Beer! Beer! Beer! Glorious Beer!!!

I’m the kind of alcoholic alcohol enthusiast that doesn’t really care much about what kind of beer I drink as long as it’s cold. I mean, I know how to appreciate good beer when I taste one, but that doesn’t happen often because I don’t believe in paying for 200-300php for just one freaking bottle.

Turned out, I just didn’t know where to drink! Offbeat Cafe now serves imported beers. Germany, US and Belgium are just some of the countries that their beers are from. I got to taste 8 from Offbeat’s Beer Gallery and here’s how I found each and every one of ’em:

Astra (4.9% ABV- alcohol by volume, bitch! Hehe! 80php) – has notes of sweetness with a slight bitter bite at the end. Light taste. The feel of this German Pilsener is comparable to SML.

Bitburger (4.8% ABV, 90php) – has malty notes followed by a slightly minty and bitter finish. Taste similar to Astra. This is also a German Pilsener.

Oettinger (4.9% ABVl, 100php) – bready, sorta smells like bananas, has a little sweetness with a slight bitter finish. This according to the resident beergeek of Offbeat Cafe, Mr. Francis Panuncialman is the #1 selling beer in Germany aka the beer of and for the masses. And guess what, this is the beer that I liked the most. And no, that does not make me a lasenggera like what my friend Kevin concluded. :p

Konig Ludwig Weissbier (5.5% ABV, 160php) – has a caramel flavor (because of the roasted malts according to Francis, he’s like the Sheldon of beergeekery!), has more body than the 1st three beers, tastes like a biscuit! Yum! This is the favorite beer of Chef Mickey Wieneke, owner of Offbeat. I understand why this is his favorite but my heart liver still favors Oettinger. ❤

Gordon Biersch Blonde Bock (7% ABV, 130php) – has a light floral aroma, tastes fruity. This is my least favorite because well, I don’t like fruits. And the smell reminds me of jasmine. And I don’t like jasmine. The boys seemed to have liked this brew though! I wonder why! :))

Leffe Brune (6.5% ABV, 140php) – the caramel taste is more pronounced than the Konig. Francis said that Belgian beers are sweet because they add caramel sugar to the brew. I remember when I smelled it I thought of th arnibal that goes with taho. One of the boys said that this reminded him of Hoegaarden.

Boont Amber Ale (5.8% ABV, 150php) – I am no beergeek and I might sound pretentious for saying this but I will anyway… I liked the smell and the body of this beer and the color is gorgeous. As for the taste, it tastes a bit citrus-y and a bit caramel-y. Mwehehehe. :p

Summer Solstice (5.6% ABV 120php) – smooth, malty and lightly sweet. And it has a sort of vanilla aftertaste. One said it’s like cream soda! This American ale is my 2nd fave among all 8.

Other things I learned from this beer tasting session:

The history of beer is as exciting and as complex as the history of wine. There is a study supporting that drinking beer moderately can help one lose weight (OMG yaaaay!!!). Wine is too acidic for cheese, therefore pair cheese with beer! Hahaha! AND beer is normally reviewed considering its aroma, appearance, body/texture, aftertaste and overall impression. I guess I did pretty ok for a first timer in beer tasting then! Ang umangal, babasagan ko ng bote ng beer sa ulo! >:)

If you want to try these beers, visit Offbeat Cafe at The Collective in Malugay St, San Antonio Village, Makati. You don’t have to go to bars in The Fort or Jupiter and pay exorbitant amounts to drink. I suggest you pair these beers with Offbeat’s Bacon Fries and of course, their sinfully delicious Krispy Kreme Cheeseburger. Drink and eat while playing Monopoly Deal. I sucked at this game that night but I think I’ll be lucky when I’m un-sober. :p

Cheers! 😉


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Bunny Night + Iyayo Night

Last weekend was a trying time for me, but despite the moments of wanting to cry my eyes out and wanting to hit someone’s head with a sledgehammer, I still had moments of laughing from my friends’ crazy antics and smiling from their unmistakable love and support for me. 🙂


I had 30mins of sleep but I couldn’t trade seeing my bunny children, Joko and Kwe for zzzz’s. We had (our second) dinner in Offbeat Cafe (with the special participation of Marie :))

I had some Bacon Fries (yes, bacon fries… sorry, I didn’t get to take a picture, na-excite ako masyado eh hahaha) and Croquettes.

Our poison of choice: Strawberry Beer, which according to Joko, “Packs a punch” and according to me, “Pucks a panch.” LOL

Kwe had the Offbeat Burger aka the Krispy Kreme Cheeseburger. Takaw mo, Baby Bunny!

More drinking at Wingman!

Mojito for me.

Blue Lemonade for Joko.

Beer for Kwe.

Also had their Deep Fried Snickers.

Our friend JR had a special participation. He’s a sign from God. LOLOLOLOL!


I wasn’t in the mood to eat, so I accompanied Yo to KopiRoti because she badly wanted to eat their Kaya toast.

It was my first time to try KopiRoti. So fine, I had to try something, too.

Soooo… for me, their coffee was so-so. The soft-boiled eggs tasted ok, but I really don’t like gooey eggs. Errrr…uhhhmmm… LOL. Anyhoo, I liked their Kaya toasts. 🙂 Kopi Bun next time. 🙂

No IyaYo night can be complete without alcohol. Well, except last Thursday when we went to wee Nam Kee to see out Twitter friends… Hello @pinoygossipboy! Loved spending time with you in Starbucks! Mwah!) Went to Central to see our friends Kiwi and Delight and their other friends. 🙂

Transferred to 7-11 right after Central called it a night. I didn’t want to go home until Haring Araw called it a day. :p

That’s me with Kiwi. We’ve been friends since 2003.

That’s Eunice, my FBFF (Former BFF hahaha) and Neil, our newest boybud.

And of course, I am Iya and she is Eunice aka Yo. Together, we are IyaYo! DUH. Lol.

I love my friends!!!! Thank you God for my friends. They are my constant. 🙂


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Offbeat Cafe at The Collective

I’m glad that one of my favorite distinctive food places, Offbeat Cafe, has moved to The Collective in Malugay Extension. Easier for me to access. Like, 2 cartwheels at 4 na kembot lang, andun na ako.

Joko and I brought 2 of our friends to try the famous (naaaks… bestseller daw sa Mercato Centrale ito) Offbeat Burger aka the Krispy Kreme Cheeseburger. Well, Joko also wanted to eat it so she can max out her quota of 1 Krispy Kreme per month. Me, I wanted to try their melon beer.

my Offbeat dinner

Ay grabe. I had to remind myself that the Melon Beer’s errrmmm… beer and not juice. Ang sarap kasi! So refreshing! :p I had the Chili Willie with my green poison. It’s spicy fish sausage with relish and cheese in a soft bread. It was delish, as expected. But I still prefer Uncle Joe’s Sloppy Balls. :p

Vlad and Joko stocking up for Quiz Night at Murphy’s

Uncle Joe’s Sloppy Balls was what the boys had after they scarfed down their burgers in less than 7minutes. Ang tatakaw! LOL. I know that Vlad liked the burger coz it made him want another Offbeat creation. The sloppyjoe, he found good but he was nearing a food coma at the middle of eating it so he wasn’t able to give me a detailed description of how he found Uncle Joe’s balls. :p

with my lunchbud Eric

Eric, on the other hand, blogged his Offbeat experience. You can check out his veneration (lol) for the burger here.

the man behind the great food, Chef Mickey Wieneke (Chef Pancho was busy with his catering biz… miss you, Pancho!)

Talked to Chef Mickey and he said that they still have a stall in the latest craze of the Pinoy foodworld, Mercato Centrale. Ugh. I still haven’t visited Anton Diaz’s baby. I’m still not in my takaw-mode. Hindi pa pang-kaing construction worker ang appetite ko kasi.

Readers, if you plan on visiting Offbeat, visit them soon! They now have a promo of unlimited flavored beers for only P250.00! Which reminds me, I hope their Strawberry Beer is as fab as their Melon Beer. Gotta go there asap to find out! See you! x


For more info, you can add Offbeat in FB and in Twitter.


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Dirty Harry- Not The Western

Before seeing the Magalonas in the FMCC 4th anniv event at The Collective, we first saw Dirty Harry.

Clint Eastwood? In Makati???

Read on.

Dinner with my friend Sean last Friday Night was in Pasta Box is right beside the noodlehouse/deli Wabi-Sabi. Like all the other restos and shops in The Collective, it’s also small and cozy. The picture above shows the Chef and the manager on the left and my Sean and Jeman on the right (snuck out of the FMCC event to visit us).

And then there’s them with hungry but still smiling me. :p

For a small resto they have a fair number of dishes to choose from. For pasta, we chose conchiglioni and for its sauce- Dirty Harry just because I like the name. The Dirty Harry sauce is a mix of pork strips, black beans and cajun spices. I loved everything about Dirty Harry. It was savory and I didn’t need to put cheese and chili flakes, but I still did because I wanted to! LOL Yes, I like Dirty Harry better as a pasta than a western.

Their Italian Panini was very filling and to think it was just ciabatta, salami and cheese. Hmmm, I think it also had roasted bellpeppers. I only hope they change the kinds of chips they served it with. 😐 Hindi yummy eh, hindi pa cute sa picture. :\

Buti pa ito, cute sa picture….

Their Banofee Shot was delish! Graham crust, bananas and whipped cream served in a shot glass. Too cute to eat!!! Chos! I ate it of course, and I found it delightfully sweet. I suggest they serve it chilled next time though. Ours was only teeny-weeny colder than room temp.

Next time, we’ll have Popeye’s Favorite Pasta, Pinoy Panini and Panna Cotta Shot. Of course, we’ll go back.

Friendly atmosphere, prices are fair, food is good. What more could a person want?

Delivery, yes! They also deliver!

Pasta Box
The Collective, 7274 Malugay Brgy. San Antonio
Makati City, Metro Manila
(02) 881-6188



Why did I find out about this contest a week too late?


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Chocnut Martini + Deep Fried Coke

Joko won 1st place in the Wahine Surf Competition so we had our celebratory dinner at Lime 88. Yes, again. I did say I’m going to eat their Osso Bucco-style Kare-Kare and drink their Chocnut Martini, right?

Because it’s Joko,Kassy and Kwe’s first time there, I suggested the dishes Jap, Donnie, Eunice and I had the last time. So, we also had Deep-fried California Maki, Stir Fry Pork Belly and Sizzling Dinakdakan. Because mas matakaw itong grupo namin nila Joko, we also had…

Pork with Silken Tofu (wala pa yatang 10 seconds, naubos na namin)

Osso Bucco Style Kare-Kare (‘Eto rin, wala pang 1 minute, ubos na!)

Crispy Dinuguan (Hindi ito agad naubos kasi busog na kami! :p)

Very happy and very busog! (That’s me with my Chocnut Martini!)

I love you.

Too bad Lime 88 ran out of dessert. We had to go to Wingman at The Collective to have our sweet-fix. We had the Deep Fried Snickers again and tried the Deep Fried Coca-Cola.

It’s actually funnel cake with Coca-Cola syrup! Yummy! Liked this better than the Snickers. 🙂


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The Superfriends @ The Collective

Because Eunice went to Vietnam without us, I brought them to Wabi-Sabi so we can pretend that we went to Saigon together. Haha. No, I just really wanted to eat their veggie pao. :p They loved the pot stickers and ban mhi. And in the battle for noodle supremacy, ramen murdered pho.

Besty Janice aka Jap and Besty Eunice aka Yo

After his meeting with Ford, Donnie followed. We made use of the presence of the colorful walls of the Collective. Kudos to the artists!

Artsy Donnie, in Tagalog… Maarteng Donnie

my default pose– pamewang!

I ❤ Jap and Eunice’s sense of style.

Jap outside the charming shop selling organic products, Ritual…

inside the shop, because Jap wanted a cup of robusta (adik!)

Too bad Colleen and Joko couldn’t join us! 😦

But it’s ok. The Collective is not going anywhere. Next Superfriends’ Makati dinner and drinks, we’re checking out all the shops!


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Wabi-Sabi, Sabi Ko.

Went back to Wabi-Sabi for the ramen that we failed to try when we went to Miki’s exhibit.

And we failed again. =( No more ramen when we got there. To think we arrived before 8pm. At least the pho was available.

Vegetarian pho for only 99php.

Enjoy the merriment of noodles, cilantro, tofu and vegetable chicharon in hot broth.

We had sio pao again. Had the chay pao instead of the asado pao. Good veggie goodness.

The pot stickers was still bun cha gioi (Vietnamese for delicious, me thinks) but it’s not crispy as the first time we tried it.

Haaaayyy… I am hopeful that there is ramen the next time I go to Wabi-Sabi. And I am crossing my fingers that it will be worth the wait.


Wabi-Sabi Noodle House
The Collective
7274 Malugay St.
San Antonio Village, Makati


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A Night at The Collective

Because we love Miki and because we heart art, we attended …

This was her piece in the exhibit.

It’s called Hairline. The girls in the photo are Inez and Val. And yes, I’m the girl pointing (not giving a dirty finger) at the photo.

And this is me with Joko and Kwe. Kas, Dietrich and Christian were also with us… in spirit. LOL, no group pic.

This is with our favorite artist among the 20. WTG, Miki Giles!

That little lady sitting, my friends, is Tumblr superstar Saab Magalona. Her boyfriend was also one of the 20 artists who made the exhibit possible. I wanted to have a picture taken with her, but I had a blasted headache. Hence, I was not in my kapal-ng-mukha mood. She’s very cute in person pala and seemed down to earth. I followed her on Twitter right after because of.

I want this art piece in my room, even if it I will probably give me nightmares every night.

We also attended the exhibit, because it’s at The Collective and we wanted to try the ramen in one of restos there, Wabi-Sabi. Unfortunately, only the pot stickers, siopao and lemongrass tea were available that night. It was okay, since I liked both pot stickers and asado siopao. I’m not a fan of lemongrass. Joko liked it, though.

I was still hungry so we went to The Collective’s burger joint, Wingman. We had the attention-grabbing items from the menu.

We had the Wingman Burger (that’s Christian, btw). The burger pattie was delicious but the lack (seemed like it) of bleu cheese was disappointing.

This was definitely the source of joy in that brief dinner at Wingman. Say hello to Deep-Fried Snickers a la Mode.

And so that was my art and food night at The Collective last Saturday.

I promised myself I’d be back for more exhibits and to eat that Wabi-Sabi ramen.

(I did go back for ramen. But…. ): Check out next entry.)


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Makati Fish(?)Balls

I saw this in front of The Collective after I attended the 20/20 art exhibit at the Outerspace Gallery last Saturday.

Hindi ko kinakaya ang nakasulat sa cart ni Kuya. Oh yes. Ganito talaga kami sa Makati!



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