spendant.jpgRules: Use the first letter of your name to answer each of the following.

Your answers have to be real places, names, and things. Nothing made up! Use different answers if the person who answered the survey before you had the same initial letter. You can’t use your name for the boy/girl name question.

In tagalog: kapi-peyst.

(This tag came from Chilli. Ü)

Your name
My real name starts with the letter S. That should suffice.

Four words
super, sexy, silk, scarlet


Boy name

Girl name


Word that describes you the best

Something you can wear

Something found in a kitchen
spice rack

Name one object that is so valuable to you

Something you shout

Something you do at school

Name of a friend/schoolmate
Sandali… as in Niña Sandali Santiago!

Name of an animal
sabertooth tiger

Name of a drink
sex on the beach, screaming orgasm, and of course… shoktong :p

Name of a holiday
St Patrick’s Day

Name of a subject in school
Social Psychology

Name of a cousin

Name of a fast food chain

Name of a person you’re crushing or had a crush on
Stephen Cauilan

Name of a food you like

Name of a food you do not like

Name of a kid’s toy
shato? hahahaha

Name of a flowering plant
stargazers 🙂

Name of a shopping mall

Name of a person you like
my godchild, Sean

Name of a person you dislike
I’d rather not say her shitty name.

Name of place in your school
Sunken Garden… Shocolate Kiss (mwahahaha)

Name of an object in front of you
(ePERFORMAX) sports tumbler

Today’s letter was S and the word was super!



listening to: Switchfoot – Dare You to Move


Hindi ko rin masyadong gets ang kasaysayan ng cow tag na ito. Pero dahil si Jovi ang nag-tag sa akin at gusto kong pasalubungan niya ako ng tupig from Tarlac balang araw, pinatulan ko na rin ang pagpapaikot ng bakang ito. ‘Yon at dahil gusto ko rin ng regalo from Defpotec.

Ano naman kaya ang gift n’ya sa amin? Oh lord, sana ‘wag pong corned beef.

Anyhoodles, si KIKO MATSING ang tina-tag ko dahil lamang baka itong pinag-uusapan natin at matsing siya. Yun lang. Dahil lamang pareho silang representatives ng Kingdom Animalia.

Say hello to the tag-traveling cow!



Follow these steps to get something from Defpotec. All those on the list by Dec. 25 can collect their gifts from moo-man himself the day after.

1. Don’t tag me back. (Huwag ibabalik ang tag sa akin)

2. Tag just 1 person in your blogroll which exclude the names of those already on the list. (Ipasa mo ang tag na ito sa isang tao sa blogroll mo, na hindi pa nakakasama sa listahan)

3. Make this go around. (Paikutin ang tag)

4. Don’t forget to put the name of the person you are tagging under your name so they would know they are being tagged. (Huwag kalilimutan na ilagay ang pangalan ng nai-tag mo sa ibaba ng sarili mong pangalan sa listahan para malaman niya na na-tag siya)


1. defpotec – defpotec.wordpress.com

2. moo – maruism.com

3. jojie – jojitah.wordpress.com

4. selvo – joselgonzales.wordpress.com

5. kengkay – kengkay.wordpress.com

6. jon cabron – joncabron.wordpress.com

7. azrael – azrael666.wordpress.com

8. jovi – jovi2hottie.wordpress.com

9. iya – psychosomaticaddictinsane.wordpress.com

10. kiko – kikomatsing.wordpress.com


listening to: Avril Lavigne – Complicated

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