Steady Tuesday

Spontaneous decision to go to BF last night because Dagim’s tickets were sold out. :p


After visiting the Adoration Chapel in Phase 1 (the only place of worship that nobody has to force me to go to) and checking out the trends in Good Shepherd Bazaar (would always be Ruins to me), it was time for me to decide where to spend the rest of the night with 3/4’s of my bestestfriendsintheworld.

I originally wanted to try Serenitea, Drift Burgers and Cabooze with them but I was overwhelmed by the dozens of new establishments in Aguirre that I just opted to spend the night in a familiar place– a place that always remind me that I am home.


I love this place because the food and booze are good and cheap– like Central’s. Unlike Central, Tide’s crowd is waaaay better.

Koreanbeefsilog for 85php and Bisteksilog for 65php

Cheesy, creamy nachos (120php me thinks) and a shot of Buzz Lightyear


How to make a Buzz Lightyear! Throw everything in the pitcher and add ice. Be brave and enjoy. LOL

Jap bought a cup of coffee from Cafe Boheme (across Tides, besides Le Souk). I think she didn’t like it much.

Donnie and Eunice had too many Herbert and Harlene moments captured in photos. This one’s my favorite.

Don’t know who was happier with Enzo dropping by. Me or Donnie. Si Donnie yata. :p


There. Steady, steady Tuesday. The kind of steady that only BF can give.

Well, yeah. I’d also blame it on the alcohol.


listening to: colleagues talking about makeup and rosters

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