Add awesome to water and what do you get? WATER PLUS!

Zest-O is not only known as the most popular juice in a doy pack in the Philippines, but also the makers of the best flavored bottled water in the country. Water Plus is Zest-O’s offering to the emerging active Filipino lifestyle. It comes in 3 variants: Apple, Grape and Lemon&Berries.  I got to attend their re-launch at Lu Restaurant in Rockwell a couple of weeks back. Got to drink the 3, paired with Lu’s delicious creations. Out of the 3 flavors, Apple is my favorite.

I don’t even like apples (unless already in a pie) but, I don’t know, Zest-O made apple likeable for me. :p

The attendees of  the re-launch/bloggers’ night were mostly runners and surfers and other sporty individuals as their marketing team is targeting people with active lifetysles. I don’t even have a sport, but handling call center recruitment events, I bet, is as (if not more) tedious as running 5k or paddling in and out of the water. Organizing a jobfair and interviewing dozens of applicants, at times, get me dehydrated and Water Plus is the perfect way to keep me nourished and on-the-go! :p Water Plus has no sugar, no salt. What is has are Fibersol and L-Carnitine that can help in burning calories faster!

Magic 89.9’s DJ Andi Manzano co-hosted the event. She’s also one of the Water Plus endorsers. Others are actor Jericho Rosales and DJ Grace Lee.

OUTSIDE SHOWBIZ, I have been endorsing Water Plus to my friends– especially friends who want to be as sexy as me. LOL. Or DJ Andi. I don’t recommend products that I don’t believe in. I guess my housemate thinks so too because when I opened our fridge, I saw that she filled it with lots of Grape Water Plus Reduce and some Apple. 🙂 I wish she also bought more Apple for me! Or Berries and Lemon, my second fave. :p

Another amazing thing that you can get out of water Plus is a Canon DSLR!!! How?

Read on!

Go! Drink and shoot now! 🙂 Have fun and good luck!


listening to: Smash Mouth – Can’t Get Enough of You Baby

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