WORKstation and Parts of My Lair

I got this from Maru and Jovi. 🙂


I just want to share a part of my life to the unasking public. Heh heh.

My WORKstation, spot the things that come in two’s.

My study table, the framed things are my cross stitch projects

Authentic Russian dolls from an ex-bf. Dolls’ names are as follows: Tatjana, Nafsika, Katriana, Ivanna and Iya Jr :p

My awards from the Art Workshop and Cooking Competition. (‘Di galing Recto ‘yan.)

My art materials and sketchpads.

My books: Coelho, Frost, 7Habits, Frankl, Elliot, Rand, Eco, Sheldon, Austen, Shakespare, Alighieri, Hemingway, Bronte, Machiavelli, etc.

More books: Psych, Lit, Philo, Food, Art, Astrology…

And more books! And bags and dresses. 🙂


listening to: No Doubt – Don’t Speak

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