Carbo and Friends

Here are the pics from the eve of July 9.

Wabi-Sabi Ramen * 90php goodness
I liked it better than their pho, but I wish the soup could be tastier. =)

Wabi-Sabi Ban Mi * can’trememberhowmuch :p
This I liked. Like an Asian salad between halves crusty bread. Pero mas gusto ko pa rin ‘yung nasa Morong! 😛

Over-exposed shot from Paolo and Nicole’s birthday party @ Handlebar
Surfers kami. Bwahahaha!

Playing in front of Handlebar with these people helped me burn the calories.
Belated happy birthday, Paolo…

and Nicole!

Rockin’ Nicole of General Luna 🙂


listening to: typhoon Basyang

Wabi-Sabi, Sabi Ko.

Went back to Wabi-Sabi for the ramen that we failed to try when we went to Miki’s exhibit.

And we failed again. =( No more ramen when we got there. To think we arrived before 8pm. At least the pho was available.

Vegetarian pho for only 99php.

Enjoy the merriment of noodles, cilantro, tofu and vegetable chicharon in hot broth.

We had sio pao again. Had the chay pao instead of the asado pao. Good veggie goodness.

The pot stickers was still bun cha gioi (Vietnamese for delicious, me thinks) but it’s not crispy as the first time we tried it.

Haaaayyy… I am hopeful that there is ramen the next time I go to Wabi-Sabi. And I am crossing my fingers that it will be worth the wait.


Wabi-Sabi Noodle House
The Collective
7274 Malugay St.
San Antonio Village, Makati


listening to: my colleagues talking about baby stuff

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