The End (It’s About Time) of The Twilight Saga

The last installment of the Twilight Saga is actually pretty good. And no. I have not gone cuckoo. Breaking Dawn Part 2 is the best (but this ain’t saying much hahaha) among the 5 movies.


And the reasons why I think so are…

1. Forget Edward the constipated-looking vampire. Forget Jacob the pedo-werewolf. Ang gwapo ni Carlisle!!! Ampogiiiii!!!


2. Fine. Forget Carlisle. Ang ganda ni Alice!!! I happen to have a girlcrush on Ashley Greene. I really think she’s gorgeous. And fyi, she and Olivia Wilde have some girl to girl action in quite forgettable movie, Butter.


3. Her name is weird but Renesmee is pretty cute. My imagination’s pretty spot on when I was reading the book. The kid in the movie looks exactly like the kid I pictured. And yeah. I read all 4 books. You can ask me why but I do not have to answer. Hehe.


4. The father and daughter scene made tear up because I remembered my Daddy when Charlie was attempting to crack a joke even when he looked as if he’s gonna break down any minute and I was so happy for Kristen Stewart for showing some semblance of emotion in that scene.


5. I did not expect such awesome fight scenes. The battle of The Cullens (and friends) versus The Volturi entertained me more than the whole of Skyfall. Ang daming pugutan ng ulo! Yehey!!! Bwahahaha!!!!!


6. The OST is beautiful. I don’t care what you think, music snobs. I’m downloading the entire album and listening to A Thousand Years by Christina Perri.


I’m happy with how the movie version of the Twilight series ended. And some are just happy that it finally ended. Haha.


listening to: Iron & Wine – Always On My Mind

Rock Band > Pop Princess

A friend asked me why I spend so much (well not really) for concert tickets when I can just use the money for more important things (food, clothes, travel, drugs) and yeah, he has a point. Hindi naman ako mahilig manood ng concerts dati, nagsimula lang yata ang pag-aadik ko ng pagpunta sa concerts nung napanood namin sila David Cook and David Archuleta.

I gotta start saving for my out-of-town and out-of-the-country trips, so I gotta get the money for concert tickets out of my list of expenses… but right after I go to a concert this 1st quarter. :p I had to decide whether to watch… Taylor Swift on February 19

or Stone Temple Pilots on March 9.

I decided last week that I’ll go to the STP concert in Araneta. Bakit kamo? Ako na kanta ng kanta ng hits ni Taylor na You Belong With Me, Love Story at Half of My Heart (duet niya with John Mayer)? Ako na namirata agad ng songs from her latest album,  Back to December? Ako na ang alam lang na mga kanta ng STP ay Plush, Vasoline at Interstate Love Song? Hindi ko pa kabisado ang lyrics!

Ang sagot diyan ay, hindi rin ako sure. But I guess I want to try to experience a classic rockband concert. Classic naman sila, di’ba? Hahaha. Salamat sa internet at makakapag-download ako ng ibang songs nila para hindi naman ako mukhang tanga na nakatunganga lang sa concert.

Aba, sana kasi kung si Taylor Lautner ang darating sa Pinas.

Kahit tumahimik, tumayo lang siya sa Araneta at maghubad. Go ako, sa Super VIP section pa. With backstage pass. Eh hindi eh. :p


listening to: STP – Wicked Garden

Happy Weekend + Not-So-Bad Monday

1. Finally got to buy the phone that I want, Samsung G810. Yaaaaay! Happy camera and wifi capability! And it’s big! Big toys for the big… errr… boys? LOL. Weh basta, I luuuuurve it!

2. Saw Ate Dons again. Kumain kami sa Flapjacks and nag-kwentuhan marathon just like old times. I labshu, Ate Dons!

panfried fish (see above pic) with grilled chicken salad (not in the pic…naubos ng hindi napicture-an) = ngamngamngam

3. Chocolate Castle. I accompanied Joko to get ingredients for the bazaar in Cuenca. Huwaaaawwww… cholicates eybreewer! Langit!

4. Rodic’s! Yaaaaay! Panalo food combo with Carla and Joks again. Tapsilog + sinigang na malapot ang sabaw because of the gabi. Winner!!!

5. Trinoma for New Moon sana, pero bwakanangbitch ang haba ng pila (as expected dapat pero nashock pa ren ako) so Toys R Us na lang and Red Mango. LOL. Ang dami nang nakakomisyong toys na bibilhin namin for Carla’s daughter. And about the yogurt… kiwi + muesli + chocolate…. excellent! 🙂

Joko’s fave

6. Parvati Dessert Tasting… dozens of sweets! Hala, sige… hataw! 1/3 of the desserts were awesome, stuff that I’d buy when Parvati’s already open… 1/3 were so-so, kakainin ko ‘pag trip lang at wala ng better choice… 1/3 were shit ang kapal ng mukha bakit sumali pa sa event. Shempre nasa awesome yummy yung truffles and toffee and brownies nila Joko and Kwe. At walang bias ‘yan.

my dessert plate

ang matatakaw and proud of it hehe

7. Jaden Slater’s binyag. Well, di na kami nakahabol ni Joko sa simbahan kasi galing pa ang lola sa tree planting with Mark Villar sa Las Pinas (wooot Team Villar? hehe) kaya sa Las Brisas na lang kami pumunta. Ayan. May bago na naman kaming inaanak. So  Ejay is now exbf-kumpare in my phonebook. Hehe.

exbf kumpare Ejay and his other baby (wala ako picture ni Jaden eh! hoy Eej, upload mo na!)

Jaden’s gorgeous godparents 😛

8. New Moon. Grabe. Joko drove like a madwoman (but she insists being called cool maniac) from Antipolo (where the binyag was held) to Makati (Cash & Carry… dyan ang sinehan na pinili namin para sure na may upuan kami because was useless last weekend) Sulit naman yung frightening moments ko sa daan na gusto na niya magspit sa mga drivers na nagpapabagal sa amin kasi nahabol namin ang New Moon at I kid you not, half of the movie, hinihintay ko lang si Taylor Lautner maghubad. Edward who? Jacob is the shit! LOL, cougar-ish, but oh well. So, sue me. Fuck you, pinagnanasaan mo rin naman s’ya. Umamin ka.

*drrroools* *faints* *gets up* *faints again*

9. Bibingka. Ace and I went to a job fair and kasabay ng pre-Christmas something ng organizers. ‘say win ang fair, pero win yung ang dami ko na nakitang Christmas lights at nakapagchikahan kami ni Acey Ace over bibingka. Yum! I’m finally feeling a lil bit Christmas-ey. 🙂

10. And yeah, nag-aadik ako sa Bad Romance ni Lady Gaga and 2NE1’s Fire. Eto na naman, wait napapa-indak na naman ako…



listening  to: 2NE1 – Fire

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