Cuenca Bazaar 2009

It’s the season to be jolly! It’s the season to spend!

HOMEMADE CHOCOLATES, CANDIES, TOFFEE, CAKES , PASTRIES & STATEMENT APRONS! Catch me and my girls at the St. James the Great Bazaar on November 27-30,2009. Football Field, Cuenca Park, Ayala Alabang.

OPEN FOR ADVANCE CHRISTMAS ORDERS! (special rates for advance orders!)

my personal faves are: dark chocolate vanilla and English toffee

i want the The Man-The Legend apron for my boss! :p

I’ll be there Saturday and Sunday. Friends, contact me in my Globe line. Future-friends, you can reach me at 0917.3490855. Madali ako kausap for discounts. Hehehe. :p

See you!


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Food, Project & Food Project

I had two nights out last week with the girlfriends. First one was last Wednesday with Joko and Kwe. We had dinner in Plate and Yummy in A Venue. Weird yet delicious pad thai and crunchy savory sisig! Don’t ask me why the pad thai was weird. I’m not a food expert. Tagakain lang ako. :p But I think I heard something about the mushrooms. Weh, basta, masarap! Vanilla frappes after in Coffee Bean while having a Manila Toffee Company meeting and waiting for Doc CJ to give us the pasalubong from Baguio. Chocoflakes and lengua de gato! Mmmmmmm!




Ako tagakain? Wait, hindi lang pala ako tagakain. Tagabenta na rin pala ako! 😀 Kinikilig ako na dumadami na ang bumibili sa amin ng homemade truffles and toffee. 🙂 Dark chocolate tablea is still the best seller! Favorites rin ang white chocolate vanilla and English toffee. Interested? Email me so I can give you more details. and

Second foodtrip night was last Friday with the girls minus Kwe (hardworking kasi, pfffftttt!!!). We were supposed to eat at Mister Kebab in West Ave but the damn place was packed. We were 20th in line, so we decided to go to Eastwood instead kaysa tumirik ang mata namin sa gutom. Teriyaki Boy! Dindin c/o my LLB Carla. If you still don’t know what LLB means, it’s Lesbian Lover sa Bituka. Carla is the only person is this natural world whose bituka can feel the needs and wants of my own bituka. Hence, she’s my numero uno lamon partner. Unagi, gyoza, maki, teriyaki, tempura, tofu, etc etc! Sarap! At double sarap kasi libre! Hehehe! Dairy Queen for dessert. So happy with their Banana Split Blizzard. At mukhang lahat rin sila na-happy dun, dahil lahat yata kami nakakain dun sa 12oz na in-order ko. Yummmmyyy! Noted: Oreo Cake for Carla’s 28th birthday. Hehehe.




Projects, projects… I have two. First is to get more people to enjoy the truffles and toffee. Again, email me for more details! And two, my food photoblog. I’ve put events into motion. It’s only a matter of time. Trust me, this is going to be goooood. 🙂 Just wait for it, wait for it. WAIT.FOR.IT!

Speaking of projects, I would like to congratulate Carla for getting Jake Cuenca to love her. SERIOUSLY LOVE her.


O diba. Serious! Hahaha! After hundred of iloveCarla photos, LLB, you finally got Jake to love you. I’m so happy for you. Is Daddy Panda Mike happy for you, too? Hehehehe. Belated happy monthsary, pandas! XOXO Mommy Bunny (part panda) IYA


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TGIF: Truffles, Burgers, and Booze

Happy day in the office because of truffles and toffee (plus cake for me). Kudos to Joko and Kwe! Manila Toffee Company is the shit!!! Oops. I told (more of screamed at) Joko not to say shit when we’re talking about food. =)

dscf4042toffee with cashew and almonds * dark and white truffles * fondant rhum poundcake

Joko, Kas and I went to Sango! for dindin and to hang out with Richard and Maia aka Cute 1 and Cute 2 (friends from the LU trip). I’m glad the couple agreed to meet with us sans sun and surf. :p Mukha naman kasing engot kung sa beach pa kami uli magkikita-kita eh pare-pareho naman kaming nasa Manila.

dscf4082Kasimodo, Iyayow, Cute 2, Cute 1, Jokjok @ Sango!


master burgers, fries, and cornflakes shakes!

Had a happy first time in Sango! I had the Master Chili Cheese Burger (wooohooo jalapeno and melted cheese, wow!) and Master Fries (woohoo with lots of cheese again)! I also liked the blueberry cornflakes shake and strawberry. And and Kassy’s yakiniku rice burger. Too bad Kwe, Miki, Carlo and Ejay (special participation naman sa telefono si bf, keri na rin) couldn’t join us. And hell… I’m missing LLB Carla so damn much. Ang hirap na ang daming pagkain sa harapan ko tapos wala yung partner in crime ko sa weightlifting. You know, we lift the fork, we lift the spoon… Haaaayyyy… LLB, come back from Vietnam please!!! We better have a major foodfest after Easter! Kam owwwwnnn!!!


tough love =p

Rockwell after Sango! The cute couple went to a party and so Jokjok, Kasimodo and I went to Dencio’s. Parang extension lang ng Monday retreat. May iyakan, may tawanan, may bullsession… Kas, belated happy birthday nga pala. :p

Another TGIF episode. =) Thank God talaga.


We’re thinking of going to Baler this summer. Also to Bataan. Sana matuloy! =)


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