Strike 1

I’d rather be rebounding as long as I put it out there than be moving on and breaking word.

I have no patience for his clutter. Clutter is akin to indeciveness. I have seen too much miscellany and irresolution for the past few. If he can’t give me or at least bring me to clarity, then I don’t need him.

He can move on to the next girl and I can bounce to my next potential headache.

Too bad. Just when I was already starting to like him. He just had to break his word. Ugh, my utmost pet peeve!

Strike one! And he’s out!

I deleted him again from my phonebook. I goddamn swear I don’t have his number memorized.


listening to: No Doubt – Sunday Morning

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  1. gina

     /  April 21, 2008

    strike one and he’s out? my, what a short patience you have there. poor guy! but he probably deserves it! đŸ˜€

  2. yeah, serves him right!

  3. i have wordpress na!

  4. we all have our pet peeves.
    ako marami.

    shet, choosy. ahaha.
    whynot chocnut?


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