Live AIDS 2012

“What??? Hindi ka pa nakakapanood ng Live A.I.D.S.?!??!”

That’s what JP, my Thomasian colleague shouted in disbelief when he found out that I haven’t watched any of UP SAMASKOM’s shows yet. I felt like a useless Iska. Natalo pa ako ng Thomasian na halos lahat ng performances napanood! 😦 So when Joko told me about Live A.I.D.S. (Ang Istoryang Dinebelop ng Samaskom) 2012, I said YES, utang na loob, kailangan ko nang makapanood!

We made it a point to sleep early on a Saturday gimik night (we went to a surf/skate/barbecue party in 121) so we can wake up early on Sunday. The got the 10am show so the plan was to take advantage of UP in the morning by eating breakfast at Chocolate Kiss. We had spanish omelet with ciabatta, french toast, devil’s food cake, tsokolate-eh and coffee.


After a filling and oh-so satisfying Chocolate Kiss brekky, we went to Aldaba Hall for Live A.I.D.S. 2012: Before and Laughter. They made spoofs of the end of the world and the Mayan contribution in everyday life, MMFF and classic movies, Adele, Whitney Houston, and even the legend of the pineapple. It was not a perfect show, but I enjoyed it a lot! A true parody of life! The portion I liked best was Adele’s and then Whetney’s (yep, I spelled that correctly). You can check out Samaskom’s Adele here—> =)

Sumpa ko, wala na akong papalagpasing Live A.I.D.S. kahit kailan! Congrats to the cast and crew of Before and Laughter especially to the head writer- the one who played jejemon in Alamat ng Pinya. Ang utak mo ay tunay na pang-Isko, bro! 😀


Before Joko and I went back to Makati (to see In The Heights), we had lunch at Mister Kabab in UP-Ayala Technohub. Chelo Kabab! Keema! Stew! Yummeh! Like Chocolate Kiss, Mister Kabab never fails to make me and my tummy happy!

Aaaannnddd.. for dessert… halo-halo!!! At Razon’s of couse!


That Sunday in UP was great! I should go to UP regularly for the nomnoms and theatre stuff. Gonna work on this! I’ve missed you, Peyups!!!


listening to: Boys Night Out


After the VERY SPECIAL trip to the famous Mang Larry’s isawan, Yo, Zo and I went to the Bahay ng Alumni for camwhoring then to the SC for Rodic’s.

This is my favorite pic from the Bahay ng Alumni camwhoring. My besty has kickass spatial intelligence, even if the ex doesn’t agree. LOL.

How she achieved this fantastic shot? Eto.

This is our attempt in spelling Eunice’s nickname. Haha, hindi mukhang YO. Mukhang Y8, di’ba? Nyahaha. #fail

Flowers at the Shopping Center for ze Valentine’s season.

Rodic’s tapsilog!!!

Iya + Yo = perfect combo just like tapsilog + sinigang na baboy of Rodic’s

The YoZo combo? Ewan ko lang ha…

Yo at the UP Chapel =)

Next stop: Conspiracy.


Pics from Eunice and Enzo


listening to: Weezer – Island in the Sun

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