The End (It’s About Time) of The Twilight Saga

The last installment of the Twilight Saga is actually pretty good. And no. I have not gone cuckoo. Breaking Dawn Part 2 is the best (but this ain’t saying much hahaha) among the 5 movies.


And the reasons why I think so are…

1. Forget Edward the constipated-looking vampire. Forget Jacob the pedo-werewolf. Ang gwapo ni Carlisle!!! Ampogiiiii!!!


2. Fine. Forget Carlisle. Ang ganda ni Alice!!! I happen to have a girlcrush on Ashley Greene. I really think she’s gorgeous. And fyi, she and Olivia Wilde have some girl to girl action in quite forgettable movie, Butter.


3. Her name is weird but Renesmee is pretty cute. My imagination’s pretty spot on when I was reading the book. The kid in the movie looks exactly like the kid I pictured. And yeah. I read all 4 books. You can ask me why but I do not have to answer. Hehe.


4. The father and daughter scene made tear up because I remembered my Daddy when Charlie was attempting to crack a joke even when he looked as if he’s gonna break down any minute and I was so happy for Kristen Stewart for showing some semblance of emotion in that scene.


5. I did not expect such awesome fight scenes. The battle of The Cullens (and friends) versus The Volturi entertained me more than the whole of Skyfall. Ang daming pugutan ng ulo! Yehey!!! Bwahahaha!!!!!


6. The OST is beautiful. I don’t care what you think, music snobs. I’m downloading the entire album and listening to A Thousand Years by Christina Perri.


I’m happy with how the movie version of the Twilight series ended. And some are just happy that it finally ended. Haha.


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Happy With Happy Feet 2

Synopsis: A second skid round the rink with Mumble (Elijah Wood), Gloria (Alecia “Pink” Moore), their offspring Erik (Ava Acres) and their singing, stomping emperor penguin colony. This time, an ice block crashes into their Antarctic home, blocking the penguins from the sea and leaving the Glee-style troupe with only their love of 80s pop-funk for sustenance. But the real fun’s under the ice, where Brad Pitt and Matt Damon yuk it up as Will and Bill the krill. Will, though – determined to be “one in a krillion” – is treated shabbily by Happy Feet Two, which preaches acceptance but requires assimilation. You dance or you die. Join the party, swim with the swarm.

Source: The Guardian


This will be quick.

Here are the 5 reasons why I liked this movie.

1. Eric is sooooooo cute!!! He’s cuter than Mumble imho. :p He’s also got better talent hahaha! Won’t say what ‘coz it will just spoil the movie for you. 🙂

2. The baby elephant seals are sooooo cuuuuuute too!

Yep, I’m a sucker for cuteness. And baby animals!

3. I love Robin Williams! He’s back for the dual birdy roles of Ramon and Lovelace. His love story with Carmen (Sofia Vergara) is hilarious. Sample:

Carmen: You are beautiful, Ramon!
Ramon: But only on the outside.

And this is Ramon.

Sorry, didn’t like P!nk so much as Brittany Murphy’s replacement. Huhuhu, Brit, why’d you have to die? 😦 Wala ako paki kay Elijah Wood, but I liked some cheesy lines of Mumble to his son.

4. Feel good OST! We are the champions my frieeeennnnndddd! And I don’t know ’bout you but I like the song Papa Oom Mow Mow! And Mighty Sven, the penguin/puffin danced to this. At sumayaw rin ako sa upuan ko.

5. The Brad Pitt and Matt Damon bromance. I don’t think this needs an explanation.

If you haven’t seen this yet, go find time to watch with your kids or nephews or nieces! Or your friends that are kids at heart. 🙂


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DISTRITO: The Newest Foodie Happy Place in Makati!

Because it took me almost a year to experience Mercato Centrale, I vowed (naks, how serious) that the same thing will not happen to me with Distrito. And so I attended its opening night last Friday, November 25. 🙂

Distrito is located at the Amorsolo Open Parking lot (beside Makati Med). It has food, fashion and wellness stalls but I did not see much of the last 2 in their first night of business. There were lots of food stalls that serve tacos, steaks, bibingka, dimsum, cakes, pizza and other omnomnoms but only a few that sell clothes and accessories. I actually did not notice any wellness stalls but because Ms. Cory Quirino was there, I assumed that there was one. After all, she is the queen of the World of Wellness!

Distrito opens at 9pm and closes at 3am, Wednesdays-Fridays. Shani, Vlad and I got there even before 9 and we were surprised that there were already a lot of people. Took around 15minutes before we found seats. To my left were call center looking folks. I work in a call center/BPO so trust me, I know my kind. Hehe! It’s also very likely because Distrito is very near contact centers such as People Support, Convergys and Sykes. Our company, ePerformax is 10 minutes away. To my right were college kids who prolly go to La Salle, UA&P or Endurun (or the likes). I just based my guess on how they spoke– in semi-maarte English. Semi lang. If it’s super, you know na from what school! :p I kid!!!!

Ok. Food. The orig plan was to buy from the Filipino-Mexican food truck because ever since I heard about Manila Machine from Jun Belen, I’ve always wanted to eat at a sosyal version of a Jolly Jeep! But I dunno. I didn’t feel like having a burrito or taco that night so I went around twice thrice before I deciding on pizza! And macaron for dessert! (And be a PG [patay gutom] and get some of Shani’s dimsum and Vlad’s bibingka!)

The Fire Escape Pizza Burger. I wasn’t also in the mood to eat pizza, but I liked the idea of eating something as rich and sinful as Offbeat’s Krispy Kreme Burger. Their pizzaburger I chose was The Rookie with 3 cheeses (I think, one of which was feta). I was asked if I wanted it spicy and I said, just a little. The spiciness was perfect with the cheeses. Don’t let the look of the pizzaburger fool you. It’s not a light meal. The pattie’s thick and heavy. It’s also juicy and flavorful. I didn’t really count much on this pizzaburger to wow me but it did! Kudos to the guys who started off with this as their thesis. Overheard one of them saying this to another customer! I think I’ll try the one with the mushrooms next time!

Empire Macarons. There were around 10 flavors to choose from and I chose the one with the prettiest c0lor. LEMON! That and I really like lemon! 😀 This one’s not bad at all for 35php. The texture is great and melts in your mouth. The lemon-y taste isn’t so strong too. I think it will be perfect with milk tea or black coffee or I don’t know… just not with a buco-pandan drink! Haha, I know ‘coz that’s what I had with it! :)) Other flavors of Empire Macaron according to their website are: Cookies and Cream, Chili Chocolate (ohmigosh I have to get some of these), Candied Rose and Salted Caramel.

The Taiwanese dimsums that Shani had were ok, but a little too salty. :\ Shani couldn’t finish hers so I gladly gobbled the leftovers. 😀 Buti na lang, mahilig ako sa sodium! :))

I can’t remember the name of this minced pork rice something in a Chinese take out box that Vlad bought. It’s also from the stall that they got the deep fried kuchay dumplings. Verdict: it’s ok for a hundred bucks.

The bibingka. The ricecake (small one for 65php) that Vlad waited for 15minutes was not cooked well. When I cut it, some batter oozed out. But I still liked it because the sweetness was just right. And well, the uncooked mix didn’t give me a tummy ache anyway. :p

We stayed for a bit and listened to an acoustic duo play alternative songs such as DMB’s Crash Into Me and Duncan Sheik’s Barely Breathing. More people were at Distrito by this time. Even when I got home and checked my Facebook, at least a dozen of my friends updates were about their trip to Distrito. 🙂

I’ve already told them this in person but I want to repeat it here just because.

Mr. Anton Diaz and Mr. RJ Ledesma, congratulations and thank you for Distrito. You guys are one more step close to your goal of making us all fat. 😀


listening to: Duncan Sheik – Barely Breathing


Joko, Vlad and I went to the newly opened Jamba Juice in Fort Bonifacio last weekend. Jamba Juice is a popular juice bar in California that offers healthy blended beverages and pastries.

I had the Peanut Butter Moo’d. Joko had Carribean Passion. Vlad had Strawberries Wild. I tweeted the names of our drinks and my friend Sab replied with, “Sounds like sex in your mouth.” I almost choked on the Cinnamon Pretzel we had with our drinks. The pretzel, btw, sorta looks like poop. But it tasted good. Didn’t taste like a pretzel, but the bread still went really well with my Peanut butter Moo’d. 🙂

There’s a photobooth that customers can use while waiting for their drinks. Of course, hindi namin pinalagpas ang photo op na ito.

The joint wasn’t jampacked when we got there, but after 20 minutes of being seated, a lot of people started coming in. Mostly families. With cute dogs.

I loved my peanut butter smoothie. Maybe because it’s the only unhealthy (?) thing on their menu! :p My friends also seemed to enjoy their Jamba creations.

If you also wanna get Jambafied, visit their store at the Bonifacio High Street extension. Enjoy! 🙂


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Bella Cullen

Joko and I were one of the lucky ones who got to see Breaking Dawn Part 1 on its 1st screening day last Friday at Powerplant Mall. Luckier because there were lots of freebies! Ice cream, cereal, potato chips, lotion, gum, sausages, and even detergent! Hehehe! Thanks to Star Movies VIP Access for the free tickets. 🙂

Anyway, here are my thoughts on “the most anticipated film of the year”. Bwahahaha. I can almost hear all the Twilight-haters scream fuck you in my ear!!! :p

1. It’s definitely better than the book. I read all 4 books and hated books 2-4. The movies are so-so because of…

2. Jacob Black. I’ve loved Taylor’s Lautner since Cheaper by The Dozen 2. I really think he’s one good looking kid. I just try to avert looking at his neck because it reminds me of a giraffe’s/llama’s. Wala pang 20secs, pinakita na siyang shirtless dito sa movie! Yown!!!

3. Good job, Twilight peeps for using Iron & Wine’s song, Flightless Bird, American Mouth again. This is one of my most fave songs in the world and I was totally kilig when this was playing in the wedding scene. This was also used in the 1st movie. Prom scene.

4. Liked Mr.&Mrs.Cullen’s honeymoon in Brazil. Nope. I did not find the violent bed-destroying sex exciting. I just found Bella’s hunger for vampire sex entertaining. Don’t worry. There’s gonna be a lot of vampire sex in Part 2.

5. Alice Cullen. She’s exceptionally pretty here. Akala ko ba dapat si Rosalie ang mas maganda? Mukha siyang lalake kaya. Oh, Alice! Haaaay. I have a big crush on Ashley Greene. 🙂

6. Edward… Edward… What do I have to say about Robert Pattinson… he really looks like a sissy vampire in this film. But the soft tender character was effective when he’s listening to the demon-fetus’ thoughts and tells Bella, “He (akala nila lalake eh) likes listening to your voice.”

7. Freaky pregnant Bella (think Gollum) and the icky birth of Renesmee. Kristen Stewart looked more constipated than ever when she was preggers. Even when Renesmee was clawing out of her, Bella still had the emotional range of a rock. :p

8. Kickass imprinting scene! Well, kickass when they showed Renesmee from CGI-heavy baby to not-so-pretty teenager. The idea of an 18-year old werewolf imprinting on his quasi-gf/bestfriend’s daughter is still gross.

 <— Renesmee! :p

9. Bella wakes up from her coma (or death… and kilometric flashback) as a vampire. That’s the last scene. And she really makes a beautiful vampire. I really hope that for Part 2, the filmmakers makes her the strong Bella she is portrayed in the book. Please lang, no more poker face.

10. Stay for the after-credits. See the Volturi being grammar nazis.

It’s a neat 2nd to the last movie. I can’t wait to see the last one.

And for a lot of you, I’m sure you just can’t wait for all the Twilight everything to end.

Konting tiis na lang! :p


listening to: Iron & Wine – Flightless Bird, American Mouth

My First Binondo Food Trip

I would like to thank my 5 tourguides (Ralph, Vlad, Joko, Maricris and Mike)  for making my first Binondo food trip last Saturday fun and memorable. It was a very exciting day for me because the last I was there was years ago with my family and the only thing I remember about it was going to Binondo Church for Visita Iglesia and eating pancit and siopao in a resto with a name I couldn’t even recall.

We met at Binondo Church at lunch time. The proper name for this beautiful building is Minor Basilica of St. Lorenzo Ruiz.

Mass was ongoing when we got there and several hours after, there was a wedding. There was a Chinese guy singing an unfamiliar OPM lovesong as the bride waled down the aisle. No picture of it to share. Hehe.

Joko decided we eat at Wai Ying. It’s in Benavidez Street, a short walk away from Ongpin corner Salazar.

We ordered soychicken mami (100php), beef mami (100php), dumpling mami (100php),

mixed meat congee (100php),

chicken feet (70php) I did not eat this because it reminds me of earthworms

zhachiang or spicy noodles (100php)

hakaw (80php), radish cake (80php),

Peking duck (550php for half kilo),

sugarcane juice (60php),

and almond jelly (70php), milk tea jelly (70php) and black gulaman (70php).

I loved everything and surely, I will be back for more of their delicious and afforable food! Hopefully, the next time I go to Wai Ying, I can already eat rice ‘coz their fried rice looked promising. Yeah yeah yeah, I couldn’t help but look at the dishes the people from the nearby table were having!

The service was quick and polite. The ambience is what you would expect from a Chinese eatery, steady and noisy at the same time, hehehe. Another Chinese resto stereotype, the floor was dirty, but hurray! the washroom was clean. The floor, I’d blame it on the rain that day. When Vlad and I went out to smoke, our shoes got wet and muddy so maybe we were also to blame for making Wai Ying’s floor grubby, hehe!

We waited for the rain to stop. When it did, we went to 999 Shopping Mall (beside 168) to burn the calories we gained from our inexpensive delicious feast.

And after bargain shopping, we went to Dong Bei. They said the best (cheapest) kuchay dumplings can be found here so I had no choice but say yes. All for the love of kuchay!

And they are right! I loved Dong Bei’s kuchay dumplings (100php)! I look pretty happy in this picture, right?

Their kuchay pancake (100php) was also great!

Also their bestseller, xiao long bao (70php). Yipeee for me, the soup inside the dumpling didn’t burn my tongue! :p

It’s only their beef and tomato soup (90php) that didn’t quite satisfy my tastebuds. The broth was too bland. I liked that the beef’s tender though.

We just finished our food and Dong Bei and didn’t hang there for long because of the brownout. The whole street didn’t have electricity that time. So, yep, it was a quick romantic candle light dinner with friends.

Before we set off to Gilmore for videoke, we paid a visit to another must in Chinatown– Eng Bee Tin. Sure, there are Eng Bee Tin’s all over the metro, but I guess it’s more exciting to visit the one in the land of its makers. Mas feeling authentic. Hahaha!

Because I wasn’t in the mood to eat hopia or tikoy or mooncake, I grabbed 3 packs of mocha mochi that I will blog about some other time. I also bought a pack of tofu chips that I already ate but too blah to be blogworthy. the last thing I noticed as i was paying for my purchase was this.

The Golden Buddah! If you’re wondering where the Lucky Cat is, it’s not here. And it’s not Chinese as many think it is. What Lucky Cat? You know, the Welcoming Cat, the one that waves? It’s actually Japanese. It’s called the Maneki Neko. I did not learn this from the guys in Eng Bee Tin. I learned this from Wikipedia. Just thought I’d share it here. Hehehe!


Special thanks to Mike Bahrami aka The Persian Guide for the pictures! 😀


listening to: Parokya ni Edgar – Order Taker (one of the songs from our videoke session after the Binondo food trip)

Please deposit 2 months.


In a future where people stop aging at 25, but are engineered to live only one more year, having the means to buy your way out of the situation is a shot at immortal youth. Here, Will Salas finds himself accused of murder and on the run with a hostage – a connection that becomes an important part of the way against the system.

– Source:

It was unusual not seeing any Fb posts or tweets about IN TIME when it has a roster of talented and gorgeous actors to boot. It has Cillian Murphy, Olivia Wilde, Vincent Kartheiser (Mad Men), Matt Bomer (White Collar), Alex Pettyfer (Beastly), and Johnny Galecki (Big Bang Theory)!

Even my fellow die-hard JT fans have been quiet about it. Well, ok, except for the occasional “Ang gwapo mo, Justin!!!”. It was a mystery to me why I didn’t see any rants or raves about this sci-fi film UNTIL Thursday night when I watched it myself.

Aha. It’s because there’s nothing genius about this movie. The premise is really intriguing BUT the director/writers/otherpeopleIcanblame did not manage to pull it off. If you’ve seen this, then you’d understand the title of my entry. IF you remember that the toll to New Greenwich is 2 months. That’s how much I’d be willing to pay for this film. IF I HAD AT LEAST A DECADE TICKING ON MY ARM!!!

Acting, hmm… Cillian Murphy always scores high in my book. Loved him here even if he’s the only one who doesn’t look 25 in this movie. Maybe because being a Timekeeper is very stressful! I think JT’s better here than in The Social Network. This is probably because of the bias that I would rather see him as a hot innocent fugitive than a techie douchebag. It’s too bad that there’s no sizzle in his onscreen partnership with Amanda Seyfried. In sexual chemistry, Mila Kunis wins.

The set is beautiful, I liked the retro-references to the 50’s and 60’s. The dialogue is mediocre with lines of potential genius ruined by being said twice. Seriously, guys, if you want a tagline to sound brilliant, do not make the characters repeat it.

Final note, the film is a gigantic middle, with no preamble of why time became the currency and no real ending- unless you want to count Justin and Amanda’s lukewarm take on Bonnie and Clyde.

Still, I’m glad I watched this in the cinema. Seeing JT in the big screen is always a welcome situation.


listening to: Bonnie Tyler – Holding Out For a Hero

Ang Sayaw ng Dalawang Kaliwang Paa


Ang Sayaw ng Dalawang Kaliwang Paa explores the intersection and divergence between feminist and gay concerns in the third world context, as it features the poetry of Merlinda Bobis, Ruth Elynia Mabanglo, Joi Barrios, Rebecca Anonuevo, Benilda Santos and Ophelia Dimalanta. When Marlon, a college student, stalks Karen, his literature professor, he finds out that she moonlights as a choreographer and dance teacher in a dance studio. Frustrated over his performance in her literature class, he plans to impress her instead by learning to poeticize his body movements and enroll in her dance class. He hires his classmate to teach him the basics of dancing. As Dennis, his tutor, teaches him how his body should move, Marlon begins to understand the intersections between the art of poetry and dance. This opens up his world to new insights about the life of Karen as s single woman who chose to live the life of an artist in a third world setting. Marlon begins to understand how the poems being discussed by Karen in class are testaments to her choice to stand by her art. Karen eventually finds out, through Dennis, that Marlon only enrolled in her class to be near her. She confronts Marlon about this and wishes that his interest for dance would survive his infatuation for her. Marlon feels betrayed over Dennis telling Karen. But it is also this sense of betrayal that tells him that he has already become close to Dennis, whom he now considers a friend. Up until then, Marlon and Dennis have become inseparable as they both tackled the complexities of poetry and dance. Sensing the coldness between the two, Karen set them up to help her train a group of dancers for a cotillion dance. Eventually, Karen trains both Marlon and Dennis to star in her dance adaptation of the epic Humadapnon, when she bags a grant. Marlon will play the lead role of Humadapnon, who becomes trapped in a cave full of women. Dennis’ character now has to rescue Marlon from the women, as he plays the role of Sunmasakay, the male incarnation of the goddess Nagmalitong Yawa. On the eve of their performance, in a drunken conversation, Marlon confronts Karen how he could not understand her poetry. Karen, in response, assures Marlon that he does understand her poetry. His mind is just unwilling to, unlike his body which already understands. Karen invites Marlon to dance with her, but in the middle of her dance, she passes him onto Dennis. Their drunken dance culminates with Marlon and Dennis taking on the roles of Humadapnon and Sunmasakay on stage.

– Source:

Marahil nagtataka ka kung bakit ginawa kong pula ang ilang pangungusap sa dulo. Siguro iniisip mo, baka ‘yan ang mga paborito kong kaganapan sa pelikula. Pwes, mali ka. Kaya ‘yan nakapula dahil ‘yan ang parte na hindi pinalabas. Hindi naman ako lasing nang pinanonood namin ito ng mga kabibigan ko. Pero sana nga, uminom na lang muna ako, at baka kung may alkohol ang sistema ko, matuwa ako sa Ang Sayaw ng Dalawang Kabilang Paa aka Ang Pinaka-ayaw Ko na Indie Movie.

Sayang. Sayang ang pelikula na ito. Ayos sana dahil…

Makapukaw-atensyon ang titulo nito. Ito ang ikalawang nakakuha ng atensyon ko sa lahat ng kalakok sa Cinemalaya 2011. Una ang Ang Babae sa Septic Tank at ikatlo ang Ligo na U, Dito na Me.

Andito si Madam Claudia Jean Garcia. Sawang-sawa na ako na puro ang papel na binibigay kay Jean sa mga teleserye ay ubod ng bait nanay na nawawalan ng anak o ubod ng samang nanay na nawawalan ng anak. Natuwa ako nang malaman ko na isa siyang guro dito na single. Wala naman akong masabi sa pag-arte ni Jean Garcia. Mahusay talaga siyang aktres.

Hitik ito sa mga Filipinong tula at kanta. Ito marahil ang katangi-tanging ikinatuwa ko sa ASNDKP. Para akong ibinalik sa sarili kong pag-aaral noon ng literaturang Pilipino. Para tuloy gusto kong halukayin sa baul ang mga malamang inaamag ko ng mga libro at magbasa muli ng mga tulang nanunuot sa buto at nangungusap sa diwa. Maganda ang pagkalapat ng musika sa mga tula at kung sino man ang mga nakuha nilang kumanta, dapat silang palakpakan. Congratulations, nanalo daw ito ng Best Musical Score sa festival. Hindi ko akalain na mahahagip ang damdamin ko ng musikang Pilipino na hindi katunog ng Eraserheads o ni Gary V.

Kaso lang… makapukaw atensyon man ang titulo nito, hindi nito nagawang hawakan ang atensyon ko sa loob ng halos 2 oras. Sa gitna pa lang ng pelikula, atat na atat na akong matapos ito para malaman kung ano ang kalalabasan ng relasyon Jean-Marlon at Marlon-Dennis. Buti na lang at nagkape ako bago manood sa Glorietta, dahil kung hindi, pihadong nakatulog ako doon at inirita ang mga kaibigan kong sina Jeeves at Vlad sa paghilik ko.

May dalawang eksena na hindi naman pangit pero napataas ang kilay ko. Una, noong unang ipakita ang classroom, may nakita akong isang babaeng estudyanteng dugyot na naka-skirt at naka-sneakers. Akala ko sa public school sila nag-shoot. Sa FEU pala. Buti na lang maganda naman ang itsura ng mga lugar sa labas ng classroom, mukha ng FEU. Ikalawa, sa pagdating ni Ma’am Karen sa bahay niya, hindi man lang niya sinusi ang pinto. Bukas lang talaga. PERO kakarating lang niya. Ganon ba ka-safe ang sinasabi nyang neighborhood kaya hindi na siya naglo-lock ng bahay?

Nakulangan din ako sa mga interesanteng shots. Masakit sa mata ang kopya. Pangit ng mga kulay. O baka ako lang ito. Ang insiiip ko kasi, ‘pag indie film, art film na rin. At ‘pag art film, kung hindi man maganda dahil sa itsura, nagiging maganda dahil sa karakter. Walang karakter ang karamihan sa mga kuha ng pelikulang ito. Best Cinematography? Bakit?

Mga simpleng bagay lang ito na napansin ko na nakabawas sa pagka-authentic ng mga eksena sa aking opinyon. Dumayo na tayo sa mga hindi kasimplehang bagay na dahilan kung bakit ayaw ko sa Ang Sayaw ng Dalawang Kaliwang Paa.

PAASA ITONG PELIKULA NA ITO. Inuna ko na ‘yan. Kung ihuli ko pa kasi ‘yan, baka isipin mo na ang tanga-tanga ko naman o dapat isipin ko na pwede namang maging isang exposition lamang ang isang indie movie. (Thanks, Vlad!) Hindi naman ako tanga. kaya ko namang sakyan ang mga idea tungkol sa peminismo. Kaya ko naman intindihin ang mga relasyong lalake sa lalake o guro at estudyante. Ayos lang sana ito kung hindi napakadaming eksena na paglalaruan ang isip ng mga manonood at magpapahiwatig ng isang magandang pangako sa dulo ng istorya.

Wala na sana akong pakialam kung hindi na nagsalita ang mga bida. Kahit nga nagsayaw nalang sila at magtitigan, kaya ko na sanang malaman ang pinatunguhan ng istorya base doon. Pero ang panghuling sayaw ay walang naiparamdam sa akin. Kahit ang pagtitinginan nila Dennis at Marlon doon, walang naidulot. Walang naipakitang pagkapoot, pagkasabik, pag-aalala o kung ano pa man. Mas may tensyon pa noong nagsayaw sila sa kotilyon. O dahil siguro nagsasalita sila doon. Ewan ko ba kung bakit pilit gustong kapusin ang mga dayalogo dito. Kung gustong kapusin ang salita, sana isipin na gawing makapangyarihan ang galaw ng mga artista!

Para sa isang katha na inakala ko na may malaking kinalaman ang sayaw para maipahiwatig sa manonood ang istorya, dalawang sayaw lamang doon ang memorable. Yung solo ni Ma’am Karen sa simula. At  yung solo ni Dennis noong mukhang nahihirapan siya sa nararamdaman niya kay Marlon. Si Marlon, kahit na sadyang cute ang gumanap sa kanya na si Paulo Avelino ay hindi magalaing sumayaw at lalo na, hindi rin magaling umarte. Buti pa si Rocco Nacino, nakuha ang pagiging payak na estudyante ni Dennis.

Ang huling eksena ay si Marlon na lumuha. Lumuha ba siya dahil hanggang pagkakaibigan lang ang gusto niya kay Dennis? Dahil naramdaman niyang mahal na rin niya si Dennis? Dahil ba natutuwa siya na nakaganap siya sa isang epiko? Dahil ba ramdam niya ang analohiya ng kutsilyo, kaymito at dagta? O dahil saksakan ng panget ang ending? Siguro, kung ipinakita ang eksena na ginawa kong pula sa unang talata, hindi ako umalis ng Glorietta Cinema 4 na nanungayaw at nanghinayang sa dalawang daang piso binayad ko para mapanood ito.

Nagtataka ako kung paano ito nakakuha ng mataas na grado mula sa mga manunuri. Sa bagay, isa lang naman akong blogger na ang paboritong pelikula ay Sister Act. Isang karaniwang manonood na hindi nagtataka kung bakit nasa mahigit-kumulang trentang tao lang kaming nanood nito.


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Who’s a bad kitty?

Puss In Boots – one of the most beloved characters of the Shrek universe – tells the hilarious and courageous (daring, bold, brave) tale of Puss’s (Antonio Banderas) early adventures as he teams with mastermind Humpty Dumpty (Zach Galifianakis) and the street-savvy Kitty (Salma Hayek) to steal the famed Goose that lays the Golden Eggs


You can expect lots of exciting action and dance sequences from this film. Though it’s in beautifully done 3D, I don’t think it’s necessary to watch it in 3D. I will admit though that I had fun focusing on the big screen while the scenes took me through desierto España.

After almost 16 years (I’m so sweet I did the math for you, lazybones) the chemistry between Antonio Banderas and Salma Hayek is still strong. Rewind to 1995 (and you’ll remember them as the hot lovers in the action thriller, Desperado.

They still look sizzling in Puss in Boots.

I didn’t find the villains too menacing. Jack and Jill didn’t scare or annoy me as much as Humpty did. But it was ok because if not for him, there will be no concrete moral message.

Puss in Boots is no Kung Fu Panda, but it still made me laugh many, many times. And it sure as hell is better than the crappy Shrek sequels after the 2nd.

I smell a Puss in Boots sequel. I also smell Kitty Softpaws returning and having a bigger role– a role that she deserves. As for Puss, I just hope that he continues to be the suave-asskicking puddytat who delights in skittering lights and warm milk. 🙂


listening to: Temper Trap – Sirens

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