Vday 2012: Happy Heart and Happy Tummy!

Besides getting my fill of amusement from reading Facebook Valentine’s status updates, which btw made me realized that I am not the most aggro person I know when heartbroken (haha thank God), I also had my fill of nomnoms from friends and industry partners. 🙂

Thse Krispy Kreme donuts with our company’s logo greeted me in the office on Valentine’s morning. Nope, we are not mutants. That’s not the X-men insignia. :p


Lunch was spent at Chicboy-Jupiter with my babe (the gallant pig) and our chaperones (Anna and Mommy Joyce hehehe). What is nagbaboy lang talaga kami sa lechon, extra rice at side dishes. Of course, I just got to have my fave combo of CB6 and sinigang na salmon! :))


We were invited by our friends from Papa John’s for dinner so Vincci, Rain, JP and I went there for another pizza and pasta feast! I really love Papa John’s Arrabiata. Totally compensated for me not liking their carbonara, which happens to be one of their bestsellers! :p My newest favorite now is their SUPER PAPA PIZZA. At least, kahit pizza, nagka-super papa ako ngayong Valentine’s. Wahahaha! Anyway, who do you think wioll be the best endorser of Papa John’s? We vote the gorgeous KC Concepcion. Hulaan kung bakit. 😉


For dessert, I met up with Joko, Marie and Vlad at Petra & Pilar. Cheesecake for them. Beer for me. :p Well, chicken barbecue for Vlad.


The following day, our friends from the Philippine Star held an exclusive dinner for us in Cabalen. good to know that their buffet has gotten better. Just don’t get the Japanese food. I love that there’s a fondue station and they’ve got really good lechon de leche. 😀


So those are the evidences that my tummy was really happy this Vday 2012. It follows that my heart’s also smiling. Afterall, no man is making it cry now. Nyahahaha!!! It’s taking its time and it’s excited for possibilities. Who knows? Maybe on 2013, I’ll have him with me for a Valentine’s foodtrip. Huwag lang niya ako aagawan ng pagkain. :))

Speaking of happy and food, i’ll be going home to Bataan tomorrow and will be staying there until mid next week for my Mom’s 60th birthday celebration. For sure, magmimistulang patabaing baboy na naman ako doon. :p

See you next week! Enjoy the weekend! Love more and eat more! 😉


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I love flowers(cape)!

Still very busy with work that I haven’t had time to blog about food food food and other stuff. *teehee* Stress has been really off the charts but I have been getting by because blessings are also oh-so many! 🙂

Anyway… wow, it’s already February and one of the things I love about this month is… Valentine’s Day. Front ko lang talaga (dati) ang pagiging emo at aggro. Those who really know me can attest how much of a big sap I am when it comes to romance. :p

And when I think of romance, first that comes to mind is…

Those are the flowers I received on my 30th birthday. FYI, I love roses. White, pink, and yellow! I also like daisies! And tulips! And wildflowers! I don’t like red ones that much even if I love the color red. Oh well, just one of the weird things about me.

Almost two months have passed and the flowers are still pretty.

I still have them displayed at the corner of my room. :p

Send flowers to your loved ones this Valentine’s Day! My favorite flowershop (where my friend ordered these lovely roses) is FLOWERSCAPE. Flowerspace is located at 7561 Bagtikan Street San Antonio Village, Makati, Philippines. Contact Flowerscape with telephone number 028996178 .

Advance happy heart’s day, everyone! 😉


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Vday Blah Blah

Why does everything seems like it only happened yesterday but I’m having a hard time remembering what I did last Valentine’s as if it happned more than 364 days ago?

All I know is I spent it with my college besties in Paranaque. Since it was at Jap’s, I’m sure we drank lots of coffee and ate good food. And prolly listened and danced to 90’s music. Hmmm… I know she gave me a pink rose. And I received 2 gigantic bars of chocolate. Why can’t I remember who they were from?

Aha! But I do remember we waited for the clock to strike 12 and we celebrated the arrival of February 15. Yey! Hindi na Valentine’s! Haha pathetic bordering on tragic. Can’t say I’m bitter. Jaded is probably the better term.

It’s hearts’ day again tomorrow and I’m not going to spend it with the college crew this time. The happyplan for tomorrow:

1 Watch dvd. Romantic comedy to infuriate self. Not a tragic love story. That would be suicidal.

2 Go to Eastwood for the QTv Bazaar. Help Joko and Kwe sell truffles. Kam on people! Buy buy buy! Visit the Manila Toffee Company booth! Life is too short to ignore truffles!

3 Attend CJ’s party. Go dentists! Go doctors! Go fratboys!

4 Sleepover in Laguna with Joko and Kassy.

5 Rise and shine. Say hola to Tagaytay!

Plan not bad for a Vday weekend. So gotta get some beauty sleep for the long weekend ahead.

Happy Valentine’s everyone! Spread the love!


Uhhh nope. I’m not going to the UP Fair. Not this year. And I’m not going to Barcino. Next week pa.


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Vday 2K8

Kung kelan pa UP Centennial, ngayon pa ako hindi nakapunta sa fair. Hmpf. From 2003-2007 kasi, lahat ng Vdays, andun ako sa Peyups nakikipagsalamuha sa mga sosyal, sa mga normal, at sa mga orcs sa pakikinig sa mga banda, paglalaro sa perya at pagikot-ikot sa Sunken Garden.

Wala lang kasi ako sa mood ngayon na makigulo sa sobrang daming tao. Kaya imbis na pumunta sa UP Fair o  sa Valle Verde (d&d with crushie and his friends), dumerecho na lang ako kina Jap para sa Un-Valentine’s get-together namin with Donnie.

Un-Valentine’s? Ano raw? Ito ang bitter-bitteran celebration naming Triad Bestfriendships na may mga steps na:

1. Magkita-kita sa bahay ng pinaka-cynical na tao pagdating sa pag-ibig. Saan pa? Eh ‘di kina Jap.


2. Maghanda ng weird food combination to symbolize a weird friendship. Halimbawa: inihaw na bangus, chocolate cake at quail egg soup.

3. Kasiguraduhin na romantic ang setting. Maglagay ng roses sa lahat ng plurera. Maglagay ng kandila sa kwarto. Sa lamesa, sa sahig, sa carpet, sa silya… maraming-marami!Mag-ingat nga lang na hindi makasunog ng bahay ng may bahay.

4. Gawing photo-op ang sitwasyon. Gamiting props ang long-stemmed pink rose at gigantic Toblerone at Crunch na natanggap. (“,)


5. Magkantahan hanggang mapaos. Sipain sa mukha ang pipili ng love song. Tadyakan sa dibdib ang kakanta ng makadurog puso na kanta.

At ang pinaka-importanteng step…

6. Abangan ang pagsapit ng alas-dose. Mag-cheers sa pagsapit ng February 15. Magsaya dahil sa wakas, tapos na rin ang Valentine’s!


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In the spirit of Valentine’s…

I have a song for you. Sing this to the tune of Maybe This Time by Michael Murphy.

Two old friends… friends pa rin… 

Two old sweethearts… friends na lang…



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