RPG: Metanoia– Another Philippines’ First

My jaw hit the floor in sheer amazement upon seeing the first 5 minutes of the Philippines’ 1st 3D animated film.

Ok, that’s an exaggeration. It was more of… my eyes widened like saucers and I slow clapped. I believe in the Filipino creativity, but I did not expect that RPG: Metanoia could give me a strong sense of Filipino pride. If I didn’t know that it’s from Star Cinema, Ambient Media and Thaumatrope Animation, I would have thought that it’s from Disney and Pixar! And that is NOT an exaggeration!

From the sneak preview and the trailer, I am sure that the audience will delight and revel in this epic story of a young boy and his friends who face an adventure of a lifetime when an unknown evildoer tries to take over the virtual world and the world outside the massively multiplayer online role-playing game!

It was only in the grand presscon at Shangri La Atrium last Sunday when I learned that the cast is comprised of exceptionally talented actors.

The angelic Zaijian answering questions about his character, Nico 

Zaijian Jaranilla, who played Santino in probably the biggest teleserye of 2009, May Bukas Pa voiced Nico, the young main character. His parents? No less than the country’s top dramatic actor (and, I quote Ace who also quoted Cristy Fermin… lol, “Ang Lalakeng Walang Angulo”), Aga Muhlach and comedy superstar, Eugene Domingo. Playing his friends are childstars Jairus Aquino, Aaron Junatas, Basti Alcances and Mika Dela Cruz. Funnyman, Vhong Navarro also lent his voice to the online gaming shop. I’d like to know who voiced the villain. Anyone, care to tell me who? Si Kuya ba ng Pinoy Big Brother? LOL

Host, Andrei Felix interviewing the Aaron (voiced one of Nico’s friends), beside them are Jairus, Basty, Zaijian, Mika and Direk Louie 

with Direk Louie

Director Louie Suarez and his team believes that the Filipino audience is ready for a movie like RPG: Metanoia. I also believe this, Direk! 😀

With Ambient Media executives Robert Chien and Charles Rapaport

I like what Mr. Rapaport said, “There is no reason why we should not show the world our film because the world sends its films to us.” Mr. Rapaport, I’m sure on December 25, RPG: Metanoia will send a message to the whole world that Filipinos ARE NOT ONLY talented in the fields of boxing and singing. 🙂

With the suuuuppppercuuuute Aaron! Kung kasya lang siya sa bag ko, inuwi ko na siya! Hehe!

The kids are so excited about the film. They all play online games and it’s a treat for them to dub characters that are like them in real life. 😀

With Zaijian… My Daddy is absolutely going to love this picture!

Words of wisdom from Zaijian’s character in RPG Metanoia, “Kung isang bagay na lang ang kaya mong gawi, eh di gagalingan mo na.” Oo nga naman!

RPG: Metanoia merchandise I won from the raffle and Moose Gear giveaways

RPG: Metanoia yoyos and toys are now available at all Toy Kingdom, Toys R Us and other leading toy stores nationwide! The yoyo (Nico’s weapon in the film) and boxing gloves are awesome! 🙂

I gave the big bag of RPG: Metanoia goodies to my friend/colleague’s adorable son, Ken-Ken. Note that the post script says “Nood kayo ng Metanoia ha!”


RPG: METANOIA is an official entry to the 2010 Metro Manila Film Festival. For more info about the movie, visit www.therpgmovie.com


Thanks to Jeman Villanueva of Orange Magazine TV for the pictures!


listening to: an LSS of Kaya Mo by Ney, Kean and Tutti with Protein Shake for the RPG: Metanoia OST

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