Better zero than negative.

“I don’t know.”

That’s what Zac, one of my closest boybuds, told me when I asked him why he’s still in a relationship with Anne. Aside from being a merciless nag, she’s a shameless cheater. She’s a materialistic bitch and an untrusting user. She’s not that pretty, not that smart, and definitely not that nice.

And she looks as if she’s a deadfish in bed.


But well, they’ve been together for almost a decade now. Maybe they were madly in love with each other before. Time necissated that they grow up and grow apart. Time made them fall in love and now it’s time to fall apart.  I asked Zac if he’s still with Anne because of practicality, obsession, familiarity, or consolation.

He  just said he already wants out.

But he’s still there and I don’t know why.


“Sometimes, it’s easier to let the one you love go not knowing the real reason… because it’ll surely hurt more when you find it unreasonable.”



listening to: Justin Timberlake – Cry Me A River

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  1. jokoness

     /  May 26, 2008

    ganda nung statement ni anonymous.
    love hurts. bow.


  2. i guess he just does not want to hurt her. it’s not easy to part ways especially if the couple has been together for a long time.

  3. ikstopanor

     /  May 27, 2008

    the quote! the quote! THE QUOTE!!!! aray. =│

  4. ten years??!! wow. convince him to get the hell out before it’s tooooo late.

  5. nako ewan ko how i can help him, parang di sya ready na tulungan…


  6. brandon

     /  January 14, 2010

    sounds like someone i know 😛

  7. i hate breakups but then again who wants those? :s fade, fade away nalang. hehe 😀

  8. oryx

     /  January 14, 2010

    your friend is bewildered – you need someone to bewitch him out of this mess

  9. @brandon – i think every one of us knows someone like zac. :p

    @kas – hindi ren ralated sa post… BSB? shet nood tayo! kaso lang ang gusto ko yung old songs nila eh! :p

    @oryx – WAS bewildred. this is an old post. break na sila nung cheater na deadfish na babaeng yon. 😀


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