada with Strawberry Sauce (P100++). It’s the best grilled ensaimada I’ve had so far!

My friends had the Dark Chocolate Toblerone and Spanish Chorizo variants. Both were delicious too! Even my mother who is opposed to excessively rich food would have it and like it!

Here are the other kinds of ensaimada Red Swan has:

I will be back there next weekend and I’m sure that I will get Mango Supreme.

*wipes off drool*

Yep, spare me a piece of bread. ‘Yung ensaymada please. 🙂

*artwork found at the 2nd level of Red Swan


Red Swan Grill and Barbeque
36 Scout Santiago St cor Scout De Guia
Quezon City
02 4130825


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The H-Lab

All I knew last Saturday was we were going to New Manila to help Maricris look for a place for the discussion of Bill Bryson’s A Short History of Nearly Everything that she’s going to moderate. Well, I asked Joko where we’re going and I just heard her say, “Hwababababa Lab.”

Potek, ano daw? In my head, I decided to call it the H-Lab.

We arrived at our destination– 10a Alabama St, E. Rodriguez. The gate made sure that we were in the right place.


So we went it and saw these shoes before seeing the lab with a name we can’t pronounce. Assstiiiggg. Can’t wait to do this to my old Chucks! :p

The left wing has the tea lab called HAUSBESETZER. So hindi pala Hwababababa. :p Hahaha! According to google, hausbesetzer means squatter in German. I wanted to ask Jetro Rafael (one of the owners of Haus and owner of the resto Van Gogh is Bipolar) why they chose this name, but I was shy to because he was busy gardening. He’s nice but I couldn’t bring myself to interrupt his time with the little oregano plant. :p

The lab’s cabinets are filled with tea, biscuits&crackers, artsy items and other interesting stuff like a set of Make Your Own Absinth and moisturizer in test tubes. The long table has a wide array of tea flavors and munchies. There aren’t a lot of choices found in the menu– only 2 kinds of pasta, a rice meal, a sandwich, several kinds of sausages and quite a few beverages.

The fridge has carabao milk ice candy, Goldschlager in test tubes, ginger beer et cetera. No prob if there aren’t a lot of food yet because the place is new, and really, even if there were only 2 items in the menu, I’d still go there for the art and the ambiance.

All the rooms in the house have contemporary art pieces by Resurrection and by RAA Design that are for sale. I like the room with matchboxes and postcards. 🙂

I sat on this chair because they told me Jericho Rosales bought it and it’s just waiting to be picked up. Hihihihi! *kiiliiiig*

I had coffee with carabao milk in the garden. This section is still under construction but I loved it anyway. 🙂

I would love to go back to Hausbesetzer on a rainy day to enjoy its offbeat coziness some more. I’d probably bring my addicted-to-caffeine/gaga-over-aesthetics friends, Yo and Jap. 

I suggest you bring your friends to 10a Alabama especially those who are like me- in dire of little adventures here in the city! And if you need more adventure, you can check out the house in front of 10a Alabama. 

Makes me wonder if Alabama St. used to be known as Balete Drive.


I only had biscuit and crackers and coffee in Hausbesetzer. Will definitely be back to try the pasta and sausages!


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