Musicfest 2010

Like I said in my previous entry, bless the company I work for for sponsoring the Kris Allen-JabbaWockeeZ-Boyce Avenue concert at McKinley Hill Open Grounds last Saturday! I love you, ePerformax! :p

sponsor ticket to the VIP section



Kris Allen, A.I. Season 8 Winner

Why don't you wanna sing No Boundaries? 😦

Dinner. Carlo's Pizza's sampler. Like Bunch of Lunch, only better!

Team Recruitment

Afterconcert past-midnight snack... SNACK?

sisig + liston manok + sinigang ... perfect way to end a loooong but fun night


listening to: Kris Allen – Live Like You’re Dying


Phone Interview

IYA SANTOS (me, you fool)

Applicant for CSR post

blah blah blah company background, basic info blah blah blah

Me: Are you already a college graduate?
Mina: No, ma’am. I only reached up to 4th year college. I took up Nursing from Perpetual Help College of Manila.
Me: PHCM? Really?
Mina: Yes, ma’am.
Me: Nera, Nera, Nera… were you class president?
Mina: Yes, ma’am… how’d you…
Me: I think you were my student…
Mina: OMG!!! Ma’am Iya!!!!!

yada yada yada positive qualities, pronunciation exercises yada yada yada

Me: That concludes the initial interview. Congratulations, you passed! I’d like to invite you for the next step which is the verbal assessment. Would you be available tomorrow? If so, what time?
Mina: Morning ma’am, 9:00.
Me: Haha, are you sure you can make it 9? You were always late for class then…
Mina: Hahaha, I promise not to be late tomorrow, ma’am!

How astig is that? I interviewed and qualified a former student and I’m seeing her tomorrow for the VA. I’ll whack her with the IELTS module if she fails tomorrow’s exam.

I shouldn’t be worried. I taught her well. 😉



listening to: Bob Marley – No Woman No Cry

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