After the VERY SPECIAL trip to the famous Mang Larry’s isawan, Yo, Zo and I went to the Bahay ng Alumni for camwhoring then to the SC for Rodic’s.

This is my favorite pic from the Bahay ng Alumni camwhoring. My besty has kickass spatial intelligence, even if the ex doesn’t agree. LOL.

How she achieved this fantastic shot? Eto.

This is our attempt in spelling Eunice’s nickname. Haha, hindi mukhang YO. Mukhang Y8, di’ba? Nyahaha. #fail

Flowers at the Shopping Center for ze Valentine’s season.

Rodic’s tapsilog!!!

Iya + Yo = perfect combo just like tapsilog + sinigang na baboy of Rodic’s

The YoZo combo? Ewan ko lang ha…

Yo at the UP Chapel =)

Next stop: Conspiracy.


Pics from Eunice and Enzo


listening to: Weezer – Island in the Sun

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