Friday Five: Jap’s Picks for My Rock Playlist

Got bored with my playlist so I sent an SOS to the best person who can help me.

“Hoy Jap, sendan mo ako ng upbeat rock!”

And so she did. I opened my email, expecting that audio files would be there. Not only the files were emailed, she even included a blog-like description of the songs that she chose to send. Good job, Jap for treating this as an assignment. I give you 5 stars for effort! :p


Here’s what she put in the email and what I think of each song.

1 Louie Louie by Joan Jett & the Blackhearts

Jap: This became a bonus track from the album “I Love Rock & Roll”. During the 70’s, Joan Jett & the Blackhearts was the symbol of bad-ass all girl rock band they wore clothes that were unaccepted by the common crowd back then but is totally in fashion today. I especially like the part when she Sings “…woe bebe! say we gotta go!” I always sing with the music on this part alone!

I give this song five stars!

Iya: I was hesitant to listen to this at first because I thought this is the original version of my absolutely hatest 80’s hit with lyrics “Brother Louie Louie Louie, oh she’s only looking to me!” , hehehe! This reminded me not to judge a song by its title especially if its artist is a rock royalty. This song rocks my socks.

Watch video here.

2 I Love Rock & Roll

Jap:   A song by the same band was released in 1979 featuring the Sex Pistols ( so cool ) this one is simply a rock classic! If there is a chick flick- this one is a chick song with an attitude!

This is a rockin’ four!

Iya: Was a bit insulted with the idea that my bff assumed that I didn’t know this song yet. Excuse me, Jap. This is already in my playlist. But fine, I have Britney Spears’ version. Hihihi. :p Also, this is one of my videoke picks.

Watch video here.

3 Ain’t Talking ‘Bout Love by Van Halen

Jap: This has funky I-don’t-care lyrics & glamorous electric guitar riffs w/c is overall a satisfying sensation in the ears lol! Eddie Van Halen started the Van Halen band in 1974 & got a break in 1977 courtesy of ene Simmons from the band Kiss who discovered them at a local club. By the early 80’s, they were considered rock gods.

Five fucking stars!

Iya: Hands down, my favorite among the five. I would like to dedicate this song to my last boyfriend. Bwahahahahahaa!!! I should listen to more Van Halen.

Watch video here.

4 Blister in the Sun by Violent Femmes

Jap:  Another one of them rock songs inspired by drugs. It’s a feel good feel high no need to understand the lyrics song. It was released in their 1983 self-titled debut album.

I give it a high 4.

Watch video here

Iya: I’ve become familiar with this song from hearing it in various soundtracks, like Gross Pointe Blank. Only came to know the title because of Jap’s email. It’s really not something that will wake me up in sleepy mornings to prepare me for combat in the workplace, but I can definitely listen to this on roadtrips.

5 Take On Me by Reel Big Fish

Jap:  This is a reggae-ska-rock take of the song originally sung by A-Ha.

3’s a charm.

Iya: I normally prefer originals over covers, but my vote goes to Reel Big Fish. Sory, A-Ha. Loved the reggae vibe. Made me headbang and sway hips. Weird combo, but well… it’s a sorta-weird song.

Watch video here.


At the end of the email, Jap said “Hope you like my picks! Hope it picks you up! Mwah!”

True enough, the songs did pick me up this morning on my way to the office. I only had a couple hour of sleep, but I rocked my way to Pacific Star while listening to these upbeat rock goodies. I hope you also get to enjoy these songs as much I did!

Have a rockin’ weekend, everyone! 😉


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