Sweets from my sweets!

So I chose a baduy title. 😛

But hey! I think it’s sweet when people give me food. Except when they obviously can’t finish it anymore and they think I’m a trashbin. :\

These are some of the desserts given to me by family and friends this 2012 captured via Instagram.


1 First Baker Silvanas from birthdaymate Ava. These came from Nueva Ecija. It’s not so sweet and the creaminess is just right. Hindi nakaka-uta. Ang sarap. sana available rin ito sa Manila. Bibili ako ng isang truck.

2 Bertie Bott’s Every Flavour Beans from bespren #2 Alex. If you are familiar with the Harry Potter series, you would know that there are beans that are delightful like those flavoured marshmallow or licorice, and there are those that will make you turn green like snot or earwax. Sa Sg yata nabili ito.

3 J.Co Donuts from Ate D. Though my donut of choice will always be Krispy Kreme’s Original Glazed, I cannot binge on it when “needed” (depressd, pms-ing, or with takaw friends) because it’s just too sweet. J.Co donuts is better for those like me who likes dessert but do not like super sweet stuff. My binge-donut of choice is AlCapone. It has white Belgian chocolate and almonds. I also like Berry Spears and Avocado Dicaprio. Not only because of the names but because masarap. Anobeh.

4 Royce’ Fromage Blanc from Pastora Jan. Nakaka-adik itong white chocolate potato chips na ito. I love the sweet-salty combo. I wish someone would come up with a cheaper version of this. Magandang ipang-regalo ito.


5 Bibingkang Kanin and Suman sa Lihiya from my Mama and Tita Nida. My mom and her besty always make these native cakes when there are special occassions. These are also the usual pasalubong I give my friends. I am not fond of kakanin, but these two have made it to my nomnom-list.

6 Espasol from Atty. Argel. He calls this world class espasol from the Guimba Espasol Dream Team. It’s less sweet and it’s chewier than the ones from Laguna. Masarap ito i-pares sa matapang na kape.

7 Cibo Tiramisu from my archenemy Dave. Hands down, my most favorite dessert (after leche flan) is tiramisu. Cibo’s is one of my most faves even if its texture is… flaky. Their Mango Panna Cotta (yep, that yellow orange stuff over there was just so-so.

8 Mary Grace Cafe’s Grilled Ensaimada from my fellow-triad member Carlo. I’m including it here even if it tastes savory because it also tastes sweet (duh). Eat this with their Tsokolate Eh. Or is it Ah? Basta, the hot tablea hot beverage. Perfect for rainy evenings.


9 Ferrero Kusschen from kapatid na Joel. Chocolate covered hazelnuts from Germany that my bro bought in Singapore. Hehe, labo. My friend Katharina told me that kusschen means kisses. Mwaaaah to bro for giving me these. Peyborit ko ang hazelnuts!

10 Turones (mini turon) from Jolly Jeep na nilibre ng hindi ko na maalala kung sinong teammate ko. This is my favorite merienda. I like to pair this with lomi. Cheap thrill. Ten pesos lang itong turones, 5 pieces.

11 Abe’s Sikreto ni Maria from Babe Homer. This is very easy to make. It’s just suman topped with vanila ice cream and bucayo and served with ripe mangoes. I am thinking of making this for media noche (kung sipagin, probably not, nyahaha). I will add buco strips and sago.

12 Starbucks Truffle Cheesecake from Shani Black. Hah. This is probably the best cake in Starbucks. Hello, truffle na, cheesecake pa. Self explanatory na dapat, di’ba? :p  Shani and I call this “non-metaphorical celebratory cake”. Please don’t ask why.

I’m positive that 2013 will bring more desserts. Friends, don’t fail me. Hehe!

Thanks for feeding me and making me fat! 🙂 We’re all in this together. :p


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Extra Happy Tuesday

I’ve been having emotionally heavy issues since Friday night and I guess the universe decided to give me a break today. Thank You GOD!

These pretty roses and cake greeted me at my office desk this morning. 🙂

Excuse my crappy camphone, the note says, “Cheer up, Iya!” My friend knows that I love flowers, cheesecake and surprises.

And this afternoon, I received these lovely shoes.

BCBG, Nina and Vera Wang shoes!!! ❤

I feel extra blessed today. I feel very girly and very happy. That is all. =)


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Surprise for Breakfast

I was on the verge of snapping like a twig this morning because of hunger (woke up late didn’t get to eat breakfast), fatigue (spent 1/3 of my weekend on the road coz i visited my folks in Bataan), and irritation (saw the fucker online) when RJ shouted, “Iya, there’s a package for you!”

Errrr… actually, I think it was, “HOY IYA MAY PACKAGE KA!!!” in his inantok-antok at sinisipon-sipon pa voice.

I went to the 7th floor guard post and there it was…


I didn’t even have to think who it was from and what it was.

It was from PAT MONTOJO. He said he’d send some shakers/water flasks for me.

And he did.

He really did.

semi-anonymous rin kunyari

whee! bubble wrap!


When I uploaded the Bataan Beachtrip pics late April in Multiply, he commented on the blue  plastic water flask something-something Besty Eunice was holding in one of the pictures. I can’t remember what I said in reply, but it continued to him asking me if I wanted that flask in metal. I said yes and the exchange of comments ended with me giving him my office address.

I never expected he’d actually send those to me.

But I’m thankful. I like surprises. 🙂

There is a shock-element to all these though, got me confused right here…


Yes reader, I don’t know him.

Yes reader, I give my office address to strangers.

All I know about Mr. Montojo is that I am the only friend he has in his multiply account and that he checks my blog regularly.

So, reader, if you know him, introduce him to me, please! I’d like to meet my stalker semi-anonymous shipper.

 surprise gifts!

evidence that a shipper exists





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