Tis the season to be jolly!

Holiday parties here and there! Dresses bought in the last minute, killer heels endured for hours, alcohol consumption doubled, diets broken, merrymaking galore!

Our company, Eperformax celebrated our Christmas party in SMX last December 4. The attendance was amazing considering it rained the entire day. We came in our  Hollywood glam ensemble. or at least, we tried! :p Food was provided by Bizu. There was unlimited wine and beer. Gadgets and gift certificates were given away, as usual I did not win anything. :p The different departments gave us spectacular performances. And our teammate, Mommy Riz won in the singing contest! Congrats, Mommy! We had a jolly good time!

Ali, Mommy Riz, Terry, Eumir, Me, RJ

my maton pose- aylavet!

I had a jollier time in Team Recruitment‘s Christmas party in Joya, Rockwell. It’s a BIG improvement compared to last year’s (and last last pa pala) venue. As in, from slums to shala! :p

There were also lots of grub, lots of booze, prizes and of course… photo op! :p Loved that we had a cartoon theme. I went as Tiger Lily. Meron ding Tarzan, Pocahontas and Peter Pan! Mabuhay ang mga taong gubat! And of course, mabuhay ang Team Recruitment! I sooo love being a part of this talented team. 🙂

Team Recruitment! 😀

Tiger Lily with the Team’s official pgotographer, my babest Homer :p

I hope that you are all also having an awesome time this holiday season! The next party I am look forward to is the most important for me– my 30th! My Picture Perfect 30th birthday salubong! Aaaaaaahhhhhh! I can hardly wait for Monday!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Happy weekend everyone!


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la le li lo LU!

Had a lovely dinner in Rockwell c/o WaterPlus! 🙂

All the bloggers that attended the bloggers’ night/product re-launch were treated to the gastronomic delights of Lu Restaurant.

We had deep fried zuchini blossoms with bacon and broth. The blossoms were crispy and the broth was sweet-salty. It was a perfect meal starter.

Next was the rice noodles with caramelized pork. This was my favorite among all the dishes. I loved the savory pork with the tangy noodles. The peanuts and herbs made me feel that I was enjoying Vietnamese noodles. 🙂

The main dish was tamarind shrimps and bagoong rice with green mangoes. I finished the rice against my no-rice-diet-rule. I think the shrimps had cumin, so I didn’t like it much, as I am not a fan of Indian spices.

For dessert, ginger icecream on a barquillos-like cup with caramelized buco (bucayo). Who would have thought that ginger could make ice cream really yummy? Not me! So this was a very pleasant surprise indeed!

All food served went well with WaterPlus Reduce- flavors in Berries and Lemon, Grape and Apple. Best with Apple! Hehe, I’m biased. It’s my favorite!

Could it be that my besty Joanna thinks so, too? :p


Lu RestaurantG/F Joya Bldg., Joya Drive, Rockwell
Makati City, Metro Manila
(02) 403-3991


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Spilling The (Chinese) Beans

I’m sorry, I know this is supposed to be a “secret” but I just have to share that I’ve already been to You Jie Xiao Chao aka 6404 Camia St / The Secret Chinese Resto near Rockwell / Hunan.

I have absofukkenlutely no idea how the name is pronounced so i still call it by the longer and more intriguing (nick)name The Secret Chinese Resto near Rockwell. As you already have probably guessed, it’s called 6404 Camia because of its address. Ooops, I am not really helping keeping this place a secret. Ok lang, hindi ko naman sinabi na street sa Guadalupe Viejo ‘yon. Ooops, I did it again. Faaaak!

Moving on, it’s also simply called Hunan by some because the place served Hunan dishes. And Hunan is a province in China that is well-known for its spicy cuisine.

Last Sunday, after watching Inception and Equus we got so hungry (energy almost depleted due to too movie/play analysis) and we had…

the duck hot pot

I’m not a fan of ducky-ducky-quack-quack but I liked this. Hindi lasang malansa. (haha, eh hello, hindi naman isda) The dish was spicy, meat was tender and it went well with…

the kuchay with egg

I googled what exactly is kuchay and why it’s so good. I found out that it’s Chinese leeks or Garlic chives. If you wanna sound more knowledgeable, call it by its Chinese name, jiu cai.

These 2 dishes were also a match made in Hunan heaven…

Kuchay dumplings (ang redundant namin noh? :p) and my favorite mapo tofu. Notice that there’s only one cup of rice. Nag-share na kaming 3 sa isang cup. Nagda-diet kami eh… Wahahaha!!!

We avoided choking on ze spicy by drinking the canned tea Wong Lo Kat. It tasted like gulaman!

My overall eating experience in the Secret Chinese Resto was 8/10. Props to the food. It’s how I imagine food in China would taste like. That’s as far as I can go with defining “authentic taste”. You’d also think you are in China because almost all the customers were Chinese. I felt like a foreigner in my own land! LOL

Don’t expect a lot in ambience, because it’s just a simple space with tables, chairs and a couple of paintings. Ano ba, there isn’t even a sign outside for you to know you’re already in the right place! Oooops, secret nga pala!



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For someone who doesn’t like pepper much…

I surely love Pepper Lunch!

Just read in chuvaness that the Greenbelt 5 branch is already open. Yaaaaay! Closer to the office! I can’t wait to get my hands on the salmon-chicken  combo. Not literally, mainit eh! Hot hot goodness! I want to try the Molten Milk Chocolate Cake and the Matcha Cheesecake. Hot food para sa may mga malamig ang Pasko. Hehe. 🙂

Let’s go to Pepper GB5!


Some pictures from my 1st time at Pepper Lunch Rockwell…

caesar salad, spicy tuna shake shake salad, goma ice cream

smiling for my tummy

ang pepper steak na pinipilahan ng bonggang-bongga


Gawd, I’m hungry.


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This one’s for Muffin!!!

So I went to the advance screening of The Spirit last night with Joko (the dalaginding), Jessie (the cariño-less PR master slash scalper), Carlo (wala ako maisip na decription since hindi ko siya masyado nakainteract kagabi), and Rod (my bebe bunny’s nagmamasugid na manliligaw). It was fun because of my friends, but not that fun, because there were no games. Boo, 88.3 and Jollibee! Boooooo! Hehe. The movie was cool, but could have been cooler. If there should be a sequel, Hollywood people, please include more bloodshed! And take out Sarah Paulson from the movie! Dull blonde! Bleh!


Rod, Joko, Kerwin (?), Me, Jessie * Carlo with the cam, me thinks

To all people planning to see The Spirit, watch out for:

Since my only knowledge about the movie before watching it was from the trailer and some info from Wiki, I wasn’t disappointed. Those who read the comics, might be? Ewan. The graphics were nifty, because I like red, black, and white. Yeah bitch. It’s from the makers of 300 and Sin City, so there. Oooh and the costumes, I likey! I think I know what to wear next Halloween! Thanks to Scarlett Johannson’s character, Silken Floss!

Like I said, the movie needs more bloodshed. I don’t know if the graphic novel is violent, but I think the film would create a bigger following if there’d be more guts and gore. And if they market Gabriel Macht, the actor. I don’t know why I keep on calling him Raphael and Michael. Gabriel nga eh. Gabriel!!!


midnight snackin’ in Rockwell

After the movie, we had a looong ass time deciding where to go to next. Bakit naman kasi walang mapuntahang malapit sa Galle. We ended up in Rockwell. Milkshakes in Grams Diner, c/o Rod. :p Funfunfun talking about plans for Vday and pre-Vday. Status:Single, the movie, here we go! :p

Still thinking if I will go to the advance screening of Bride Wars tomorrow in Megamall with Jessie. I have to go to work early on Saturday, plus I’m also seeing them in Serendra after for lomo galore and Tanging Ina Nyong Lahat.

Wow. Is this me? Is this really me? I’m watching movies again without the help of the dvd player. Wooooooow. Love it! This one’s for Muffin!



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