The Rotten Cherry

The bad tasting sundae:

Woke up early. Spent too much on so-so food. Remembered the douchebag-ex. Had an almost fight with someone from work. Drained from the job fair.

The rotten cherry on top:

Found out about this.


listening to: a really really sad OPM song

My Next Himatay Moment

OMG and ODK! Feeling ko talaga sa concert, ‘pag kinanta na nila ang Mr Brightside, magiging catatonic ako tapos hihimatayin. (Wag naman sana sumuka rin after like one of my friends after seeing her then-crush Sherwin Ordonez. Weh, wtf? Hehe)

I’m so excited!

Universe, after giving me concrete birthday celeb plans, work on my free concert tickets. S.V.I.P.!


listening to: The Killers – Bling (Confessions of a King)

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