Welcome to the Twitterverse, Pope Benedict XVI aka @Pontifex !!!

I think it’s terrific that the Pope is now on Twitter.


Read all about it here.

Imho, the Vatican should really be in the digital arena spreading The Word. I followed several Twitter, Facebook, and Tumblr accounts to see inspirational verses before I finally decided to get my own Bible. The internet is a great stepping stone to make people get to know the teachings of Christ. I am very interested to read what the Pope has got to say about the hundreds of issues we’re facing. And of course, I am expecting that he will impart lessons that can answer a question with utmost importance– What Would Jesus Do?

Let’s see on December 12 what his first tweet will be. 🙂

You can follow Pope Benedict XVI by adding @Pontifex.


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What is a #Hashtag?

The Twitter World uses “#” signs in front of “keywords”. For example: for the past few Saturdays, people have been regressing to the time of Chikadees, Debbie Gibson and Big Bang sa Alabang through #SENTISABADO. Last night, I flooded the Twitter feed by giving wise words to my teenage self through #tweetyour16oldself. And I almost everyday share my emo juice via #theEXfiles. These so called # groups are called “Hashtags“.

A Hashtag by definition is used to create real time track records of creating groups on Twitter. Placing the # sign in front of keywords or targeted groups, makes it easier to track all conversations in the twitter timeline via search.

Now that you know what a Hashtags is, you are ready for the next step…

Knowing what is HASHTAG RADIO.

Program Manager Marga Deona shares, “Hashtag Radio is a talk show that caters to the emerging market of technology enthusiasts. The program will kick off with the lowdown on the week that was and what to look forward to. In general, it’ll be a “what’s hot and what’s not” program, but with a twist. There will be guest experts every episode, each of them deliberately chosen based on their topic specialty. Apart from tech news and latest internet trends, we will have topics on pop culture, art, and music worth geeking over.”

It’s target break is this Saturday, 4-5pm on DZRJ 810 kHz.

Tweeps to host #hashtag Radio are:

Chuckie Dreyfus: The poster child of the 80s, audio engineer Chuck Dreyfus dreams in stereo.

Jeff Tagle: A human resources and training practitioner who has been on the Internet for 13 years and can give you the lowdown on any sport.

Lawrence Libo-on: Founder of the Philippine Opensource Network and consultant to the CICT.

Isa Silva: The Neutralizer. Art teacher by day, freelancer by night, this self proclaimed technology dumdum will make sure that technology jargon won’t get too technical and confusing for the non-geek listener.

Tonyo Cruz: Blogger, journalist, and political analyst who loves gadgets. Tonyo’s the proponent of the #sentisabado phenomenon on Twitter.

Tune in to DZRJ tomorrow, 4pm for the latest in technology, Twitter and geekspeak! Prizes to be given away! Goooooo!

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Ramen + Loveteam + Home > Usher’s Abs

I didn’t go to Usher’s concert last night. Instead, I attended a tweet-up at Wabi-Sabi and went to Paolo&Nicole’s birthday celeb at Handlebar.

I was “shy” in the first 15 minutes of the tweet-up because I didn’t know any of the people there. Sort of except for Thomas, who was anti-social for 9/10’s of the event. Anyway,  yaaaay I got to eat the Ramen in my 3rd attempt! Three is indeed a lucky number!  (Check out Ramen attempt Fail 1 and Fail 2) Loved the ramen! It’s better than their pho in my humble, zero-culinary-knowledge opinion. The Ban Mi Was also good, but I still prefer the ones here in Morong, Bataan because of the presence of liver spread. 🙂 Thomas made bawi (forgive my english-ing, haha) and treated Grace (aka divasoria) and I in B-side. 🙂 <—–  Cranvodka always does this to me– also talking about boys and how stupid and insensitive they are. LOL.

After my 3rd experience in Collective, I went to Handlebar for more alcohol and to share the fun with the awesome couple, Paolo Soler and Nicole Laurel. I was in the mood to listen to kickass rock and roll and Nicole’s band General Luna delivered. Sinosikat and Wally dela Cruz were also there for guaranteed kickass rockin’ and rollin’! Funfunfun times with the friends! I wanted to stay longer, but the besty had to leave because she had a surf trip early Sat and I had to wake up early to go home.

And yep, I am home. I’m in Bataan now with Mama and Daddy.

All the aforementioned are greater than Usher.

But I still wish one of my friends who attended the concert touched his abs for me.


Will blog the ramen pics next week!


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Brit’s been hacked!


Say whaaaaaaat ?



Poor Brit! 😦 Her hacker prolly is one of those prudes who banned her because  of If You Seek Amy. Yes self righteous fucktards, it means F-U-C-K Me. Upped the ante, she’s now doing a three. Deal with it.


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