Paranaque Weekend

I had a really happy weekend in Paranaque with my longtime friends. I had more fun than I expected. 😀

Saturday afternoon, I went to Bricktown (near Merville) to visit my inaanak Marcus. My besty Jap also joined us. We talked about sharks, dinosaurs, Sleepy Hollow and getting good grades in school. I’m proud of my inaanak. Makus is growing up to be very smart, sweet and goodlooking. Manang-mana sa Ninang! ❤


And aside from those positive qualities, he’s also artistic! Here’s a picture of him drawing the Phantom of the Opera for me and Jap. Fine, kay Jap na siya mana sa pagiging artistic! :p


And kids say the darnest things, right? I can’t remember what our topic was when Makus said, “I care about love more than myself. I want them to be happy.” Wow, wow lang di’ba? 🙂


Another wow was the food Ate Myla cooked for dinner. 😀 Binagoongang baboy, steamed kangkong and okra, ginisang munggo and pritong bangus belly. Sarap sarap sarap! I do hope that Makus also got his mom’s talent in cooking! 🙂


Saturday night, Jap and I went to BF to see some of our college buddies Donnie, Colleen, Dave and Jim. Too bad Chie fell asleep and didn’t get to join us. :p Anyway, it’s always great to be with my college core group. 🙂


I missed being with my (straight) boybuds. And that’s even if for them all other boys are fags, pussies or wants to forcefully finger someone. LOL I can’t wait for Joel to vacay here in Manila so we can have another reunion! So that should be late March or early April! Yeaaahhh!


Another thing I liked about being with the gang was I got to drink and eat a lot without paying anything. Hahaha. Love you boys! Nakakatuwa na galante na kayo ngayon. Kuripot kayo nung college eh! Mwehehehe! :p We drank in this new bar called Recovery (in front of NLos) and drank some more in my fave bar Tavern Asia and had coffee and shawarma at Behrouz in Santana Grove.


Slept at Jap’s and when we woke up, Tita Marilyn cooked us lunch! Hotdogs, fried chicken and nilagang buto-buto! 😀 After lunch, Jap and I had coffee (for her) and tea (for me) in their backyard and just talked about stuff. And God knows how much I enjoy talking to my friends about stuff.


And by stuff, I mean all sorts of things. You know how girls are in conversations. We are very talented in jumping from one topic to another. :p before I went back to Makati, we went to Bon Heure and met up with another good friend of ours, Cindy. Of course, to talk about more stuff! Hahaha!

I hope your weekend was as fun as mine! 😉


listening to: 911 – Love Sensation

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  1. as usual nakakagutom ang post mo atche!
    gow lang sa pagiging happy! mwah.
    God bless!

  2. Thanks atche! lam o na, food keep me happy and sane! nakaka-krungkrung kasi ibang aspects ng buhay! hehehe!

  3. ma aamaze k tlga sa mga bata at mapapa”wow” ..

    kakaiba sila 🙂

    nagutom din ako ..lolz


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