Pre-Bday Celeb V.2

Tired, but not too tired to party!

LOL. Really, it was just a simple get together at CJ’s last Friday night, a Rotaract meeting turned vodka session aka my 2nd Pre-Birthday celebration.

I was the oldest one in the room, *cringe* and it made me remember that I’m still as crazy as early-twenties-friends. I am probably crazier. I also remembered how much I love pansit guisado with redbell peppers (kudos to Cj’s househelp!) and Caramel Popcorn (na ayaw kong i-share kahit hindi naman sa akin… haha parang boyfriend lang ng iba). What I discovered were: I’m good friends with vodka again (hindi na niya ako pinapatumba) and my latest chaser of choice is *apir*. Yep! Apir as in highfive, smacking of palms in the air. I don’t normally require a chaser, but this one is too cute to ignore. :p

Me holding the caramel popcorn, Joko, Sab (not bitchilla), Noreen and Reena

Meeting? What meeting? President Van, care to explain?

My version of getting ready for work the following day. Saturday ba naman eh.

(A) Nagpe-pray over? (B) Nagsasayaw sa saliw ng tugtuging Hot Stepper or (C) naghahanap ng signal

Teka, bakit parang ako lang ang nakapambahay? :p

Wait. Not all Rotaract meetings are like this. Not all.

Just most.


listening to: Glee – Hair/Crazy In Love

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