The Offbeat Burger

is the most sinful burger I’ve ever tasted.

Yes. Those aren’t buns. That’s a Krispy Kreme glazed donut with a thick beef pattie, bacon, cheese and fried egg in between. My doctor might bitchslap me if I tell him I ate this. OR he might ask me to get one for him.

If you want to get one for yourself, go to the OffBeat Cafe. It’s at 1406 Vito Cruz Ext. Cor. Balagtas St., Makati.

I actually didn’t like the burger so much. More than half of the burger was soggy: donut drenched in bacon fat. The pattie was bland, so I didn’t get my wish of sweet-salty magic happening in my mouth. I did appreciate the part with the non-soggy donut, so I’m going back to Offbeat to give this burger another chance. Plus, I want to try their panna cotta. I hope it doesn’t disappoint.


listening to: an unknown 60’s song

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  1. I’d eat this if it had some vegetables (at least a few pickle slices). Is that Chippy on the side? How was the patty?

  2. big juicy pattie! 🙂

    yes, that’s chippy. hindi ko gets baket chippy ang kasama. hehe. sana vcut na lang. :p

  3. chippy = salty + umami. baka to round out the flavors. v-cut is the best, pero the most sinful according to my basketball teammate who has seen the production of the chips in the factory.
    i’ll try offbeat this afternoon. anything else worth recommending?

  4. if i’m your MD, i’ll allow you to indulge, LOL!
    …that’s one deliciously looking treat. i’m officially missing great foods in manila. had enough of spicy and curried ones here.
    …enjoy your new week, iya.

  5. ang charap!!

  6. wow… di ko ata kaya yan. haha.

  7. wow, of course krispy kreme is sinful to begin with. i crave right now. err.

  8. A+ would read again

  9. saw this in mercato centrale!

    • waaah hindi pa ako nakakapag-mercato!

      pag nabalik ka, kain ka ng offbeat burger! happy na ang burger. hindi na soggy. they found an idea to zap it na. 😀

      sarap din ng panna cotta nila!

  10. I didn’t like the venue at Malugay St. It was hot and lonely… the crew weren’t friendly as well…

    But I liked the donut burger and the strawberry beer.

    • hehe, ganon talaga sa collective. i wish they can transfer to another loc. 🙂 friendly naman yung crew when i went there. di bale. makakarating ito sa owner. 🙂 thanks for your comment! 🙂

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