Steady Tuesday

Spontaneous decision to go to BF last night because Dagim’s tickets were sold out. :p


After visiting the Adoration Chapel in Phase 1 (the only place of worship that nobody has to force me to go to) and checking out the trends in Good Shepherd Bazaar (would always be Ruins to me), it was time for me to decide where to spend the rest of the night with 3/4’s of my bestestfriendsintheworld.

I originally wanted to try Serenitea, Drift Burgers and Cabooze with them but I was overwhelmed by the dozens of new establishments in Aguirre that I just opted to spend the night in a familiar place– a place that always remind me that I am home.


I love this place because the food and booze are good and cheap– like Central’s. Unlike Central, Tide’s crowd is waaaay better.

Koreanbeefsilog for 85php and Bisteksilog for 65php

Cheesy, creamy nachos (120php me thinks) and a shot of Buzz Lightyear


How to make a Buzz Lightyear! Throw everything in the pitcher and add ice. Be brave and enjoy. LOL

Jap bought a cup of coffee from Cafe Boheme (across Tides, besides Le Souk). I think she didn’t like it much.

Donnie and Eunice had too many Herbert and Harlene moments captured in photos. This one’s my favorite.

Don’t know who was happier with Enzo dropping by. Me or Donnie. Si Donnie yata. :p


There. Steady, steady Tuesday. The kind of steady that only BF can give.

Well, yeah. I’d also blame it on the alcohol.


listening to: colleagues talking about makeup and rosters

Another Southsidesteady Saturday

Planned a small get-together with my bene friends. I invited 10 and 6 attended! Wahahaha! Pwede na rin! But still, fuck non-repliers and flakers.

Had dindin first with Cindy at A Veneto. We ordered the eggplant parmigiana and New York style pizza. Not too crazy about both. The pasta was bordering on bland. The pizza was good, but my stomach still belongs to Figaro’s Mexicali pizza. Cindy probably didn’t enjoy her food either because she lost her Moto-phone 10 minutes before we met in the resto. I should have picked Las Paellas instead. Haaaaruuumphh.


After the not-so yummy dindin, we went to Tides. This was where Colleen, her friend Mike, and Donnie followed. God bless nachos and Tequila Rose. I have no idea what mixed drinks we had but I loved the buzz the bluegreen liquid and redorange concoction gave me. Topics included summer plans, the Ateneo parking lot accident, surfers, jokes, stalking, and tarsiers– swimmer tarsiers to be exact. Why? Dahil dito:

Iya: Kala ko ba galing kang Palawan. Asan pasalubong namin?
Donnie: Nakalimutan ko yung mga pasalubong kong mga tarsiers sa bahay eh!
Iya: Dude, sa Bohol nakatira ang mag tarsiers.
Donnie: Eh sa nagswimming silang papuntang Palawan eh!

Ain’t my bestfriend witty? Deluded too!


Yo, Donnie, and Cindy had to go home already and Colleen, Mike and I thought of going to Tabu but we didn’t want to take the chance of not being able to get in because Mike and Joel (we met up with him in Nlo’s) were both wearing slippers that night. Ayokong ma-bounce sila ng bouncer. Checked out Nlo’s 1st anniv party instead. Looked for our friend, Kram but we didn’t find him so we transferred to Tavern Asia. True to the opinion of the majority, their food’s good. Well, we ordered sisig but I believe that if a resto has good sisisg, then everything in the menu is already good. Hehe. :p

Everything was nifty aside from several witches who just won’t grow up and Joel’s lango state. It really pissed me off that it took forever for him to arrive using work as an excuse– when Donnie and I also came from work. Si Donnie nga kakagagaling pang Palawan eh at nagmeeting pa sa Makati! Siya Batangas lang! Plus I had only 2 hours of sleep because I went out the previous night with Jessie and Jeman. Got home almost 5am and I had to be ready for work by 8! Sucked that Joel knew he was going to meet us but he didn’t even control his alcohol intake in their teambuilding or whatever it was he did in Batangas. Tsssh. I didn’t even bother to stop him from leaving come 3ish. Better zero than negative.

Last stop, was NLos again. Saw former schoolmates Leah and Caloi. Kram already left, but it’s ok. I had enough good mems from the night to help me overlook the small negative things the universe dishes out.


Just wanna share my most over-used joke of the night…

Sa bakery…

Pulubi: Aling tindera, palimos po ng cake…
Tindera: Aba, sosyal ka ha! Namamalimos ka na nga lang, cake pa gusto mo. Eto pan de sal!
Pulubi: Duh ate?!??! Birthday ko kaya ngayon!

There. I hope your weekend was as good or better than mine! =)


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Tides * 101808

I finally got to see Donnie and Colleen again last weekend after 5 loooooong months. Too bad Joel and Oryx didn’t get to go.

Donnie, Me, Yo, Jap, and Colleen in Tides, BF

Mga sabik sa hotdog at lamang loob

Gossip Girls: Blair Waldorf and Selena Van Der Woodsen :p

Gossip Girls: Aster Amoyo and Inday Badiday

“Carlene Aguilar and Drew Arellano”

(with EC) bago kami palayasin ng bouncer

I probably should just wait for my birthday to have my closest friends in complete attendance. Yeah, yeah that’s on top of my wishlist. 🙂


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These are the people who made me vewwy, vewwy happy last Saturday.

Cindy, Kassy, Carla, Jeman, Joko, Joel, Eunice, and Patchu!

Wala si Jap kasi consistent siya sa pagiging THE LATE JAP HERNANDEZ.


Can’t wait to go back to BF.  Conti’s and Tides and Jap’s. In that exact order.


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I don’t drink anymore

but I don’t drink any less!

More than half of my 100+ albums in Multiply are about drinking.

Here are some of the pre-bangenge pics. Of course, I’m not going to post the incriminating ones. Haha, and there are so many.

with my Dad * with Debbie and MC * 70’s Bistro with cousins * with my non-biological Tita’s


Gweilos Eastwood * Chef and Brewer with co-trainers * Jap’s bday * 70’s Bistro with ILTD

70’s Bistro again * Maginhawa St. * with the Inner Circle of Nico * with my students

Central with JA and my students * somewhere in QC with Gil and co * Brown with my students * Tides with JA and J3

Tita Cay’s * my 26th Bday * Blue Wave with Gio * Tides with the Boys


my 26th bday with the ex-SKT * with Enzo * Tiananmen with the Recruitment Team * N-Los with Kram


Tides with Anton * Vday at Jap’s * Carlo’s Bday * Lomo Manila Event

Sheeesh. I need a new photo opp.

Eunice, do you have a bright suggestion? Say, something that involves your favorite photographer. :p


listening to: my convo with Eunice on repeat mode in my head

Moving on up.

The recently concluded week wasn’t spectacular in different levels, but it surely was better than this one.

I’m okay with not-so-spectacular. I’m just happy that I didn’t let the BS of last, last week get the better of me. I’m moving on up. Going where I’m supposed to go.

Pero hindi naman masyadong up. Heaven na ‘yun eh. :p


Yehey! I’m done with my me-time! Hindi na ako uli antisocial! 🙂

Tuesday night with Mea
kaladkarin, just socially active.

Sunday Beauty Bonding with Joel
After ranting about the quasi break-up

Saturday midnight with Anton
Hulaan niyo naman kung ilang taon na siyang nabubuhay sa mundo!

Saturday night with Joko (and Miki & Carla)
We ate at Le Grand and that deserves a separate post.

Sunday noon with Jap
Before meeting up with Donnie at BoNa

Seems that I’m just going around in circles. But trust me, I am moving on up. 🙂


listening to: Eve – Cowboy 




I don’t even know where and how to begin my kwento about my 26th birthday, but I guess that line pretty much sums it up. It’s indescribable. There were fun, annoying, frustrating, heart-warming, mind-boggling moments that could not really illustrate the totality of the night. It was confuzzling, I tell you. I’m sure I’m never going to forget it.

Malamang! Eh first time ako nalasing na birthday ko! Woohoo! Kharma after 10 years of partying!

Traffic was a bitch. Around 8 guests failed to arrive because of it. Even I was late for my self-imposed schedule.

Anyhoodles, I’m glad most of the people that matter to me were there.


Did I get my wish?

Yep. I got what I wished for.

Ateneo jacket?

No. I don’t even want it anymore. I realized I only wanted to have one just because of memories. Mga memories na dapat ng ilibing. Sa hardcourt?



Yes. I was given flowers. Roses, daisies and those yellow lovelies. More than a dozen pa. Haba naman ng hair ng lola mo. I was thinking nobody would really take me seriously in my obsession with flowers. Wheee. May nauto ako. Haha. Joke.

Pero I’m not talking about the flowers.

So, si Justin Timberlake?

Hindi rin. FYI, hindi naman talaga ako patay na patay kay JT. Ewan ko ba why I keep on broadcasting my eternal lovelust for him, eh bullshit naman. So there. Hindi si Justin.


Bingo! I got the clarity I prayed for. I woke up (with a blasted hangover) at 4pm knowing who are the people who really care about me and would really go the extra mile to make me happy. It is true that people and things come to your life for a reason, a season or a lifetime. Once you uncover the reason, you’d know what to do. I think I know what to do now.

Forward? Yeah. Forward. 🙂



Haha. Eto na naman ako, 26 na, ang labo pa rin magkwento. :p Basta. I threw a birthday salubong, we drank, we reminisced good old college mems, I threw a bitch fit, I did some things I shouldn’t have done (yata), I got drunk, I whined, I threw up and then, 12 hours akong tulog.


Thanks to all those who remembered me on my special day. 🙂

And to those who forgot… I have two words for you…



listening to: Natasha Bedingfield – Unwritten


Ito ang gabi ng sabay-sabay.



Sabay naghalo ang init ng ulo ko at pag-aalaala kay Kapatid na Joel nung hinihintay ko siya sa Tides para uminom. Usapan naman kasi alas-9. Aba, perfect! Dumating ng 10:00!

Nung panahong hinihintay ko siya, pinagsabay-sabay ko rin kinain ang grilled frankfurter, nachos at sizzling mushrooms. Pathetic ng konti, kasi mag-isa ako. ‘Yung babae nga sa kabilang table, parang gusto sabihin sa akin na, “Miss, kawawa ka naman mag-isa ka dyan. Wala siguro gusto sumama sa iyo, kasi ang takaw mo!” Hehe.

Pinagsabay ko rin ang Sunrise at Blue Crush. May tequila ang Sunrise. May vodka ang Blue Crush. Eh sira talaga ang ulo ko, kasi alam ko namang magkaka-amats ako ‘pag pinagsama ko ‘yung mga ‘yun.

May sumipang konting amats sa akin sa pakikipagchikahan kay Joel. Ayos naman kasi mas masaya magkwentuhan ‘pag may tama na.

Tapos, nagtext sa akin si Howie. Punta daw sila ng Porch. Sama daw ako. Eh ayoko pumunta dun dahil kasama ko si Joel. Steady na ako sa Tides. So sabi niya, sila na lang daw ni Ed ang punta sa Tides.

Hindi ko naman pag-aari ang Tides, kaya kung gusto nila pumunta eh hindi ko sila mapipigilan di’ba?

Kaya ayun. Sabay dumating si Ed at Howie. Ok na sana eh. Tamang kulit kasi si Ed. Nagpaplano pa kami nung paano gantihan ‘yung tumarantadong asshole sa kaibigan ko. Kaso lang, si Howie umasshole rin.

Paano? Bakit? Pinagdiskitahan na boyfriend ko daw si Joel. Eh hello? Kapatid ko ‘yun. At ano naman ngayon kung kasama ko boyfriend ko? At ano rin ngayon kung wala akong boyfriend? At ano rin ngayon kung ang status (ng utak) ko eh nasa gitna nung dalawang nauna?

At dahil na-establish na hindi ko bf si Joel. Pagdating ni Sandro, siya ang pinagdiskitahan.

Nung sinabi ni Joel na, “Nandito na si Sandro!” halong disbelief at joy ang naramdaman ko. Eh kasi naman, kala ko binubullshit lang ako ni Joel na baka sumunod siya. At sabi ko rin, ‘wag na pasunurin kasi baka bumulagta pa ‘yun sa pagod. Mahirap magbuhat.

Ayun. Ok na sana eh. Gusto ko sana magcatch-up, magpacute, maglambing, mang-asar, magwhatev, but noooooo… may epal sa tabi-tabi. Ang nakakainis pa dun, hindi ko in-expect na asshole si Howie. Kaya mas nakakabwiset. Sinabihan ko pa siya na wag ng humirit dahil magulo na nga. Wag ng dumagdag. Pero nagtatatalak pa rin siya dun. Nanadya pa rin.

So sa tingin ko naman, deserving siya na pinagdududuro at pinagmumumura ko siya doon. Pero slight lang. Baka ma-ban pa ako ng Tides, mahirap maghanap ng panibagong venue para sa birthday ko. Hehe.

Ah basta. Hindi ko alam kung bitter siya o confused. Or baka both.

So after mag-init ang ulo ko, keri na rin kasi napalamig naman ni Joel, Sandro and Ed. Haha so ‘yun nga. Si Howie lang talaga ang salarin.

Uwian time na at sumabay kami ni Joel kay Sandro. Na-prove ni Joel kung gaano siya ka-supportive na friend. Na-prove ko rin na smart talaga si Mr.Lopa at pagdating sa kanya, nagkakaron ako ng episodes ng kabobohan.

Pero binibintang ko pa rin ang mga nasabi kong hindi dapat sa pagsasabay ko ng tequila at vodka.


Sinabay kong i-blog ito habang nagko-callouts.

Sino nagsabi na hindi ako champion multitasker?

Haha. Ako pala.


listening to: J Holiday – Bed

The Weekend That Was

Because I’ve been feeling used, misused, abused, taken for granted, repressed and borderline depressed for the past few, I had to do things and see people to keep me sane. Or at least make me seem sane. Didn’t really work, actually. Madness is difficult to mask. :p Oh well, here’s a hodge-podge of the weekend that was.

After Friday’s shift, I went to a Tunog Kalye thingie in Blue Wave. It took forever for my cousin to follow because of the Makati traffic and her Pong Pagong ways, but all went well. I was psyched to see her. The people we were with still found it hard to believe we’re related. Mukha kasi s’yang mabait. And ako… well… mukha akong… naughty. ‘Wag naman salbahe. :p


James and Ate Bec


fresh from work Moi and fresh from L.A. Marc (L.A.? Lower Antipolo?)

Twas fun to see long lost acquaintances in Blue Wave. It’s been so long since I last kicked it with a band. (Haha. Kicked what? I kicked asssss!!!) Basta. Wala na ako alam. Sorry na. Balik R&B ako eh.

Then 12ish, G dropped by. I didn’t expect that he would since I was so used to plans getting canceled and shit. Don’t get me wrong. I understand perfectly. GF muna bago lahat. Ako rin naman eh. BF muna bago lahat. (Di’ba Donne, ikaw una sa lahat? Hahaha!) Anyhoodles, goodie that he followed. It’s been almost a year since we last saw each other. It’s still hard for me to believe that he’s ( a bit) serious about life now.

No biggie. I’m just happy I saw him again. Masaya mang-asar. (Lomo! Lomi!) He had to meet up with his guy friends and see the gf pa after. Isn’t that sweet? Nagbagong buhay na talaga! *roll eyes* Hehehe!


I and G . Friendship is possible.

Sabi ko nga. Things change, people change, situations change. Guess what remains the same. If you guess it right, may premyo ka sa akin. Si Ate Bec lang malamang makakasagot. Afterall, siya lang naman ang nakakaalala. Hahaha!

(Ok, ok. Inside joke. :p)

Blah blah blah, got to drink Stong Ice after Strong Ice again. Pucha. Balik sa ginagawang tubig ang beer. This is bad. Somebody, stop me! If no one can stop me, join me in drinking na lang. Hehe.

Saturday was tiring I went to work with barely 2 hours of sleep. Tipong, hangover na maka-untog sa pader ang ulo na sakit. I spent a couple of minutes in the clinic for a health break. (Translation: nap) After the nap and a bowl of Chowking Wanton Soup, I was ok. Ready pa sana for action, but I knew I just had to go home and rest.

So I went home early Saturday night and spent my time, conceptualizing my personalized gifts for people dear to me. 🙂 Yeah. The wall or table question has something to do with my gift. It’s wholesome, mind you, just so you don’t get weirded out.

Sunday. I went shopping with my parents in ATC. It was a bit depressing since I didn’t get to buy anything for myself. Puro pang-Christmas gifts. 😦 Not that i don’t want to buy stuff for people. Just that I’m desperate to buy new shoes. Bwiset lang that my feet are too big. Laging walang size for me. Bwiset. Bwiset!!! Dapat talaga, nung bata ako nagfumeeling na lang ako na Chinese at pinagsuot ako ng sapatos na bakal. Mala-Lotus Feet…

Razon’s halo-halo lang ang nakapagpasaya sa akin sa ATC. first time ko lang kasi makain. Yum! Perfect halo-halo for me who’s not really a fan of uber sweet concontions. Four ingredients lang pero super sarap. Now I have a reason to go back to ATC’s foodcourt.



When I was waiting for my Mom to finish shopping, I went to Delifrance for my favorite Classic Capuccino. I already invited people for my 19th birthday salubong. Sana lang, mag-confirm na at least 3/4’s of my barkada/tropa so that I can reserve the function room of Tides.

Tides. So I went there with Jayvee tonight. Siguro naman from Online Buddy/Pseudo-neighbors pwede na kaming maging Friends. Especially after meeting the Captain Water and his crew. Haha.

I’m officially in love with Tides’ Sunrise. It’s pineapple-orange juice plus a splash of Jagermeister. 🙂


Sunday Night Dweenkeeng

And yeah, about love. since I’ve been asked around 10x this weekend how my lovelife is, let me repeat…


What a fun, funny, tiring weekend.

I better sleep now. May pasok pa ako bukas. Errr… mamaya pala. And God knows how much I hate Mondays again.


The rest of the pictures are in my Multiply, naka-privy. They’re only for people who can relate and people who have a long patience for my kababawan and my kabaliwan.


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